New Member of the CGH Family??? | Behind the Braids Ep.18

I think mom wanted a puppy but literally the whole family against her well they convinced me and this was my fatal error people hey that was like totally in stereo welcome back to another episode of behind the braids normally when you come on this Sunday you’re coming for hair but this week we had some super exciting news that we just had to share and wait a week so we had to the you know do an extra behind it right guys we have added to our family and we want you guys to meet the new addition okay so we have a big problem right now the puppy does not have a name and we need your help to help us buy anything for him like we do it three days so the whole family got together and we came up with eight names one from each of us that we kind of like we’re hoping that you guys will leave comments below telling us which one you think we should actually fit so voting on the name that you like to get us okay so here are your options we have in no particular order Vader Flynn Rider Thor ash bear Hercule York for short Apollo or Loveheart little bet you can’t guess who loved part in my book that’s right so those are your options so please leave a comment below telling us which name you enough for the puppy so we can stop calling him puppy and we will announce a name that we officially pick or has been voted by you guys on Instagram so watch for that yes and let’s go so we picked up a new ball of fluff tonight to take home to the girls and we load it up in the car if I need to go to take him home and surprise the kids and the car won’t start she with our car here so I don’t know what we did I think maybe we killed battery by leaving the lights on or something so now we’re trying to find people to give us a jump I love puppies we all love puppies so when mom was looking at puppies for my grandparents in my aunt’s and they didn’t want them and they were like no we can’t we’re not ready for a dog so then I did a little bit of research and I was looking for these puppies so I decided to make a music video about this puppy that I saw that was so cute and I got the twins and on my friends who was danger Gann and on my videos and we made this music video to the tune of grace knowing the rules I don’t know my name yes the girls and created a music video that they sent to me and literally I had this whole video that’s all edited and then singing about how they wanted a new puppy blah blah and we’re gonna put it on camis channel in the next couple weeks so you can see it over there so make sure you buzz over there and subscribe to her but yes they sent me this whole music video in preparation for the puppy and I think that was kind of like it’s a turning point of her mindset and then my dad was in on it too and he want a puppy India brought home two dogs before when we were first married and both of them I didn’t agree with and they weren’t that great of dogs so we kind of failed and then we’ve got Brady he was a good dog he felt like part of our family mom said no but I feel like we need another puppy because it’s been a long time yeah I’m bringing a different Ryan a shopping can we saw a sign that said puppies and we all love puppies so we went and checked out the cute little puppies and pet them and this guy was there until we my home and told mom that she has a good look at this puppy then her and dad left for a date Haizi he loved me yes why because he’s a new puppy what is it sweetie what are you gonna do in everyday I’ll just play them every single day we need a board let me because now there are boy boys at six sticks so then I decided to track my mom her phone so I looked at her and I saw that she was where the dog was and I was like guys we’re gonna get this dog and this was my fatal error people they convinced me to go look at him that was my mistake don’t do that and he’s so cute so then I was like full-on prepared on the couch sleeping when she came home but I liked him knew as soon as she walked in the door when my mom and I walked in with the new puppy I start freaking out I didn’t think that they would actually get another dog my mom’s opinion kind of like under her arm a little bit and so it looked just like her purse cause her person black so I thought she didn’t get the puppy Intel she’s like family started screaming when they brought the puppy in I was really surprised because I didn’t think mom wanted a puppy and I didn’t think she was gonna be convinced no matter how much we all tried and it was literally the whole family against her the new puppy is pretty sweet you sure cute I want to make them love hot little because he’s the kid to me a little I think I want him he reported why do you wanna be named Apollo for all the Apollo missions all Apollo missions to space like space stuff for his name I picked Thor’s I like Ashton bear like I’m cool with whatever but I think so because he’s so cute and he’s strong he’s strong he picks up Brady’s ball in his mouth and you can lift it up in mine so middle the name that I want to name him is Ashe person claims that she saw at first but originally I wanted Flint because everybody knows that I really really really love tangled but I also really really love Hercules so I picked the name Hercules and Herc for short I wanted to be them ash or maybe pepper or something to do with like his black don’t know what my pick was Glen writer I guess but I really like Apollo my pick for name for him with Vader just because he’s you know got the black color he’s got a little strip of white you know Vader kind of makes him seem tougher because he’s he’s pretty sweet so if you need to toughen him up a little bit don’t you guys want a puppy like him cuz he’s so cute look at his eyes thank you guys so much for watching that video I am they won they succeeded in convincing me if you might want to subscribe to our Channel and you want to be sure to click this button right here if you want to see more of our hair videos you can click this box right here and if you want to see more of our behind the braid series you can click this box right here we’ll see you guys later bye

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