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my name's Elizabeth minor Han I'm one of the co-founders New England holistic health center we became established in Glastonbury in 1985 my role here is director of behavioral health services I'm here with my partner dr. Eva Salzer we have a holistic health center here we believe in mind body and spirit and we try to restore health to our patients by looking at all areas of their health when you miss dr. Stephanie so Alton I'm a naturopathic physician I will work with you in partnership for you to improve your quality of life and obtain optimal health and wellness I think one thing that's interesting about our practice is a tick that we have so many different specialties under one roof I've got a patient here the last two years I've had lower back issues from all the time seek really good here as far as the physical medicine aspect goes with the chiropractic I do a full history examination on each patient we take x-rays right here on the premises I think that our patients love coming to our centre I'm strength balance and flexibility with Satya yoga at New England holistic health center

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  1. Best ,Most Rewarding Job of my Life! I'm Dr.Eva Salzer, Chiropractor and Director of Physical Medicine at New England Holistic Health Center. I hope you are able to visit us at or call us at (860)659-3553 for an appointment with myself or one of our other Holistic Doctors. We are a family practice and all of our doctors work together to give you the best care possible. Thanks for watching our video!

  2. It's a great facility. I've been taking my son there for a few years now and we have seen dramatic results!

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