*NEW LAUNCHER!!!* SANTA'S LITTLE HELPER | Event Store Update | Fortnite Save The World

I do absolutely love just love using lunches there's just something about the complete chaos and the complete mayhem it just makes them so awesome hey Bruce welcome back to the Lana army I'm litsen this is fortnight to save the world and we're checking out right now Santa's Little Helper being quite excited about this one there was either swap a video when I was looking at the stats when we first heard about this we'll know that this one is the one that I've been waiting for now I don't know if it's gonna be great but it looks almost broken on paper me and keflex were talking about this keflex does a lot of reflow research for me and he's really good at this and he's really good at these weapons but this weapon we bought the Greve looks a little bit old P now these are the stats that we've got on there we've got a 130 on there we've got the bright core version on there cuz she may as well with these you've also got damage on there reload speed got physical on there crit rating we've got damage to afflicted targets and we've got the affliction on there as well not always great with launches most of the time you want to be about maximizing your damage out so if you can put all the damage perks on there then that would be better I mean with this particular build as I said we have got this early so we do a sacrifice the perfect build sometimes to get these out early but you can actually have four damage perks on this if you have a look at this screenshot that we've got here this would probably be the ideal build I would think so you've got damage impact you've got the physical element on there as well then you've got damage damage again so for three damage perks one impact perk and then a physical perk on there as well that is probably an optimum build for this weapon but this is what we've got is actually still quite decent the reload speed on this is quite quick anyway I compared it last time to a dam Buster but the reason why I said it may or it may appear broken on paper is if you have a look at these stats quickly this is where it looks absolutely nuts so what you've got on there you've got the damage 625 the dam Buster on it'll sit 488 you've got a crit chance and a crit damage obviously 10 and 50 percent fire rating 0.75 expected but if we look further down on there as well the reload time the reload times 2 point 5 so we've got a quick reload point on there as well your abilities the same so these things are going to be running out quite a bit but the main start at the bottom their log impact the impact on the dam Buster is 3,700 where the impact on Santa's Little Helper 4160 seven and if we have a look now now that we've actually put all these perks on it the impacts on there is twenty-five thousand eight hundred and seventy five and if you bought that impact perk on there as well you're gonna get that up to nearly twenty seven thousand which is just an insane amount of impact to put on our weapon so this is gonna have huge knock back we've got two of them because I think this is gonna run out pretty fast but let's jump into our mission and see just how we get on with this okay so we're going to use bunny penny just because why not [Laughter] demo people I'll level them or I don't use those heroes what does it mean that the bad heroes alright okay not bad at all obviously you've now got the pasted on the shields but look at the damage that is not it's doing like 200k damage each time quite comfortably well let's get a better vantage point if we can nice there you go I was half a mil 435 King oh wow alright I could get used to this I mean it's nearly gone already it is nearly broken but look at those damage numbers that is nuts the thing is you don't need this kind of damage oh my god you don't need this kind of damage on a launcher I mean really you're after after the waves but look at our 346 K damage was that that is crazy big all right we're still okay yeah let's just let's just pick here a little bit on that impact I mean that is just wrecking everything okay I think everything's dead I actually think you guys wiped everything out oh there we go that's what I like to see all right let's try again look at the knock bar it's decent all right we've got blasters alright Samsa move all our our militia would probably only got one shot left let's try and make you count there we go you'll do oh we got another shot oh no no no no no no the tutor Billy on it isn't all that bad you know ah now back to Adam Buster that feels so overpowered by is probably it does way more than what it needs to I mean the dam Busters gonna get the job done I mean even that I mean this is only a one or six tumbles so that I'm using and that's still good alright okay one thing I don't use launch is very often when I'm playing the game normally cuz she just don't they're booked you know that's still it's sort of fun alright probably find that one a little bit late alright we're still okay almost started the dumb Buster as well oh gotta be a smash yeah there you go there's something like just brilliant about like smashes flying all over the place helps when you've got a good team though right okay only three minutes 47 left not long to go and then we're back on the dam buster so two of each the thing is about like this kind of launcher is it's just the facts that you're putting in the hosters all over the place and I said you kind of fit in the waves you're not gonna clear the waves all the time you're more there to thin them and then the soldier like he's doing here will just mop them off all right good good okay just two minutes left so it needs I do absolutely love just love using lunches there's just something about the complete chaos and the complete mayhem it just makes them so awesome well let's go and take you out did she just say what I thought she said now I'm gonna put some weed in here that family-friendly Channel oh yeah I always think like weapons like this are just much of a muchness is kind of like this good one this good lot of things to have on them so I impact physical damage and just damage the father you can just pile damage onto these weapons it's just so so good 38 seconds left damn it all right guys and that was the gun show it looks like I mean if you've already got a damn buster I don't know how worth it this is gonna be a definitely one to travel with for damage points on it so if anyone's got one of those that'll let me know all right no but I'll shake that penny oh yeah all right then guys so that was Santa's Little Helper let me know what you think in the comments down below I really it's a really fun launch to use is it worth leveling up if you've not gonna dam Buster then yet in fact it's probably a little bit better than the dam Buster just because of the stats of it but it feels the same when you finally it feels very similar just the damage it can actually put out is absolutely insane if you couple this up with someone like 8-bit demo on there put all the four damage perks on it oh three damaging an impact on there make a physical then you I've got a beast of a launcher on your hands there all you would really need then is the noble launcher Santa's Little Helper and you've pretty much got everything that you need in terms of launches there I would say rocket launch is always good to have as well in reserve but let me know what you think in the comments down below guys I would absolutely love to know massive thanks for watching and I will catch you on the next video take care now guys you know what I think we're gonna be friends oh my god

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  2. I just wonder how this rocket launcher works with double crit & crit dmg, must be insane at 66% crit & 320% crit dmg

  3. Hi Litanah This was a great video but I would advice putting reload speed crit rating crit dam and crit dam on this weapon foremost effectiveness as u would have 320% crit damage for insane amounts of damage. I have these perks and did 3 Million Damage and one hit a smasher. if you want to check the legitamacy of I upload the video on my channel I hope you see this comment so you can also experience how amazing this weapon is. Have a good day sir

  4. Hey guys I just got save the world on Xbox one and I’m not able to use my research points or able to manage my survivors. Idk if I’m not leveled high enough or what.

    Hope someone can help me a bit.

  5. Looked like you managed 15 rockets from 1 santas helper, is it possible to but durability as a perk? I have an 82 bazooka and a 58 dam buster, would you say the santas helper was worth leveling or use what i have? Also what sword was you using there? Love your vids and great to see the webcam back.

  6. Honestly the best perks would be going full damage cause it has more impact than a dam buster, you can get 4 damage perks on it which effectively bump it up to 120% more damage, which is more than double (Maybe 135% if you have the 6th perk as affliction damage, but honestly if they dont survive the first hit then that makes the affliction moot), although the optimal perk setip is double damage with reload and the affliction combo 😛

  7. There was over spiceness in this vid extreme spiceness cuz penny and I thought this was a family friendly channel xD

    Lit bro iam joking don’t take it srsly love ur content <3

  8. Mine is triple damage and damage to afflicted. I left damage to afflicted because it offers more damage than a normal damage perk. Sadly mine is only rare. Used all my Re-Perk and Legendary Perk-Up on my Squire shotgun.

  9. How does it compare to pumpkin launcher? I think you are stuck with fire element on that launcher. Otherwise it would seem that they should be about the same.

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