New Animal Shelter Opening in Flagstaff

Major changes are coming in the way.
Flagstaff deals with stray animals. Paw Placement of Northern Arizona signed a
five-year deal today to reopen the second chance animal shelter in Doney
Park. This includes an agreements to handle animal control for the city and
county. The new shelter will be renamed High Country Humane. Bohlke: “What, what it means
for the community is a 21st century animal shelter. It’s, it’s, it’s about
ten years old, but it looks like it’s brand new, so it’s gonna be a better
place for the animals to be.” High Country Humane will start accepting animals
January 2nd, after it finishes up renovations and staff trainings. Coconino
County Humane Association had previously been the sole contractor for animal
control services.

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