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big things up on the swap may we're gonna try today and find us a nice manual center console because this ain't happening now means he could from this date it's hey my boy Malone should be but loaning me a nice Hawaii p2p manual 90885 speech ECE okay be tuned gave me in ninety nine to two thousand that won't work unless I get a jump a harness and all that cool gauge my boy Malone hooking me up no I mean he said just come get it he's in funeral beach I'm about 30 minutes away from view oh so for right now I'm my head to a local junkyard and see if I can find a center console of some sort so without further newsies let's hit the road and see if we can find some items that we need yep now one thing that I really noticed about when I swapped everything and kept the original ECU the car is so sluggish right now like it doesn't want to go and I'm assuming has nothing to do with the check engine light and everything tricking heats you that it's in limp mode or something like that and also when you do the swap you also have to rewire your ayack which is really simple I'll show you guys how to do that if we can find a two-wire rin club today so that would be a most do yeah so hopefully get this bad boy rolling the way it's Negro this luggage stuff just booty cheeks like like that is it me or is like a lot of people getting honest here on YouTube man people are finally starting to see the power of hunch like that's the formula to always win if you are a big youtuber you got bright coming in pick up a Honda bro it's the most affordable car any teenager / young adult can afford whether it's a shell or a growing shell or motor that needs a head gasket replacement like Honda content YouTube is a gold mine super fast okay so we just picked up my new pan you will ECU that I needed for this car and shine up to my boy him alone with his jab front Integra I think it's for selling something I've seen it on Facebook marketplace but yo that's my dude thank you brother I really appreciate it man cool cool dude looked out for me big time I don't have to go to West Palm Beach but now I'm gonna head to the junkyard to see if I can find a two-wire IX plug so I can uh rewire my ayack into the ECU harness and install that bad I have no more check engine light and sluggy sluggy sluggy shifting from third to fourth legs first a second is okay but third fourth is just like it's like once the die that's so bad alright Don ahead to second chance auto salvage or maybe mention Google a junk car while I'm down there I'm gonna go to sleep I mean that's neat little second chance all right let's see if we have a chance at some good salvage corniness at its finest kugo we're at the yard my knees had to stay back they won't let kids into the yard which kind of makes sense the hero nothing happened to him and now pursue the hell out of them and get rich and build the fastest nice as the EK you've ever seen in your entire lives I'm getting cocky huh nope I'm not but I found an EK already please be me well please be Manuel please be Manuel damn it Auto trap wham Whang I got saved by the CRV the CRV has the plug I need right there to wire hi plug that is what I need from this 98 CRV baby anybody want to go five lug hit me up I got you I got you be teaching j-kwon bro I found you a mint trunk if you're watching homie mint trunk baby ready for you dog I got all I needed I really really really wanted a manual center console so I don't have that big-ass hole in there but I ain't gonna find it here this junk art is hugely geared towards like cars like these not really Honda huh oh yeah baby so I just got home waiting on my brother mark to come through and what is this what is this what this is hybrid racing that can only mean one thing I'm not saying it's there newbie slash D Series shifter but uh it might be but I guess will hoping that once the time comes for a video star anything I know what idiot leave yes as I stated mark is coming into town he's already in the time gotta stop by Jamie's places because him stuff but he's making his way over here to help me wire in the ECU stuff because when it comes to depending anything I just saw up and what that means is you get the point she's coming over to help me real quick and from there I think I'm gonna get a car wash because this thing bro there's like look at that man you guys can like it's so dirty dude it's just like oh it's so nasty looking oh it's so dirty and this side I don't know if this happened during the swap but like there's like little deans in now if you guys can see it sure you can my little Dean's in the fender man I don't like that at all at all brother well I mean before market check and Lee's do something right so what I did was expose the ECU which is what we're gonna be replacing right now this is a p2p a 83 which indicates that this is indeed an auto ECU this right here P – P – 831 indicates that this is a male ECU and if you couldn't tell well 98 Civic manual transmission if you don't know now you know this was manufactured December 22nd 95 so let's get this bad boy remove ten mil here as I was going to remove my ECU dad isn't an are you actually vlogging vlog that's mark baby you got a vlog Wow my man I'm proud of you bro I'm proud it's bad just got informed that I actually do need to swap the manifold for a manual one I didn't know there's a difference but it actually is because the i-x actually bolts on the back edge just to see that even um they'll like block off like the OEM block off that like welder there definitely need a manual ECU on is you but manual manifold along with the throttle body that's gonna blow so I guess when you convert your car you're gonna need more than just the transmission mount brackets all that you're gonna need a new manifold only on the hey he exits that's only only he can get that sucks why that is booty cheeks brothers fine no big deal it's not just the pride na I gotta shave all that damn gas kit off that's mark not that border now so just no I mean just waiting for the internet get loaded up at my house but you gotta run spectrum that sucks spectrum sucks dude let's just guard as a company or just as internet internet service by as a company tea fish it's garbage super fax I'm going to now install my 5-speed manual I can't wire anything because well I don't have the right manifold so it kind of defeats the purpose so we're gonna see how well it does with the new ECU compared to the auto one and yeah see what happens from there Oh like okay you see how does that look yeah like right here are two grand I like stutters yeah that's what makes it really hard to drive in traffic that's so good oh my god now my car is officially a hunter that sucks dude I'm two stepping on them bro without at least with the AC it'll pull it down yeah turn up Daisy oh whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa yes this is not it brother this we go down turbo boost so some time has passed I made an Instagram post saying you off anyone got away manifold guess who hits me up yo Maloney 30 the same view that just gave me the ECU also has a manifold man so he gets up work at 5:30 so around like 6 o'clock 637 ish time we're gonna head back up to biro pick up that bad boy and start working on a thing tomorrow actually so this would even be a continuation video but for right now I'm gonna remove the ECU put back the auto one because I don't like the way it's like I don't like the woods doing yeah it's a little like and then I gotta get a gasket and that's it really coolant oh cool right there baby yessir that's the best cooling you can buy for your car and you can get this coolant at a Walmart for like $13 I think something like that that is the best cooling aside from the Honda coolant cuz that is that blue stuff right there that's that career coolant on Brit kidding shout out to all my female Rough Riders out there you're you are a parts guy bro you're the plug bank security back secure – you got seen in the previous clip yeah boy I did pick up a y8 manual gif old here we have my new and used y8 manifold got the Iacon – bagless lets you know that is the manual manifold from emmanuel civic got everything I needed right there I'm gonna run that bang on this interesting all cleaned up take up these injector it's fuel rail all this is going out of here all I need really is just the manifold itself and swap everything over or blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah any continuation of yesterday now it's time to get this manifold was all cleaned up I am trying my best with my little wire wheel to get it all dolled up like I did the gearbox but that's whatever you want to swap it so I'm gonna start by removing everything on this one it should be a pretty simple swap nothing much I gotta change anything got the old intake manifold off also trying to clean up all this gunk II crap right here but Oh intake manifold off I got the gas got the best as I can but it's smoothed down I had sanded it down the best way I can so it won't cause any leaks once I put the new gasket on but everything like I said it is on now I'm just gonna clean up all this crap did you guys see right here this is just dirty I was thinking about deleting my EVAP canister cuz I mean I don't need it but it's just a daisy boo so I might just keep it until I do like a motor swap or something and then delete them but for now just the daily broke so I'm going to put it back on this is the old intake manifold and interesting to see the ayack is on the bottom of the throttle body but on this the manual the IAC's on the backside of the manifold which is where it's supposed to be like right here but it's not it's pretty cool I like they outlined it out to you that's how it's supposed to go but yep that's the noon old one and that's why you have to change it you have to change the manifold just for the ayack to be on that instead of actually underneath the throttle body crazy but oh well it is what it is brother so let's get this bad boy installed wire up my AK and then wiring the ECU and then we should have a functioning 5-speed car where I do pull then it don't feel like I'm about to kill the motor or something so with the iock plug that I got from the junkyard yesterday basically all you have to do is just cut off your old plug on your harness if we do your swap cut off your old one you don't need to Orange no more so that's fine you just need a 2 wire iock plug like this you want to crimp these two together or solder I'm gonna go with the route of soldering with some heat shrink and you don't need to worry about the ordering anymore because because that is now obsolete my Walmart soldering iron also with my Walmart solder and my Harbor Freight heat shrink I don't know why I told you the company brand about the bleep let's do dish now we move into the cabins which where I already got that done as well I had it watching YouTube you don't have a deep in coz I suck at it but I've got figured it out and basically you just gotta see this one this goes for the Iook thorns wire but you don't need that no more this blue one right here this is kind of hard alright so this blue one right here moved it over to slots trying to show you guys it the best way I can basically went over two sides so you see where that orange wire is that blue wire was sitting next to it but I unplugged it and moved it all the way over to this one there's a diagram I'll link down in the description box below on how to do all this stuff alright let's see check engine light nope Oh that ain't good yeah baby fixed my idol all I had to do was scrape off all the old gasket that I failed to do I thought I did a good job at it but nope so I reclaimed a head of where the old gasket was and yes sir what's above that black cupboard thing huh I can tuck it down Wow and the best thing about all this no check engine light ah now let's go for a drive so we are driving my beautiful beauty of a color and it drives perfect no check engine light no flashing uh 4202 lights on the cluster I don't need a manual cluster but for the most part I'm fine to me then doing that Bonnie she were like if I floor it they're here waring it it's not like know what it did before but it's smoke like it's really slow I definitely need an intake a header oh cop and an exhaust ASAP but it's just a teeny broom just but right now I'm actually headed to my barbers place I got a couple on the CRV to swap out two of the front suspension components while he's doing pull over so we're doing that and he's gonna cut my hair off so yep no more hair for me yeah man that's much better he's not doing what it did before not like acting like he doesn't want to go anywhere and I got I get a light so now it's back to being just the daily road just the daily I'll see you guys close out this video now that we fix everything so that is going to conclude this video don't roast me I know y'all roasting you I know more fo a little like bye I know all these pale problem it feels so good to just do this again oh my god it feels good now I gotta grow my hair back out but I want all the car is dialed everything is working the way it should be and my koala over should be here very soon to installing that should be happening right away I still gotta unbox the Harvard package I got which I think I know what it is but what's all that being said I got lot of Civic content on the way and a quick update on the Integra I should be picking it up this week if I didn't pick it up already by the time this video ever goes a lot of things we all be out Wednesday I think yeah this video should be out Wednesday so yeah or Tuesday at my daily upload daily but thank you guys for watching this video I hope you guys enjoyed if you did enjoy please leave a like on a video comment do all the things that you don't want to do but you do it cuz it's your boy Josh in the build tre way and I'll catch you guys in the next one I am out peace

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  1. I swapped my 2000 Honda Civic ex to standard and drive it for 20 min then left it home came back from a party decided to go for a night ride and boom it blew a rod ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜‚

  2. Itโ€™s dope how your building the basically the same set up Iโ€™m trying to do for my EK lol. Keep up the good work bro love the content.

  3. Yeah bro one of my buddies swapped his auto civic into a manual and it had a bad idle so he acquired a manual intake manifold with an iac

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