New AC installed at Humane Society

DOGS AT THE LEXINGTON HUMANE SOCIETY WILL BE ABLE TO STAY COOL. TODAY… THE ORGANIZATION HAD A NEW A-C UNIT INSTALLED… DAYS AFTER THE ONE IN THEIR DOG ROOM STOPPED WORKING AS W-K-Y-T’s HILLARY THORNTON SHOWS US… THE GENEROSITY OF THE COMMUNITY HELPED THE HUMANE SOCIETY That new air conditioning unit cost 35,000 dollars an amount the lexington humane society exceeded in donations in 7 hours.After several repairs during its more than 10 years of keeping the adoption centers dog room cool. “Unfortunately it finally bit the dust and it died.” Leaving the dog room housing 80 four legged friends without working AC. “Not something we could wait on, not something we could go without.” So workers at the humane society quickly jumped into action asking the public for help and the community responded …. bringing in the needed money in a matter of hours, so this morning it was out with the old, and in with the new at the …. making for wagging tails and smiles all around “It is a very happy day around here a lot of vet technicians and adoption specialists will be excited to have this up and running today. we were overwhelmed with excitement and love for the community and we are so lucky to live here.” Overall the Lexington humane society received well over 600 donations after putting out a call for help. In Lexington, Hillary Thornton, WKYT. WORKERS SAY THEY HOPE TO HAVE THE NEW UNIT UP AND RUNNING THIS AFTERNOON.

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