Nourish: Food + Community Trailer

it's easy for us to just kind of eat our food and not think about where it's coming from fast food at first it's really good and then later it's really gross I'm ready for the food revolution when it comes to food most of us are completely in the dark we are eating in the dark the biggest question to ask yourself about the food is where this come from and that begins the telling of the story when we're sitting down at eating food at the table we are at the last part of a long chain of events that help bring this food to our plates what was the seed that created the food that you're eating what were the environmental conditions involved with growing that food for you who picked and harvested that food it's about understanding food from seed to table it's not to be healthy or good or whether it's fun you know go out there and try something new I like food and I love baking actually the food is good they're gonna be there you grill it and then you marinate with like garlic it's really good food is not music food is like graffiti you know food is a creative thing we have farmers now are growing amazing peaches amazing tears I love growing things that's what keeps me going food should be celebratory we're talking about sharing it with friends and family it nourishes your soul we are really at this crossroads we each have an opportunity to align our lives in the direction of health and sustainability we think about global warming we think about transportation we think about how we heat our houses but in fact how we eat has just as big an impact on climate change every single time we spend a dollar on food we are casting a vote for the kind of world that we want when we choose organic food not only does it taste fantastic but you know that you're doing something really great for your body and for the environment this is a powerful movement that can really transform the direction the world is headed young people are not only key but are going to be the ones who are actually going to make the change we as young people can make a difference it's up to the kids now it's really up to us I'm not old enough to vote but I can definitely vote with my fork you you

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  1. Watching this on PBS now…just a wonderful educational journey. We really like the message of hope and solutions shared.

  2. Thanks for this great video! Beautiful visuals, great commentary, nicely done. The Missoula Coyote Choir agrees with the people who talk about fun, music and the soul questions at the heart of the local food movement. I hope you'll check out our disco video called "Grow Your Own Food."

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