Nicola Sturgeon vows to back new Brexit referendum

The reality of Westminster control
over Scotland is this: a right wing Tory government Scotland
did not vote for, a prime minister in Boris Johnson,
who is dangerous and unfit for office, Tory cuts to the Scottish budget, our national health service under threat
from a Tory Trump trade deal, a power grab on the Scottish parliament, children forced into poverty and a disastrous
Brexit deal that will hit jobs, living standards and workers rights. But there is worse to come because unless
Boris Johnson is stopped, this will just be the start. Brexit is nowhere near being done. The Tories have barely got going. The truth is that Brexit will dominate Westminster
politics for years and years to come and Scotland will pay a heavy price for
the Tories Brexit obsession and for Labour’s neutrality. The SNP, Scotland’s remain party, backs new
UK wide referendum on EU membership. A vote for the SNP on 12th December
is a vote to escape Brexit. It is a vote to put Scotland’s future in
Scotland’s hands. And crucially, it is a vote to deprive
Boris Johnson’s Conservative party of a majority.

78 thoughts on “Nicola Sturgeon vows to back new Brexit referendum

  1. I'd love to know just where this adjustable gnomes support comes from as all the Scots I have spoken to absolutely despise her and all she stands for!

  2. There is a simple solution. Boris Johnson got a deal right? But no one is very happy with it. But as we have established over 3 years that’s the best we will get.

    If these politicians respect ‘the will of the people’ then have this vote: the deal we have vs remain. It has been 3 years and a lot has changed, facts have been found out and lies have been called out. We should get the final say based upon the actions that parliament has taken over the past 3 years. It’s not 2016, it’s almost 2020 and there is a whole new government and a whole new understanding of brexit, the reality of it AND what it will do to the country. The campaigning of ‘leave’ wanted to have the freedom to trade and thought everyone would fall at our feet for a deal with us. That didn’t go very well though. So now we have this mediocre deal, many would argue worse than remaining. So I repeat: they owe it to us to make the final decision based upon this extreme political issue dominating British politics.

  3. If there was any democracy left in this country we would have a refurendum on how we leave, after accepting the first one to do so.

  4. Let's have a scottish independence referendum first.

    Then uk will be voting to leave with a stonking majority and we'll be free of this whining banshee.

  5. Sturgeon is a courageous and farsighted statesman ,someone the Scots should be proud of. She epitomises the dogged tenacity of the Scots which were evident among their soldiery in two world wars.
    Lets hope she is succesful! Many of us South of the boreder have enormous respect for her . It is atragedy Engald and Wales do not have leaders like her!

  6. So it's everyone else's fault, nothing to do with her. someone should remind her that Scotland is part of the United Kingdom, therefore bound by UK law.

  7. So, as with the Indyref, she wants to keep holding votes until she gets the answer she likes.

    I wonder whether the same courtesy will be extended if Scotland ever votes Yes to independence? How will she react to demands for yet more votes?

  8. Ughhhh her with Brexit and complaining when the Brexit negotiations are just a little taster of what is to come to Scotland if they leave the U.K. I just can't comprehend her and her logic, she is just a hypocrite

  9. I have scottish relatives and I love the scots. NS talks about a Tory 'power grab' yet she's the power hungry upstart.

  10. Anywhere but Westminster: homeless people, the voters without a voice – video ►

  11. So no lips wants to stop brexit then leave the UK and because of leaving the UK will be thrown out of the eu anyway while the UK remains in the eu…stupid woman.
    nicola fish is Englishophobe racist

  12. Odd how someone who wants to break the UK up gets soo much coverage on the bbc, sky, gaurdian and other mainstream media outlets.

  13. Scotland and England are proud allies, stronger together. I don't understand why Scottish people would PREVENT English independence then vote for their own? Are you allowed independence and we are not?

  14. Oh no it's that annoying nodding wee Krankie SNP remainic EU woman again talking in Undemocratic riddles who only respects referendums when it suits her.
    SNP is not Scotland.

  15. this is the same old record scots for the scottish elite and the snp a party that hides problems like alex salmond and the dirty going on in the party a cover up like the rent boys in london the only safe politician is a dead one

  16. She needs to keep the UK in the EU cos the EU told her to piss off unless Scotland had the backing of England .
    All her tripe about independence , knowing full well Scotland would be wasted away before the EU accepted it into it's fold .
    How her country folk still even acknowledge her is beyond me .

  17. It isn't Westminster covering up child deaths or delaying the opening of new hospitals by years because of duff ventilation. It isn't London causing Scottish kids to leave school semi-literate, and it isn't Boris who forces the SNP to underspend their budget or hate on every other political leader, left or right, while pretending Nationalism is a political ideology.

    "It isnae ma fault!" is wearing a little thin, now.

    German nationalism – bad.
    French nationalism – bad.
    Austrian nationalism – bad.
    English nationalism – bad.
    Scottish nationalism – best thing that could ever happen.

    If you want to break the union, stumpy, then the whole union should vote. Because the way you're heading, there could potentially be a border because you want to welcome all-comers.

    It's high time daughter of Salmond had a bit of a shock from the Scottish electorate.

    That said, she comes across as a pretty decent bloke.

  18. where is the basis login…..SNP wants to separate from UK and in the same time they want UK to remain in EU ….so if you go for separation why should you decide for UK….mind your separation and let the rest of UK decide on their own 😉

  19. "Yesterday, upon the stair,
    I met Nicola who wasn't there!
    She wasn't there again today,
    Oh how I wish she'd go away!"
    Last night I saw upon the stair,
    Nicola! who wasn't there,
    She wasn't there again today
    Oh, how I wishs he'd go away.

  20. what is the point when you claim you want to leave the UK?
    it's like that was all nonsense and you know that Scotland wouldn't do well alone

  21. And this is why SNP are now losing ANOTHER 11 seats , Labours losing a hell of a lot more ……… SNP should have stuck to winjing on about another Scottish referendum instead of trying to overthrow a vote , its pretty obvious what people think as the Conservatives are picking up ANOTHER 68 seats (MAJORITY) ………..Stergeon like Corbyn has commited Political suicide

  22. Great speech Nikki and so glad you are campaigning for another referendum on Brexit… Nicola Sturgeon is the only leader of the main political parties who is talking any sense.

  23. Leaving the UK would cost the Scottish either 16% tax rise or 16% cost cuts or a mixture of both. That makes brexit look like a walk in the park.

  24. Another sore loser, she lost her scotish independence referendum and lost the european one she backed, if scotland does leave the UK they will be broke ,we subsidise scotland .

  25. Ah the joyful hypocrisy of brexit, a union of 4 countries with freedom of movement as central tenant complaining that freedom of movement is bad, a country being lead by a man elected by 139000 paying club members complaining about representative democracy not being democratic enough. A country that believes in national sovereignty and the right to self rule… unless you're ireland or scotland.

  26. So, a party that is doing everything it can to undermine the result of a legitimately-held referendum….demands a referendum?

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