New Cast Member? | Living as Lopes: Finding Your Purpose Season 2 Episode 1

Welcome to “Living as Lopes”. (laughing) That’s so dumb. (jazz music) Summer’s almost over and that means we’re gonna be
graduating soon, some of us. Not me, because I just
finished my freshman year. We’re gonna need to eventually
repopulate the cast. Don’t say it like. No, we’re gonna add a new cast member. – [Man] Yeah. We’re eventually gonna
need to refill the cast, so it doesn’t run out of members. So that means we are gonna
get a new cast member for this next semester. Her name is Beyonce. We don’t know if it’s a girl or boy. I feel like we’re sounding like we’re about to have a child. (laughs) Is it gonna be a freshman? Yes, it is going to be a freshman. We know that there’s three
candidates as the finalists, they’re gonna be incoming
freshman, and that’s it. The other cast members don’t really know about the new person, do they? No. We should, probably not text them, we should probably call them and get their reaction on
camera of this new cast member that is gonna be named Beyonce. We should call them one by one. – [Cameraman] I was gonna
say just screen record it. I have a poor connection. Okay, Sebastian is gonna call
you now ’cause my phone sucks. Have you heard that we’re probably gonna get a new cast member?
No. I know, it’s like a new
addition to our family. We want them to start during welcome week. It’s gonna be our chance
to take them on board. Have you been watching the mini episodes? – [Callie] Yeah. All of them?
Uh-huh. What do you think about the chip? Are you afraid you’re gonna get it? – [Callie] Well I was wondering,
but it hasn’t come, so. Are you sure about that? Yeah, you might wanna
be checking your mail ’cause you never know.
Call Noah. (Hailey laughs) What’s up, Keegan?
How’s it going? Wait Sebastian and Hailey,
you guys are all down there? – [All Three] Yeah. I didn’t realize that. Yeah, that’s us living our
best life, staying in Phoenix. So, have you heard that we are probably gonna get a new cast member? Really? But I didn’t know it was confirmed. (Hailey laughs)
Yes, it’s confirmed. Narrowed down to three people. Are we able to know?
No. Not yet, not until welcome week. Oh, is there gonna be a big reveal then? That would be interesting. But they might just like
walk into the screen like, hey, what’s up? It’s me. Oh, do know the three then?
No, we don’t. We don’t know the three, but we know it has been
narrowed down to three. We should move then in. We’re seeing how it works. That would be funny. This dynamic, this whole
dynamic is just strange, but it’s so funny, okay. Lester didn’t answer. – [Callie] He’s on a big
cliff like by the ocean. Oh yeah, he just FaceTimed
us from the cliff. – [Keegan] Oh, you have footage of that. Yeah, we–
What if we could get an amazing location? (laughs) He was like, hey guys, look where I’m at. And he just showed us the cliff, cool, yeah, you know we
just here looking at it. Hey, guys look where I’m at. Yeah (laughs).
Inside of my office. There is the outlook of my window. You’re like, look it’s a classroom.
It’s a classroom. It’s a classroom.
Remember that? Look that setting. Is Elisha not answering? No.
And Brittany isn’t either. They’re off the island. Are you guys like ready
for campus life again? Are you ready to record
more for Living is Lopes? Yes.
I’m really ready for that. I’m excited. I feel like the nest season
is gonna be different. I was just gonna say last year, it was our first year doing it so it was getting to know each other and some of the scenes
and stuff are awkward, getting to know each other and stuff. I’m Keegan. (all laughing) This year it gonna be a lot more, I don’t know, I feel like, we
got a lot more planned stuff and it’s gonna be really
funny, I’m really excited. Can you please hold my phone? My arm is getting tired. (laughs) Well, how do you feel the
new person’s gonna come into a group that they
already know each other? We’re liking adopting a new– Child.
Person into our family. So it’s gonna be probably a
little much for them at first to get used to all of it. Well, that’s my thing is
that I don’t want them to be so overwhelmed
with being a freshman, starting college. I think it will show a cool
view of coming into college. Oh, yeah. And having a first year
experience and stuff ’cause your first is year
is probably your best year, so far it’s been mine. (laughs) Yep. And we didn’t get to show your first year, part of it, for the first semester. Have you been watching the mini episodes? Yes, I know the one about
the chips going round. Gosh, dang it. Are you worried you are gonna get it? Well, I don’t know how you
would get my address because– We’ve gotten every person’s address, so. Don’t worry about it, if the
chip wants to come to you, it will find it’s way to you. Now I am worried.
Good. Good, a little bit of
fear never hurt anybody. Have you checked the mail? Yes, I’ve been checking the mail. (all laughing) Predictions? Predictions for what their
majors is gonna be and– If it’s a girl it gonna be nursing. You think it is gonna be a
nursing major if it’s a girl? Bet she will be either
some kind of business major or some kind of nursing major. I doubt they will put on
nursing major on a job. I’ll tell you, they are not
gonna have time to film. Yeah. I feel like it might be a marketing major or something like that. Marketing?
Like, I don’t know. – [Hailey] We’re all
in different colleges. – [Sebastian] Yeah, they
always try to separate us. That way we don’t know each other at all. Clown college. I’m a business major.
Don’t make fun of clown college, it’s a real thing. I feel bad for whoever’s editing this. And it just, we stopped doing that. It’s probably me. So I used to be really
big into working out and lifting weights and going to the gym. Yeah, I filmed one with
Keegan the other day. Fit ball, spin class. This is really deviating from
the purpose of the episode. So back onto, I think. Are we FaceTiming Brittany in? Where are you? I’m in the mountains in a cabin. Everyone is really living life. So have you heard that we might be adding a new cast member? We are adding a new cast member. Oh no, I have not. So, we don’t know how it is, all we do know is that we’re
gonna call them Beyonce as a place holder name.
Okay. What is your opinion? What do you think they might be like or what are you hoping? Well, that’s interesting, I’m really hoping it’s another girl, so we even the playing field. We’re hoping that they mesh
with the group pretty well. Yeah, that’s important. We didn’t mesh with the
group at the beginning, so. Nice, you know, that’s
how it goes sometimes. Yeah, we were talking a little bit about how next season is
gonna be a little different, I’m so excited for it to start. – [Hailey] I’m really excited. Sebastian is gonna be the first one that actually move back to his apartment. I think we’re all excited
for this new cast member and I think we’re all excited
for this semester to start. And I am too, I think it will be fun. Yeah, it’s gonna add to it, I think. I know we’re bringing
on another cast member when you leave.
(Sebastian wails) Here’s the cast minus Elijah. Welcome to Living to
Lopes season two, y’all. Gosh, can we can not say that. This is kind of sad. So.
How cringey was that? I thought it was nice
talking to all of them. I loved talking to them. I was like why don’t I FaceTime them? There is gonna be a lot of
new stuff in this next season and it is gonna be really exciting, I wish I could tell you, but I can’t. Sadly, Elijah couldn’t
join us today because– – [Hailey] He’s living his best life. He’s living his best life. I think we are all kind of chumps. Well, I’m feeling great. ‘Cause you’re a freshman, well, not anymore.
Me too. Can we get a round of
applause for Keegan? (claps) I got through bio.
You got through bio, which is–
First try. Thank you for joining us today. Be sure to watch the next episode where you actually get to
see this new cast member. I’m really excited, you
should probably be excited ’cause it’s gonna add
a new part of the show that will be, it will add a
new dynamic, what he said. Smash the like button. If you wanna know more or
see our goals, go to IG TV. Yeah and you’ll all
enjoy it, I’m positive. I’m pretty positive. (upbeat music)

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