NSHSS College Fair

Great caliber of students. The type of
students and we’re looking for. All of the students that I spoke with
regardless if they were in ninth grade or rising seniors, they were all very
academically prepared, very interested in the college process, had excellent
questions about majors and requirements. So very, very well prepared. I know that most college fairs that I have
been to is basically just been local one of us outside my area. I also liked
how we came here and how we had the options to go to the college fair or ask the questions for the scholarship recipients. It’s a great event and a great
organization. I am just thankful that guys are giving this
opportunity to get out there and get applications to scholarships and everything.
And meet people for all over the country. We’ve met students from all over the country, which was great. Not something you get to do at a college fair every day.

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