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well I gotta say that was very impressive it's the car the car is impressive and you know I'm not a huge fan of front-wheel drive cars I've said it before but but this one has the engineering underneath it that it actually worked [Applause] all right I'm gonna tie fire I am turning off I meant our moat I'm turning off traction control and I should easily take this drag race now none of these cars are exactly drag race monsters and that's because well this one's front-wheel drive and turbocharged but it also has about a hundred more horsepower than the Toyota and it has 150 pound foot more of torque which is what drag racing is all about so if I could not spend my front wheels too much which I might do I should be able to easily take Tommy 2002 86 rear-wheel drive authentic fun now it did turn off my traction control Tudor horsepower let's see how it does against the Type R oh you got ahead of me Oh lunch go turbo what I buy tell me in a second the brakes are strong well I got it good lunch you did you got the end of lunch but once the turbo kicked in yeah it's all over that was all over now the question of course is Tommy that is much more of a track focused machine right then the drag racer yeah so let's hand it over to Paul yep and see what the difference is when it comes to actually track times when you start going around the turn as opposed to in a straight line yeah it happens pretty much as expected so on this episode of hot or not we've got Toyota versus Honda we've got probably two of the most track-focused cars that both of these companies make of course there's a Supra but you know at 55,000 its way out of range so the real question is how do these guys do on the track and that's why we got you yeah it should be fun I have never driven a Type R so I'm really interested to see how that car goes it has a fantastic reputation as a track car and of course the the Toyota is is a very well-balanced car and as we just saw from the drag race it there's there's there's balance in the chassis but not balance between the power between the two cars so so it's whether the Toyota has the chassis balance to kind of make up for the obvious horsepower advantage of the Type R and by the way guys I've seen a lot of those bumper stickers that say I am the Stig you're not he is a stick in fact Paul was the Stig on top gooo USA how many years Paul I did it for eight years eight years so this is the Stig all right let's get to the track you guys know this is Toyota 86 is jointly developed with Subaru so this boxer engine is also a Subaru engine it puts out 205 horsepower and 156 pound-feet of torque which is about 50% less horsepower than the Honda Type R it's also a little bit lighter it also has a six-speed manual transmission and it is perhaps well the most classic sports car here with the front engine and rear drive layout look at this chassis wheel tire combinations on the 86 or the BRZ and especially on this track edition of the 86 you got to kind of think philosophically this car is quite a bit different and it's also brought up a lot of controversy because this car was never ever designed to have a lot of power and it was never really designed to have a lot of grip what it was designed for was driving experience not lap time and you can see that sort of evidenced obviously already with the drag race where you know it's it's easily outgunned by any sort of modern you know vehicle that's designed to also go go and get track time so we look at the tires fantastic tire I mean this is a ps4 is the latest Michelin that comes on this track edition but it's only a 215 so it's a it's a relatively narrow tire on an 18-inch wheel and you go to the back and you think it would have a staggered setup it's a square setup for handling so it has balance so it doesn't understeer so this is a 215 18 on the back – now this does have a special suspension system in it another this this car already has a fantastic suspension meaning great geometry great weight distribution low center of gravity all those things you really want from a car but we also are adding sack shock absorbers to this car now Sachs is a German brand not super well known but don't let that sort of discourage you they actually make shocks for a lot of Formula One teams and are in plenty of plenty of race cars out there so Sachs know what they're doing it's interesting that a Japanese manufacturer goes to a German company for shock absorbers but hey they went to Brembo an Italian company for brakes just like we see in the Type R as well Toyota 86 track edition ruining gun was not a lot of power more understeer than I would like the regular version understeering quite as much as this part everybody I think the last what five years or more has been saying the BRZ and the 86 need a turbo but for whatever reason they don't get them that's the first time I felt the rear even move then it was under some very hard trail braking we've got a ps4s it's only a 2:15 all the way around this would be a good test to show exactly the differences between a normally aspirated boxer and of course a turbocharged four-cylinder yet a car not really designed for a lap time but regardless that's what we're doing there we go 108 51 108 51 and the question of course is how does that compare to the honda civic type-r not good it's not a lot not a lot of torques thing you're doing a lot of shifting to kind of keep it above really at about fifty five to six is where it really starts to pull and it does pull writing of the rev limiter so so you kind of catch the limiter occasionally there's a nice little red light to warn you something they've done in the chassis tuning compared to the base car has kind of really dumbed down the handling in this car and it's not as fun not as playful not as neutral as it used to be and I think that shows up in the lap time now well let's see what really counts you count how many TRD badges are on the Toyota and I'll count how many type our badges are on the Honda finally some serious journalism going on here let's do this right okay there's one on the nose that's one one on the seat one on the floor mat multiply that by two and you get four so with the one on the nose that's five but here's something really special let me show you and there's one right here behind the shift knob and what's cool about the tie bar is they're actually numbered and this one is our number two one seven four two so if you ever buy this car you know that it's been tested at TfL right and there's one more type bar on the back of course so one in the front five on the inside one in the back so fab doing my math right that's seven if I got that wrong I'm sure you'll let me know in the comments all right so even though this is a one a 1400 super special track edition of this car I think Romans got me cuz I kind of I'm looking as I go here and we've got one TRD logo here for sure that's embossed into the front splitter there which is kind of cool and then of course coming over here you've got these amazing retro seventies stripes I love that TRD there 86 there so that one doesn't really then we've got one just one on the interior that one right there on the dash pad so that was kind of cool cuz it stitched in so I like that and then one more one more for a total of five it's also embossed in the rear bumper and it's TRD yeah that's huge Paul it's huge it's huge it is kind of certainly wins the wing horn I haven't seen a wing that big since like the Hawkeye two-row STI you know like that 2003 2004 edition I mean look at that thing that thing just screams I've got a small you know what turbocharger exactly I'm careful jive yeah I knew you were going there at just over $36,000 the Honda is the more expensive of the two but you get a lot more you get 306 horsepower 295 pound-feet of torque and get this 22 psi of boost making this a torque monster and in fact it's got about as much horsepower and torque that you can put through the front wheels without getting massive torque steer it also has a six-speed manual transmission that's the only way comes now the Honda type R is is definitely a track focused machine there there are so many changes that they did to this car suspension geometry where it uses that that double pivot that changes the scrub radius that hopefully eliminates torque steer or minimizes torque steer because remember you're putting you know almost 300 pound feet of torque through these front tires and over 300 horsepower through them so so that's gonna be you know in any old-school front-wheel drive car would have been just a wrestling match between you and the steering wheel and you know whether you keep it on the rotor and the ditch is probably a coin toss but with this suspension it kind of gives you that steering precision back by really kind of throwing all of Honda's engineering might so that you can have such a powerful front wheel drive car we also have a luminal lower control arms it has adjustable damping on the car so the shock absorbers actually can change in the different drive modes that we have and then we're putting it on a big fat 245 20-inch also with Brembo brakes but a much wider tire and I guess the last thing to add in the comparison between these two because we're looking at just under 2800 pounds for the 86 and this car weighs just over 3,100 pounds oh yeah it turns it great wow I love that turn it we just rotated the rare almost seemingly by itself flat across the hill nice break fight good grip from the Continental tires number 245 then a nice big front tire on this car grunts higher they're coming out of the corners spending the inside tire there I'm not sure all that arrow is actually helping on our little tiny track here I think you need to have like the Nurburgring right that to do anything but we've been doing this long enough now where you can tell it's got just a lot more poise on the track question is how much faster will be but it puts power down this car has the potential it reminds me kind of at the Focus RS drop dynamically driving it maybe not quite McGriff oh I gotta say that was very impressive the car the car is impressive and you know I'm not a huge fan of front-wheel drive cars I've said it before but but this one has the engineering underneath it that it actually works good time look at that there we go guys it's almost four seconds faster Wow you know as I was driving it the car I was thinking of was the Focus RS yeah and so I think if you think of this car this is this is a front wheel drive Focus RS it has a lot of the same characteristics I would still take the Focus RS because I the all-wheel drive package is better and it is faster oh four seconds Wow just a while I could see why the Thai fire was the forbidden fruit for such a long time here in America for sure and that that's like a that's like a massive gap between the cars you know are they hot or not you know I'm gonna say the tight bar is definitely hot and that one I think if you get it and it's normal guys that's doing too good and I've driven that car with a turbocharger on it with a supercharger on it from the aftermarket and it changes that whole car cuz suddenly you put a bigger tire on it and all of a sudden it's wonderful so I know they've been told a million times you know to make that car quicker and they've refused and you know if that's an important thing to you go with something like the type r you're gonna really enjoy that car so I totally agree hot hot with the Honda not so hot with the Toyota yeah and Subaru to them put a freaking turbo on it please please it just opens up all these opportunities to make the car better it's a great chassis but you just don't get to use it yeah exactly as always this is rhomin and of course paul saying thanks for watching remember come back again for another episode of TFLs hotter nut where we take more cars and let the Stig drive them see you guys next time travel

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  1. Those who complaint why they compared these cars is because both are SPORTS CARS. Now compare your suggestions to these cars, different category, different targets.

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  3. 86 is about fun to drive. Type R is about speed/performance. You are comparing apples and oranges. So, what the hell are you doing here??

  4. 86 are for the best driver …u cant enjoy track drive without using its powerhandling, its made to drift, power slider…..

  5. The Fast Lane Car: Hey guys let’s compare cars that have no business to even be compared.
    Every car enthusiast: please don’t

  6. Love the channel but it bugs me that you time lap times with a phone depending on human delay to start and stop the time. It's not a good method of measuring precisely. On the leaderboard some cars have so little time between them that a spec of human error would scramble the order.

  7. Can you please stop calling it an "Eighty-Six"? I've never actually heard anyone else ever call it that, except for my 80 year old mother. It's an "Eight Six". Two words..

  8. If we could only take the heart and soul of the civic type r put it into Toyota brz/86. We got a perfect πŸ‘Œ car

  9. If the 86 BRZ came with a turbo they'ed be the ultimate tuner car for this generation. The lack of power in this day and age is their downfall. Other than that they are what you want in a sports car. Light, divine handling because of near 50 50 weight distribution and a low center of gravity and they look good

  10. Am I the only one whom thought this guy can’t drive the 86 for crap? Add 10k in mods, get them both to the same price point the 86 will outperform on the track

  11. The type R is over styled and a great look if you never got to puberty.
    The Toyota is boring and can't decide wether it's a Subaru or Toyota. I'd take ether as a gift, but would not pay a monthly on them of my own choosing!

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