New Carbonnation Member Decides Not To Leave Babylon To Be W/Natureboy

basically I was not ready Thank You Hamish with that so like a day
prior goodbye so they were like it’s the counselor and everything like this alright alright so okay so basically
they’re like we’re taking you to see a doctor to talk about everything that I’m
late and I’m like oh that’s the heck I don’t feel like I don’t I know I’m not
crazy just cuz see you guys you guys it seems
as if I’m crazy what I’m doing or but in my spirit in my heart it feels true it
feels real it feels right and I know it is because there’s something that’s
shakes must like shakes my soul you know you ever like been in church or been
somewhere talking to someone it just shakes your own hottie like it’s just so
much emphasis on what it does here spirit
I can’t tell people how I feel exactly because it’s so deep my emotions are so
deeply rooted in this that no matter what no matter what nobody says it won’t
always bring me back and I tried to like okay I’ll go back to my lower self I’ll
go back to my lower self and audience I went to a party also cliff like before
at least I’m jumping around so I went to the counselor and basically I was like
I’m not crazy like I’m saying blah blah blah blah blah she’s like oh yeah okay
that was like I don’t feel any different afterwards but from all that are you
talking about it her putting her opinions into it my mom put her her
opinions into it by Uncle in his opinions into it my girl putting her you
like putting their opinions the outside factors from you guys people
that are in my phone or whatever started is just Mimi’s out and once I knew I
started myself in this mission I was like I can’t go because I will be there
doubting I will be there how can a sauce that has been placed in
some yeah they do do right they they care about me
placements in my head so I’m thinking okay I’m not ready I’m not strong enough
yes like an intervention like I felt like in my house they said we gonna go
rehab okay but so basically I was so wrapped up in a cloud of my thoughts and
everything people can see me things about like see me all kinds of things it
doesn’t mess me up it is not Leslie up at all like it is
not so I’m still like deeply rooted in it I’m still trying to profess to
ki-moon God because I know it’s true I know I’d escape this world of Babylon
and this distractions that it put some people from I want to I want to uncover
the bail so when I came back out here when I stayed out here I basically was
like but obviously stay out here you were always basically like okay I’m
gonna try to be my little self again right I’m trying to forget the knowledge
i’ma try to just go back to the old me so I spent two weeks at my mom’s house
Susan you’re not going no way I was like I’m leaving I’ve left oh wait and then
I’m back in LA heart and I’m on the heart and the soul of it
so it came down to me like you were like oh you bad leg right working out a lot
like sure I’ve been blowing off for like months
so I’m like all right like nothing fall back in me I would say that dress got
you whatever went out to like a club party whatever is not a club it’s a
party and when I tell you when I stepped outside to drive there I was like I’m
not gonna come the girls like come on just come like come on just come right
so I went to the party I just came right back people would just turn it be
something that what are you trying to beat each other side I need because I’m
looking a certain way and you look in a certain way we don’t know that we’re the
same person we’re the same individual with the same
theme of lights here but this party in this status quo I got you miss mixed up
oh no I just was like I was happy like I can go to the bathroom about five times
you like oh my god I didn’t try this I can just leave I was just like this is
so crazy that I could put myself back into my lower self and it scared me I felt like I was in the devil’s hand a
little bit like he was just playing with me like I can see everyone has a little
pop it just Robbie we have our robbers at Thursday’s
talk about nothing talk about some dumb sh*t talking about nothing about
elevating yourself isn’t about trying to reach the nips the next consciousness
operation speaks truth in their own raps it’s true I think reading this so it
speaks truth you can deny it if you deny it they know well that seals it pussy
that’s it you’re and if you want to be a frequency go to that party that’s your
energy there for sure and I realize that the next day it’s no big it’s nothing
like it’s this water I’m the whole ocean in a drop like right we are the animal
cells learn that that’s me all little elements of Earth’s that makes it
beautiful essence of what it is every little piece
of every little cell and I’m finding just a small cell but I know that I am
cell I know that I am a big part of the cell for this whole ecosystem to work
out that’s why I’m here so yeah so I’m back on track I am everything sure is yeah so no I am
not sick I’m just kidding I’ll take crazy that I’ll take crazy I’m gonna I’m
coming to terms with it though you said that’s me but now I’m come look at that
pretty birds just soaring it’s just but I am understanding why I’m here I’m
understanding why I’m in this body this God body still with human emotions I’m just so excited to see what yeah
okay I am so excited to see what God has planned for me all right so those of you
saying I can have a righteous like honestly people come to the beach
because they’ve had a stressful day at work I’ve had a stressful day at work
and I just never run off some steam my boss is doing so much on my neck and
I just had so many motions are they I can’t stand my kids my husband or my
wife is cheating on me I’m trying to make it right

27 thoughts on “New Carbonnation Member Decides Not To Leave Babylon To Be W/Natureboy

  1. I don't know who this one is, apparently I missed a chapter in Carbon Nation scriptures 😏
    However, did she not hear that NB thinks about his ex Velvet when he's running through his other wives bodies? Any woman that stays or even goes after hearing that, was wicked in their last life. This is karma, no other explanation at this point.

  2. She's a young child willing to give up her health for herpes and whatever other disease there is and being passed around like a football from man to man. She's mentally messed up to think that dirty boy represents purity.

  3. This is starting to become a clout thing an a donation thing basically a joke I see Latonya Jones being the messiahs next wife thumbs up sis👍👍👍👍❤️❤️

  4. @SLDavis This girl is still going. This live u posted was her explaining why didn't leave when she was supposed to. Please go check out the live NB did with her today. She still going. The stuff they talked about today was really sad and disgusting. This girl is as we speak camped out at the beach with a tent to prove to him that she dedicated. She was speaking on the live like she was a true carbonation member. This girl is more lost than any of them. And NB sounded like a predator talking to her today.

  5. Another clown in the carbon main circus, she sounds like umi..this is getting played out now, if these stupid ass people want to go over there at this point, let them go, good riddance, get rid of some of more crazies

  6. It's starting to look like the younger generation are slowly beginning to reject this evil, capitalistic, materialistic and hedonistic society that we live in and they want out – which is a good thing – except that the elders are not able to reach out to guide or help them with their soul searching – so these youngsters are ending up lost in their own thoughts, a fact that NatureBoy is clearly exploiting to the max..

  7. This chick is dumb. When you don't study you fall for this BS. Hindu's have been teaching we are all one for the longest time, NB says it and she thinks it's new. I really don't get it.

  8. Her demeanor is childlike like velvet that's what he eants so he csn groom them into what he wants…I'm gonna be biased and say I can't believe black Americans are this dumb how do u guys expect to be taken seriously by the "other race". A set a dummies

  9. Isn’t this the girl whose dad was on a live with NB and supports her going there? And she did the video where at the end of it she was singing and dancing like it was the first time she ever used her legs?

  10. Poor child these young people think they’ve come across some new information that the rest of the world can’t seem to grasp lol but little do they know…….. it’s all a scam luv lol 😂

  11. She just needs to be a bit more practical at the way she going about this. If you think about it. Most of them are running away from them cellves.

  12. She knew she wasn't going to go in the beginning!!!!!!!!!!!!! You can smell the CLOUT CHASE!!!!!!!!!!! All the while she's tagging nature boy in everything she was doing prior to leaving, like cutting her hair, selling all of her gold jewelry!!! Like come on dude your so obvious!!! Booooooooo next case!!!!!

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