News Now Stream 10/21/19 (FNN)

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  1. What in the world Nancy Pelosi and the other idiots are doing in Jordan? Who send them there? What is going on? Something here is not Right !!!!!!!!

  2. Let’s change the laws so that Trump can run much like Franklin Delano Roosevelt did once upon a time for at least 4 administrations !!! By then, all the swamp will have been drained & no more Commiecrats !!!

  3. Nervous Pelosi is not the president, neither is vicious Schumer. So both of these folks are failed leaders and, in my objective assessment, they are both not very intelligent folks behaving like Kindergarten kids all the time. Let the President decides because he has a bigger picture of things than small fries small brains like Hillary, Biden, Pelosi, Schumer and Schiff. Pres Trump is going to be accountable for his decision on the withdrawal of troops not Pelosi. Pres Trump chose the unconventional way to deal with the problem in Syria because it is insane to do the same thing over and over and expect different results (Lesson 101). Based on the meeting with VP Mike Pence, Secretary Mike Pompeo and Pres Erdogan, Pres Trump did the right thing on the withdrawal. Another great and BIG WIN for Pres Trump and another expected failed attempt for the DEMS!

    Nervous Nancy Pelosi and her infantile stupidity is a stupid person who is stupid enough to disrespect herself at the meeting with the President. The amateurish theatrical conduct of Speaker Nervous Pelosi tells us she is brainless, unintelligent, witless, very dull-witted and woman with no substance. She and Schumer lied that Pres Trump has no plans on Syria. Stupid Pelosi thinks too highly of herself and that is why she lost her credibility to discuss important things at Presidential level. Dumb Pelosi cannot take on Pres Trump who is a genius. Pelosi should send her own children to war in Syria not other peoples' children. Third rate politician Pelosi even offered to pray for Pres Trump. The quick-witted Pres Trump was smart enough not to let one of the devil's cronies prayed over him.

    How nervous Nancy Pelosi is elected for that Speaker position and how corrupt material Barack Obama was elected to be President in 2009 simply puzzles me for a long, long time. They are empty-headed politicians. The Democratic Party is
    definitely very dry with talent long time ago. Democrats don't have brains to govern America. They are so crave for political power trying so hard to twist nothing into something to impeach the President. Impeachment is a bogus undertaking. Democrats go for false information all week instead of doing what their job descriptions stated they are supposed to do.

    God is moving nations through politics. God holds the nations responsible for the leaders they pick. God uncovers sins of world leaders to fulfill Bible prophecies. God's sovereign control of history cannot be undone by man's clever attempts to determine his own fate. The nations have been established by God for His purposes (Acts 17:26), and He is sovereign over all their affairs.

    God is greater than the Democrats and the Leftist journalists who support wrongdoings and go against Pres Trump who is backed by God (Isaiah 45; Romans 8:31). There are serious consequences in God's system whether the wrongdoers like it or not. We are seeing God's system at work today before our very eyes (Luke 12:2). George Soros, Barack Obama, Hillary
    Clinton, the Bidens, Nancy Pelosi, Adam Schiff, Schumer, John Kerry, Mitt Romney, etc. – they all cannot escape God's judgment for the wrongs and the corruption they committed. That is why their hidden wrongs are revealed to us in the last days.

    The Lord Jesus says in Luke 12:2, "But there is nothing covered up that will not be revealed, and hidden that will not be
    known." Praise the Lord.

  4. Oh gag me with a spoon you Clinton women are full of it you don't care about women or children. You are both sick but you will get what you deserve soon at Gitmo.

  5. Trump is exposing how politicians have sold out the US taxpayer for greed. Trump has done more for America in 2.5 years than most politicians have done in a 30 year career. The dumb keep voting for bigger government. Trump will deliver us from George Soros and the Agenda 21 and Agenda 2030 scam. Soros has bribed almost every politician and first responder to destroy America. Trump and veterans like me will stand our ground. Take up arms patriots. The left intends on killing conservatives and veterans. They are doing it now. Their assassins are the FBI

  6. Democrats get in again and then make everybody slaves. Don't take the money from thebillionaires it will trickle down and everybody will be in a sad state look at socialist countries do you think they are flourishing?

  7. This bishhhh is talking out of her rear and she knows it! She straight Said she would hold parent's accountable/convict them for their kids tardiness or absences knowing parent's are working 2 or more job's who try hard to be more attentive to their kid's education & attendance and timely manner in their educations. She's imprisoned many for doing what she bragged on a radio interview for doing Smoking weed! And lying to the music she listened to while It was criminal be it selling it or doing it!!! Bc they jail you for both!!! If you vote for this headboard queen you deserve what you get!!!! This female is a fraud .. wake up People!!! She's not not for hard working Americans!! She's not for illegals either she's just lying and deceiving!!! She's on her way out!!

  8. a pathetic race of hypocrites claiming progress when racism was forced under pressure to be abolished in the second half of the 20th century))

  9. What is not to like about Trump ? Unless you have a vested interest in democrats, they are not an asset or worth having. They do nothing positive for individuals or the country. They have been over taken by graft, corruption, and exterior control. Sickum Uncle Donald. Imagine, prayer in a cabinet meeting .

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