New members of Chelsea Rovers! [Sooro’s Rovers /2019.10.21]

Intermediate Division 1. You know the one we’re always in? That league. There’s Intermediate Division 2. (Now operating in squads within the smaller league) (Division 2?) We now have Intermediate Division 2. – Really? / – Yeah. In professional teams, they have the reserve, – known as the B Team. / – Yes, the B Team. Then we need to have players with a wide skill range. We have 45 players now. How… You keep saying you don’t have any money. Our team actually became hot news in England, so we get a lot of auditions in the amateur scene. Brandon joined our team from Division 7. So Intermediate Division 2 is for the Sunday Football League. It’s on Sunday. If a player in Division 1 gets injured, our team will go in while they’re treated. The Sunday leagues are for amateur players. So it’s similar to professional leagues. They call it the reserve league. It’s the same in the K League. If a K League player gets hurt, a player from the R League plays instead. It’s the same system. Crazy that a Division 13 team has a reserve league. It’s exactly the same as the Premier League. Look at this. You probably roughly understand this. Jason joined a Division 2 team in Belgium. And as we saw in Seoul, Amar and Maximus joined another team. They’re K3 trainees. (So proud of them) When we first decided to found Chelsea Rovers, we couldn’t give them success, but we provided – a direction toward success. / – An opportunity. – We gave them an opportunity. / – Exactly. That’s incomparable to anything else. – You can’t compare it to money. / – That’s great news. Chris is injured with a torn ligament, so he can’t play with us for a while. – A key player… / – The backbone of our defense. But I think they need to go on a diet. Improper weight management causes injuries. Now, we have new players. I’m looking forward to them. You all know there are new players, but you don’t know who, right? Let’s check in detail. Since some left, we need new ones. (Jason Liu) (Jason Liu) Jie introduced him. (Introduced by Jie and John Choi) (Liu / Jie / John Choi) I’m Jason Liu. Get to the top, play to a high level. His name is Jason. One Jason leaves and another joins. That’s true. He is a very versatile player. He can play left and right. Wing forward, wingback, fullback, anything. He usually plays around the sides. And he’s fast. (A player with a speed advantage) Next player. You remember the player named Jonathan? During the tryouts, I said he’d do well. (Centre-back the owner had his eye on) (Jonathan Boateng) (Jonathan Boateng) I’m Jonathan Boateng. I’m looking forward to this guy playing. (Jonathan entered through the tryouts) (Sooro had high hopes due to his build) No centre-back on our team plays so relaxed. (Defender with unrivaled skills) That defender is pretty good. (Owner Sooro’s pick) You know he’ll be good at soccer just by his name. Boateng. So many good soccer players have the name Boateng. (The youngest player Boateng with a famous name) I’m sure the new centre-back, who will fill Jason’s empty spot, will do an amazing job. He’s 19 years old and 191cm tall. That’s the best. They’re quite similar. He’s young, tall… (Similar position, age, and height) (Jason handled midair balls and physical contact well) (Rovers’ key defender last season) (A defender with perfect skills and game sense) (He’ll take the baton from Jason) (Iron wall of defense) If it wasn’t for Jonathan… Before, I used to play it just for fun, just to take some steam off. But now, I’ve been told by people I can go further, so I want to give it a go and see how far I can take it. The funny thing is I asked him which foot he uses usually, and his answer was hilarious. He said he didn’t know. – He can use both. / – Yeah. (Left foot is okay) (Right foot is okay) That was so awesome. He’s very modest but cool. Maybe he really doesn’t know. He might not actually know. He either doesn’t know, or he’s a genius. A centre-back using both feet is a major plus, because usually there are two centre-backs. But if the centre-back is ambidextrous, they can use the whole space, so they usually play in the Premier League. Even in very high leagues, they’re very valuable. Finally. Joshua. He’s really the future of our team. (Joshua Shonowo) (Joshua Shonowo) My name is Joshua Shonowo. Football is basically everything to me. I wake up to football. I live for football. He’s in very good shape. And his burst speed is comparable to players at the top level. He’s great at closing. He never missed out on a 1-on-1 in the preseason. He uses both feet, so no matter the situation, – he can score. / – He’s multitalented. Is it Mbappé? He’s like Mbappé. (French player Mbappéis sprints at 38km per hour) It says he’s supremely fast. He doesn’t miss out on a 1-on-1. Below that in bold, it says he’s potentially the best player to ever join the club. That’s just like Mbappé. (They must’ve had 10 pairs of rose-tinted glasses on) He scored 2 to 3 goals in the preseason per game. That’s a big deal. We’re not good at scoring goals, so I worried a lot. (Sooro had lots of worries) (Rovers’ weakest point was the inability to score) (They go for goals but…) I said last time that it’s our biggest issue. We can’t score. (Frustrated that none of his players can score) Now that we have Joshua, we’ve handled that. (Scoring lots of goals without difficulty) (Scored many goals in all practice matches) He’s not on our level. He’s on another level. Amazing. He’s like Mbappé. (The text makes him seem like Mbappé) (That’s what it’s like in Division 13) Sajjaad has been on our team since last season. Due to some matters, he’s only starting this year. (Sajjaad Qail) (Sajjaad Qail) I’m Sajjaad Qail. So I would say, I try to get tough assists as much as I can. What’s his position? Central midfielder, but he does well – as a defensive midfielder. / – And offense? Yes, a midfielder who can play anything. So he can play where Chris can’t. Yes, but he’s been taking a break, so we’ll see how he does in the practice match. – We’ll see how he does? / – Yes. – Chris is fast. / – Chris! (Chris was responsible for the center) (An accurate pass toward open space) (Copy passing skills) (Paste) Look at this. (A through pass between the gaps in the defense) – Go, Chris! / – Yes! (Just as Chris began the offensive) (Now, offense begins with Sajjaad’s foot) (Sajjaad is a perfect copy of Chris) Nice. Sajjaad! (Can he fill Chris’ shoes perfectly?) If he can handle physical contact and shoot well, he’d be on the level of the Premier League. He’s like Kanté. (The Kanté of Chelsea FC?) – He’s fit and can fight. / – Kanté. And he can see all the midfielders. He’s like Kanté. But he’s too aggressive and fouls a lot. (There is a con) That part… Seeing him get caught up in fights reminds me of Bellamy. (Rough player who was on Liverpool and Manchester City) (Even the cons are Premier League class) Bellamy was so aggressive. Bellamy and Kim Bokyung played together for a while. That’s right. Bokyung was asked how intense Bellamy was. After the season ended, they all went to a club, and all the players on the team went. Kim Bokyung was trying to go in late, but the person at the door stopped him. He didn’t know he was a player. Then Bellamy came and went… (Out of the way!) Friend! Friend! That’s cool. So he just let them in. (Bellamy’s friend ended up getting in fine) Friend! My friend! (Bellamy is my type) It’s nice to have good friends. Bellamy is very famous. Anyway, our Sajjaad is Bellamy. I should go to a club with him and see what he does. My boss! My boss! Sorry for acting so frivolous this morning. We’ve now introduced all the new players. Just hearing the overview, I think we can move up to Division 4. I think those positions were filled nicely. – Let’s go check them out. / – Yeah. We haven’t seen them in action. I’m curious about how they’ll do. I’m so curious too. (The overview gets them excited for the new players) (Reliable)

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