NHSC Member Stories: Dr. Kevin Nelson

Nice to meet you, what brings
you in here today, Jennifer? I’m Kevin
Nelson, I’m a dentist. I practice in Anderson,
Missouri at a community health center called
Access Family Care. The people I see at my clinic
are mostly just people from small town America. They are really
good, wholesome people. We have a sliding fee scale
and so a person can come in with a toothache,
get an emergency exam, a picture and a
tooth extracted for $57. Our patients don’t have any
other option and so I do a lot of surgeries and I do
some minor orthodontia. In dental school I did
not like root canals, but now that I’m
out practicing, I love them. National Health Service Corps
loan repayment program – it was perfect for me. After you do your
first two year commitment, it’s on a year by year basis
and as long as you have loans to repay, you can apply again
as long as you are working at a center that qualifies. My patients really appreciate
our clinic and the work we do there and the work I
do as an NHSC member. It’s been a great environment for
me to become a better dentist.

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