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So I have like, a broken toe. Oh my G- And you haven’t seen a doctor about it? No. It’s just a toe. F*** you, your toe… Yo- “It’s just a toe” lah. When Dew says (wait for it) then you just like… “Hi!!!” Hi guys, welcome back to another episode of Real Talk! And today, we’re gonna introduce our new cast member and she is… “I’m 23 and I’m a singer-songwriter.” “I was from Final 1 in 2013.” ♪ I look up into the night sky ♪ ♪ And see a thousand eyes staring back ♪ ♪ My location unknown ♪ ♪ tryna find a way back home to you again ♪ ♪ Gotta get back to you ♪ ♪ Gotta, gotta get back to you ♪ HASHY! – YUSOF!
– Welcome! Welcome! x2 Welcome! x3 Welcome! x4 Welcome! x5 Welcome! x6 Welcome! x7 Welcome! x8 Welcome! x9 You wanna introduce Hashy? Oh okay. So her name is Ha- Why must I introduce her? She can introduce herself. Okay so if y’all don’t know Hashy, or maybe you guys find her familiar ’cause she’s been into The Final 1. ♪ Oh boy I’m gonna show you ♪ ♪ that you’re mine, oh mine ♪ Together with her husband, Marc Yusof? – No.
– Marc what? Marc what? Marc Than! His name is Marc Than. Marc also sings at… So sweet. Wait, you met him on The Final 1? Yes. That’s so cute! It was like a secret relationship. – I was rooting for you and Glen – I was rooting for you and Glen
– Are you allowed to have relationships? They can say no? They cannot. They cannot say no. – Right, can’t they…
– But it’s just Can’t they be like, “Oh if you are like, having s- Uhhh, not… Uhhh… If you’re having relations with another person, both of you will be disqualified. No, no. They could say that. But then again, I was 18 and he was 28 so like… Damn! Y’all might have seen her from our age gap video. Some of y’all keep saying that five years is not a very big age gap. We know, we know! Ten years is though. Ten years though. When Marc was ten years old, she hasn’t even come out. When Marc was doing his PSLE, she was two. When Marc can buy cigarettes, she was in Primary 2. When Marc has his first pubic hair, I was probably… – She was not born.
– She was two years old. If you read the news a few years ago, Hashy… got into a near-death experience She had a tumour on her spine. Removed it, almost went paralysed. You did get paralysed? No I didn’t, no I didn’t. – So she didn’t get…
– But I was… So doctors were saying the chances of me being paralysed was like 80%. But was it like a choice you had to make? Did they say like, “If you don’t do the operation, – Uh, it was…
– you may not walk. but if you do it, there’s an 80% chance that you’ll be paralysed.” Yeah, so 80% chance of paralysis or I just wait till I become paralysed. – Ohhhh my Lord.
– Yeah, so it’s like, wait and watch? They call it. So I use my legs till I can’t – use my legs.
– Watch and wait, probably. How ’bout, wait. How ’bout you start on how come she got that tumour. Where got ‘how come’ one? – Eat tumour ah?
– No, like how did it develop. Oh yeah. So I fell on The Final 1. That was… – Oh my God, that was – the thing?
– The fall ’cause your tumour?! It didn’t ’cause it but I think it triggered something. Right. As in, when you fell down the stage, you got up and just walk right? No, I was laughing. Oh okay, okay. ‘Cause I was so paiseh (embarrassed) ’cause it was live. She laugh then, “Hahahaha wah c** *bai, tumour sia” Eh don’t laugh about that. Weeks later, I started feeling pain in my back. I was very stupid also. I didn’t see any doctor. ‘Cause young what, right? – I wouldn’t also.
– Like, back pain. Maybe ’cause fall, maybe ’cause of my bed. Two years later, I couldn’t sleep lying down. Then it was not funny anymore. Like it hurts – when you lie down? – when you lie down?
– Yeah, I can’t lie down on my bed. – So I was…
– Oh my God. sleeping seated up. So at what point – Two years later…
– were you like, “I should see a doctor.” I went to some doctors in between. Like polyclinic or normal? Polyclinic. Bodoh nyer! (Stupid) 18 years old, got no money to see specialist what. Bro, you can’t even… – lie down, you know!
– You can get referral. Polyclinic is real doctor what, what do you mean? No but polyclinic refer you to a clinic, as in they could’ve given her a referral. As in, you expected to take pills then okay? Yeah, okay so then the thing is I’m allergic to painkillers. Owaahhhhh! Like morphine? Or? Pretty much all like Panadol, Tramadols. Even Tramadol? Yeah. Tramadols? Yeah Tramadol is like the best one. Okay Jade. – How much pain are you in?
– We don’t need to know about your drugs now. Why are you in so much pain, Jade? Why you take this kind of thing? “It’s the best one.” So they referred me to neuro ’cause it’s in the spine. Wait, so… I don’t understand how it’s in the spine. ‘Cause the spine, the gaps are very… ’cause I go to chiropractor right, so I… So they showed me an example of the spine right. So how does it grow inside? It’s inside my spinal cord. – So it’s just…
– You have to explain more. – So imagine this is the… – So imagine this is the…
– The chiropractor… Chiropractor is – the hardest word that he knows.
– This is the… the gap of your spine is just in-between. No, no, it’s in the cord. – It’s in the cord, it’s between.
– It’s inside, yeah. That’s why you need more detail. You know? – I know!
– Don’t act, you know! Who the f*** doesn’t know where the spinal cord is? Anyway, spinal cord is inside… I know already Hashy. F***. – So when
– I know already. I did the surgery right, they had to remove my spine. – First?!
– HA?! Yeah. So they put- No, no, the section of the spine not the whole spine. Yeah, no sh**, but you still need to cut out both sides to… Yeah so they cut my skin and then cut my muscle and then get to my spine. Yeah. Remove my spine. – And then?
– And then… If you’re not saying this right, the medical community’s gonna whoop you. So if you cut and remove then you put back, how do you sew it back? No, it’s a good question. But she’s not a doctor. She lie down there. I thought Jade would know. She made fun of me, don’t know what’s spinal cord. Right?! So the nerves are in one line. F***, nerves, nerves. Can see here. – It’s like your veins.
– One line. So I cut like that, I remove. Then I take out the tumour, then I put back, then? – No, okay, so…
– This is a new dynamic ah. – This is… This is what I’m guessing.
– Suddenly change ah. So basically, this is like the back right. [Jade’s Science lesson time] So it’s like, a lump of a thread then you just remove the thing from the thread. – I supposed they have big… – I supposed they have big…
– Actually I won’t… – They’re big threads that branch
– So it’s like this! into little threads! No, wait, wait, wait. – So it’s like this, so it’s like this.
– There are big… There’s like a big thread and it branches into little threads all over your body. Yeah, yeah, so it’s like this? Then the tumour is here, then they slowly take out the tumour. Yes, yes. – Like when you took out the condom from
– F***ing doctor dude. – my hair last time.
– Graduate. I ask the doctor open I take out for the doctor. – Now that Dew is up to speed.
– Is this why Dew isn’t a doctor? Yeah. So you weren’t… As in you were prepared to get paralysed? I mean, no one ever gets prepared or prepares themselves to be paralysed but there were some things that we needed to do. At that point, we wanted to get a house. But at the same time, I was telling him you know like, you don’t have to be with me. I’m 22, you are like, 32 then. He was 32. Yeah, plus ten. Plus ten. And I told him, yeah, forget it. I wasn’t gonna be able to walk, who knows? Yup. So you attempted to break up with him before your – surgery.
– I told him to leave me. Wow. Wahhhh! Actually very difficult eh. You put yourself in Marc’s shoes, okay? – 32.
– Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. Haven’t got married. Then you’re like “F***. I waited 32 years of my life eh, finally found the right one and then this happened to me. God is not by my side.” Yeah. And we were four years in together, almost. Before the whole… tumour in your spine kind of thing right, we were already talking about you know, getting engaged, buh, blah, blah, BTO and stuff. So when I was diagnosed, I told him, “You don’t have to be with me. I don’t know what’s gonna happen but I don’t want to burden you with something that even I am not sure of.” So what did he say exactly? Try your best. – No, he… – No, he…
– Exactly. – He just said…
– He said, “Hashy… He took out his guitar, bro. He just told me like, it’s not a decision that I should make for him. Wah chills. Yeah, he just said like… He’s a good man. If you don’t marry him, I will you know. I don’t know what I would do if I was in your boyfriend’s situation. Like, if I would stay with a guy. No, no, no. Obviously, – you would stay with the guy.
– I mean, if we were married, if we were married, then I suppose, yes. But, if we were just in a relationship, I don’t know if I would be as strong as him. Like, I don’t know if I would stay. Would you stay? I would… – Mmm yeah.
– Tough. I wouldn’t break up and be like, “Oh.” I have to be honest and it’s not gonna make my – personality sound rude.
– No, even if you break up, then all your friends will look at you and be like, “F*** bro. That time when she needs you the most then you’re not there.” I’ll be honest with you right. – I can’t.
– If for example, my girlfriend has brain cancer, and I know she’s gonna die, I really don’t know what to do eh. I know I need to stay on until she goes. And then, when you move on also, people will be like… No, no, I don’t think people can blame you for – moving on.
– Actually, you know what? I think paralysed I would… I mean if paralysed, I would definitely stay. Because that person is still the same person you fell in love with. It’s just maybe gonna be a bit more inconvenient. I think where I would maybe would consider leaving is if the person were to lose who they were intellectually. But you don’t know that, you see. Because she’s okay when she… before she goes in the operating room – and you gotta make the decision before. – and you gotta make the decision before.
– but definitely I would… wouldn’t break up with a guy before the surgery. That’s just horrible. They need your support more than ever. Of course, of course. Yeah, it’s just the after… if he was in a coma or paralysed whole body then, I would have a hard time staying, I have to be honest. Yeah, but paralysed, if it’s… he couldn’t use his legs, whatever. There are a lot of people who can’t use their legs who are paralysed from the waist and they live a perfectly normal life. – There are also Olympians.
– It’s like, they’re born that way. Yeah and then they win the Olympics. I told her to join marathon ’cause she cannot feel her legs. Oh yeah, I can’t feel my legs by the way. Oh wait, at all? At all. – So if you get a cut on your leg, – So if you get a cut on your leg,
– Eh not that all. – Can you… do you know? – Can you… do you know?
– Maybe like… I have 60% loss of sensation. Both? In both your legs? Both my legs. Interesting, interesting, interesting. Do you not know? – You can’t do that! – You can’t do that!
– Oh were you touching my leg? – Andrew is shocked!
– Oh my God! – You can’t do that!
– So interesting, so interesting! Give me a stick! Dude, you can’t do that! How do you know that you’re not injuring yourself? Was I with you? I had a piece of glass in my shoe. – But I didn’t realise. – But I didn’t realise.
– No, you weren’t out with me. – Were you bleeding?
– No, you weren’t out with me. I would’ve laughed. I wasn’t bleeding but I felt like, hmmmm. my shoe felt a bit different. Took out and there was a piece of glass. No but Marc told me she can go to the beach and come back then this much sand in her shoe. Then she’ll open the shoe at her house but don’t know inside got sand – then go and pour out.
– So I everytime wear slippers ’cause I cannot kiap (grip). Right. So I was wearing cork shoes once. I took the train and I was walking. Looked down, I wasn’t even wearing any shoe. I was at Bishan MRT so I had to transfer train right? I was barefooted. Both? You lost both your shoes? I lost one. Aiyo, so you took out the other one? Took out. I went home. Yeah, yeah. – Couldn’t find it.
– So lucky that didn’t end up on Stomp. You should go home, it was not a good day. Like The Final 1 contestant. No money. No shoe. Only can afford one side ’cause never win. Okay what are some of the more meaningful or impactful conversations you had… you’ve had to had with Marc? Or your family for that matter? Or your best friend? Do you have friends? What? Dew ah? What did you tell Dew? Barely, barely a friend. I think mostly it was with Marc. What are the plans that we wanted to move forward with? Did you catch Marc crying at night that kind? ‘Cause he’s like putting a very strong front for you right? But he’s confirm dying inside. So throughout the whole… Why you roll your eye? “Did you catch Marc crying at home at night?” It is very real, – I feel like that’s something that
– okay! you would do. I don’t. It’s a very cancer thing. Throughout the whole ordeal, Marc was very, very strong for me. He didn’t even show any signs of he’s gonna back down or he’s gonna give up. That’s a great man. Then till before they rolled me into the – surgery room right, – surgery room right,
– Then he’s at the side there. – I was lying down, then I saw his face
– Then your head… while the door was closing. – It’s like Korean drama.
– Oh my God, so drama. It’s like ER! The moment I saw his face, I was like, “Oh sh**.” ’cause he looked super worried. But it’s so sweet that he was there for you. That’s a real one. Yeah, yeah. And when I woke up, I could hear the doctors speaking to Marc and said like, “Maybe her left leg would be more affected.” So I tried to move my left leg. And I could. Like my left leg jerked up. Imagine… The doctor talking halfway, then your left leg… Yeah and then he said… Before the surgery he said, “When you can start walking, I will propose.” Aww. Aduuuuu. So the doctor said that I would take about six months? After surgery? – Oh my Godddddddddddd – Oh my Godddddddddddd
– To walk again. So that was like your motivation to physio! Yeah. What if she doesn’t wanna get married though. She just purposely don’t stand up. Actually she can. When he leaves, she faster take off her pants. We’ve come to the end of this episode. Thank you for watching! If you guys have any questions or topics you guys would like us to discuss, leave it in the comment section below or you can DM us. Until the next episode! Bye!

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