Neuroscientist Reveals Why Trump Supporters Fall For His Lies

Ever since the election of Donald Trump, psychiatrist,
psychologist, other mental health professionals, neuroscientists, they’ve been looking at Donald
Trump and warning us that, Hey, something’s wrong here, but guess what folks? It’s not just Donald Trump where these people
are saying, Hey, something’s not right with his head. And now we have a neuroscientist man by the
name of Bobby Azarian, dr Azarian, who is actually completed a psychological profile
on Republican voters specifically though not limited to Donald Trump’s supporters and dr
Azarian in here identified five traits that these Trump supporting Republicans tend to
have. Maybe not all of them, but most of them. So I wanted to take a minute and run through
these traits that dr Azarian has identified in these Republican voters. The first is authoritarian personality syndrome. This refers to the advocacy or enforcement
of strict obedience to authority at the expense of personal freedom and is commonly associated
with a lack of concern for the opinions or needs of others. We see that all the time with Republicans. The very selfish mentality, I don’t want to
pay off your student loans. I don’t want to pay for you to have healthcare. I got to get mine and besides we got to follow
the rules. We all gotta do our part. We got to follow the president because he’s
the president. Now this as dr Azarian points out is a syndrome. It is characterized by belief in total and
complete obedience to one’s authority. That is why we see these hardcore Trumpers
out there always whatever the president says, I believe you best president ever hashtag
CAG 2020 it’s constant. Social media is disgusting because of it,
but that’s just one trait. The doctor continues social dominance orientation,
which refers to people who have a preference for the societal hierarchy of groups, specifically
with a structure in which the high status groups have dominance over the low status
ones. Excuse me. So basically what this means is protecting
the way things are, right? You got your upper echelon, your top 1% that
people get in those tax cuts. You’ve got the working class who is getting
absolutely nothing and that actually includes most Republicans, but they want to keep it
that way because they believe that’s the way it should be because they also believe one
day they’re going to escape that bottom rung of the ladder and make it to the top even
though it’s statistically unlikely to ever happen. The third trait he identified, obviously prejudice,
and this is interesting because he points out in this article that he’s written here
that this is not all Republicans. Obviously it’s unfair to say all Republicans
are even all Trump supporters hate any specific group, but it’s also unfair to deny that prejudice
played a large role in Donald Trump’s election. In his speech announcing that he was running
for president, he called Mexicans rapists and murderers, that that’s pretty much not
just a dog whistle. That’s a bull horn. We know where he stands on these issues. He said Muslims are dangerous. That’s pretty straight forward, so sure, prejudice
played a huge role in it. The last two here, real quick inner group
contact. This is an important one in psychological
studies. What this means is that Trump supporters,
Republicans in general, do not spend much time outside of their social group. Meaning they don’t seek out differing viewpoints. They don’t seek out different cultures to
hang out with. It’s just their little white group according
to the doctor here, and that’s what they like because it reinforces their own belief and
obviously that’s very dangerous. And the fifth one is relative deprivation,
which refers to the experience of being deprived of something to which one believes they are
entitled. It is the discontent felt when one compares
their position in life to others who they feel are equal or inferior, but have unfairly
had more success than them. This has played a part in a lot of Republican
campaigns over the last 50 years. This is how they do it. Ronald Reagan with the welfare queen. Oh, you hardworking conservative voters. You’re out there working 12 hour days working
overtime and not getting paid for it. Meanwhile, these welfare Queens are living
high on the government hog, they’ve got more than you and they’re not doing anything that’s
unfair. Bush one and two and Trump all out there selling
us the talking points that, Hey, they’re taking your jobs. The immigrants are coming over and they’re
taking your jobs. That’s not fair. It’s not because you don’t have the skills
necessary. It’s not because your employer wanted to fire
you to get cheap labor. It’s just because of the immigrants and the
Democrats are letting it happen. This is a phenomenally well written article. There’s a link to it in the description of
this video. I encourage everybody to not only take the
time to read it, but take the time to share it because this is probably the best glimpse
into the mind of a Republican voter that I’ve ever seen.

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  1. 1. Authoritarian Personality Syndrome 0:57

    2. Social dominance orientation 2:02

    3. Prejudice
    4. Intergroup contact 3:49

    5. Relative deprivation 4:17

  2. W O W !!!
    This is where the hate is !!!
    So, we’re all uneducated poor welfare receiving, racist, deplorable knuckle dragged. But we’re the ones who managed to get the president of the USA elected?
    That being the case , you should all be thanking us !! For preventing another Wall Street swamp creature, and for not being in another war !
    Your welcome!!

  3. That analysis is not deep enough and its scarier than it claims. Things that we hear and think is tin-foil-hat conspiracies, are actually main-stream and is all over fox news these days.

  4. Simply put: delusions of grandeur. Trump wasted his entire life on narcissistic con-games, because he inherited $400+ million inside an America that unofficially worships consumerism-gone-wild. Way too many people confuse personal preferences and cultural inclinations with superiority and destined for greatness. We would have a lot less conflicts, wars, sub-optimal policies, social injustice, and other problems if a lot more people around the world appreciated the need for peaceful, customized solutions for each peculiar person and unique community.

    Unfortunately, the Democrat Party is NOT any better. The Democrat Party incorrectly thinks cultural Marxism is the ultimate solution for any community. Thus, they sold Obummer (the liberal-guilt idol) as a great global leader, but he was a glamorized failure at home and abroad.

  5. These people can leave this country and find countries that support their need for leadership to think for them. That includes prejudice people as well.

  6. I feel accosted for being a Republican. I did not vote for Donald Trump because I recognized him as a member of the very underbelly of society. I found no integrity or elementary political knowledge in him. He's only proven my suspicions to be valid. I will never understand the mentality of those who are willing to follow him off the edge of a cliff. I don't want to see anyone go hungry. I am conservative when it comes to the government wasting our tax dollars on frivolous spending. Feeding the poor does not fall under that heading to me. I do take issue with paying for the high end life styles of those we elect to serve us. This whole charade in Washington has made me question the future welfare of our country. All I can do is cast my ballot in 2020. I hope it will make a difference. As it is now we are only headed for failure.

  7. When I pointed out to a Trump supporter that he was a Overt Narcissist. I even backed it up with proof. They just turned it on me and apparently I’m a narcissist. This is someone who I supported when they were having a tough time. Seems they don’t even know that the lack of empathy found in a narcissist.

  8. sounds like the same people that believed and followed Jim Jones to Jonestown and then died because some nut bag told them to drink the kool aid

  9. I Predict shortly after Trump looses the Election in 2020 he will be in jail for a multitude of crimes he has commented years before and after he took office . WOW his poor Lawyers are going to be very busy fighting a loosing battle LOL

  10. Ummm. I think we forget GOD is the supreme leader.. read the bible people ….do not listen to Donald Trump and do not listen to Farron Cousins …listen to the holy spirit …only jesus saves …do i get an AMEN …

  11. Birds of a feather, flock together! Republicans have always used racist rhetoric and fear to sway that party. Trumps the worse, but Reagan used those same tactics. The media also doesn't help. Whenever you see gov't aid being used on TV, they always show people of color. When facts show more whites are on welfare. True, blacks have been disproportionately disadvantage, but they're not the only group of people needing gov't aid.

  12. This shows that mental health is pretty bad in US , to know that a catastrophe like Drumpf could have been avoided only if these trumptard incels had been to therapy.

  13. Neuroscientist Azarian didn’t reveal these traits, Thomas Pettigrew did more than 2 years ago. Also, Pettigrew is not a neuroscientist, he received his PhD in Social psychology from Harvard. There is a big difference between Social scientists and Neuroscientists. I think both Dr. Azarian and Dr. Pettigrew would attest to that. If you went into Pettigrews class and said you were there for a neuroscience class, he may suggest you see a neurologist. It is unclear to me what Azarian did besides reading someone else’s work (which he did cite and did a good job consolidating) from Feb 2017. I’m really interested in the psychology of Trump supporters, hence the scrutiny. I thought the actual paper Azarian took the bulk of his work from was not written very well and cited poorly, especially given Pettigrew’s bonafides, but I think it’s observations overall are credible and valid. I am not going to share this link with friends as the host suggest, but I may share Pettigrews paper.
    Link to bio for Pettigrew:
    Link to Paper he wrote this video was based on:

  14. It can be "automatic" to yield to one's personal g i v i n g Love ideals. After having yielded, and in order to stand the rest of that person's life with a hence acknowledged disfigured sense of dignity, one may search what to damage (and since things have no heart to feel such a "cosmic" pain which is theirs, they realize "what" has to be "w h o"). It's for any of us pretty rare to escape from the wish/need to "damage" after acknowledging our own "cosmos" – o w n "c o s m o s" – is lame. Lame. Lame and invisible for others to help us fix it. Fix it.

  15. Sounds like they're describing Ferengi.

    "You don't understand! We don't want to stop the exploitation! We want to become the exploiter!"

  16. This really didn't tell us the "why" ~ not even close. It only spelled out how they do. But who can explain a mindset that doesn't ever entertain thinking outside their "ordinary" (to them) train of thoughts? Maybe me. It begins w indoctrination. Especially familial and religious, no matter what type family one has or what religion one is. If you were never told that there was no Santa Claus, and you never heard any such intimation, you'd still believe in it at 50. We are told what colors are, say – blue or green, from the time we are young. If suddenly, we were told at age 21 to begin seeing and calling blue, say, red, we would not for a very long time, if ever, be able to do it. It is in us by a certain age, that this is the way colors are. Blue is blue and red is red and we know what they each look like. That is indoctrination. Another seriously mind-limiting side of indoctrination comes through religion and is what we now commonly call thought police, only with our own selves as the police of our own minds. Someone(s) plant the seeds in our earliest age when memory begins forming: "this is the way it is and you'd better not think otherwise or you will burn in hell or some such terrifying idea in our child mind. And of course, there is no escaping such a fate, because it is further reinforced by the told fact that someone supranatural witnesses everything about us from some supernatural place – even our ill thoughts." Well, golly gee! Do we dare ever to step out and even begin to think differently from that? Think for ourselves? What might be true and what might not? Only a few of us make it through that most basic yet extroadinary barrier of indoctrination on to the other side. But by god, what a relief when one does finally make it. It may take more than one effort. Don't be afraid. FEAR is F.alse E.vidence A.ppearing R.eal. Yes, it appears real. Much in our minds is an apparition of reality or what is real or really happening. Because whether "the bear is in the woods or we only think it is in the woods does not matter one iota to our minds. Our fight and flight or survival instinctual response will be the same. Do yourself a favor, and realize that most of the time, there is no bear. And if you can't jump that far at once due to that indoctrinating, recriminating fear showing its ugly head again, take a baby step, and say to yourself, "Ok, there's bear, but it's muscles are lax and it has no teeth." And then go ahead and have that free thought for yourself, for a change~!

  17. I wish you were more accurate sometimes. For instance:
    "…it's just their little white group, that's what the doctor says"
    I disagree, it is your interpretation of what the doctor said

  18. I think it's more of a sports team mentally. You root for the same team no matter what. People who voted for Trump last time now have a vested interest in him. It is like a fan that won't give up on a losing team.

  19. Although 9 out of 10 who attend his rallies do so are homeless and do so for the free T shirt baseball cap and the cup of watery coffee. They hope to get enough money from the sale of the hat and T shirt to get a Happy Meal at McDonald's.

  20. Social dominance orientation isn't just about favoring the rich. It means being anti-union because workers are supposed to obey management. It means favoring whites over other racial groups, men over women, and Christians over other religious groups.

  21. It is not just prejudice, the horrific tactical point of narcissists is creating a them versus us mentality, trying to con others into believing they are hated and disrespected by everyone else and as a result the one and only "saviour" is the narcissist as a protector, who is the actual creator of devision, hate and disrespect and the followers worst enemy. In worst cases a narcissist can traumatize others so much that they would fear for their own life stepping out of line or the new rules created and reaching out to others, a narcissist promises people will feel proud of themselves for belonging for once, when they never had to feel ashamed, ignored or disrespected in the first place because they were made look bad by the narcissist to the outside. That why narcissist hide information they don't want you to know what is truly said about you and others behind closed doors. Information is their power to keep others in check. It is a vicious cycle and the trauma, in particular regaining trust in others and unity of people will take decades to heal. Already elections and investigations are seen as only win or loose as if it was a war battle. This decensitises people to the idea of conflict. There is a vacuum of inbetween and normality created by a narcissist, several years ago no one would have considered a them versus us mentality, so why now?!. I am sure any external power with highly advanced psychological analysis programs would have identified this trait as a key component for disrupting peace in another country.

  22. It would be so nice, if people with their pipe dreams would realize them for what they are. Stopping chasing the dragon would benefit all of us vastly. They need to stop the pie in the sky nonsense and stop voting for people who are ardently and vehemently opposed to everything that we need to survive because it might cost them slightly here and there on their profit margins. But then again if we made more money we could invest more and they would profit more, yes? it would be so nice, if people with their pipe dreams would realize them for what they are. Stopping chasing the Dragon, would benefit all of us greatly. They need to stop the Pie in the Sky nonsense and stop bullying for people who are ardently opposed to everything that we need to survive because it might cost them some here & there on their profit margins. But then again if we made more money we could invest more and they would profit more, yes??

  23. All people lie, politicians even more so. It is not that most supporters believe his lies or exaggerations, it is just that they do not care. Just like we know the Clinton's lied constantly and yet we know many people still supported and voted for them right? So if you say you cannot understand how people can believe his lies, why do you believe his opponents? Can you smell the hypocrisy?
    Our economy is doing really well, that is a fact no one can deny. People see him fighting for our interests and acting in ways that improve the economy. Everyone knows he is hyperbolic, petty, and obnoxious at times, but we just don't care as long as what he is doing helps the country. And so far by in large is has so…
    He is far more popular today then he was in 2016, the odds are very high that he will win a second term far more decisively than he did in 2016. I am not hear to argue because the TDS is off the charts in this comment section so I know it is pointless. I am just hoping to prepare some of you for this eventuality, I am just hoping to set expectations to maybe lesson the number of mental breakdowns when it happens.

  24. Man that was heavy. How the hell do we communicate with stagnate minds like that? Our country will not achieve progress for our future human development if corruption and or the monitory system isn't abolished.
    It is our only hope and everyone knows it, but?

  25. How do you make people like Republicans poor supporters understand right from wrong?
    They are blinded and deafened by the Republican men.

    People like Republicans and their corporate supporters are the ones who take advantage of immigrants. Using them in their businesses and for spreading propaganda to brainwash poor and uneducated citizens.

    What can be done about it?

  26. Trump is an idea, these hateful people love him to death! IMO – They believe they can run this "Titanic Ship" right through this 2020 Glacier! If Trump wins, we're "all" gonna wish he hadn't!

  27. The greatest weapon of the 21st Century,,, develop a mind manipulating, psychological  profile gathering and targeting code.The internet / social media offered the ability to individually target millions of people with hours of imprint sessions using an election as a springboard into their minds… blind to facts and reason, unconditional locality, commonly referred to as Trump's Base. 20 years ago would you ever thought a billion people on this planet would have a wireless connected touchscreen supercomputer the size of a Pop-Tart stuck to their face, walking into traffic, crashing cars into each other, such great technological advances we have achieved.
      Putin and Steve Bannon had the evil forethought 10 years ago to utilize this weapon. Yeah I know,,,mass internet brainwashing technology,,, that's so SI-FI, kind of like landing a booster rocket falling from space, upright on a barge in the ocean or a pad where it blasted off. Now if only I could pry my folks away from Fox News for a minute and not talk about Crooked Hillary,"still reverberating in their heads". At least it's not 100% effective but added to propaganda induced tribalism, political extortion and bribery, effective enough to achieve the unthinkable. Did I hear Putin utter," Checkmate!"
       Learn how Putin & Steve Bannon brainwashed 50 million Americans using the 2016 election as a springboard into their minds in the new book " Mindf*ck: Cambridge Analytica and the Plot to Break America ".

  28. Face it racist piece of shit coward bedsheets wearing assclowns brainwashed zombie clones trump supporters are complete hypocritical moronic imbeciles. The only reason they love president shit for brains us there hate for a black president

  29. They fall for his lies because they are like minded idiots. How many times have you said there can't be anybody else in the world that stupid? People need to stop thinking something id wrong with trump and understand it is who he is from birth its his nature its him. trump is a June Gemini its just him.

  30. This is why when trump spews his racist hate speech at his rallies. His little unhinged domestic terrorist go out and preform acts of terrorism, mass murder, and send bombs through the mail. MAGA should be considered a terrorist organization and trump the leader in the same way as Al Qaida by Homeland Security. He rants and they prefom acts of terrorism and violence. He calls someone the enemy of the people and his MAGA members start attacking and sending death threats. When he loses in 2020 and he starts his ralling cry of fixed and rigged election calling his cult followers to arms to preform acts of violence and terrorism. It will be to late to stop him and them from tearing the country down leading to the civil war they keep hinting at.

  31. Former Nixon Administration member, John Dean wrote a book called, “Conservatives Without Conscience” that covers much of the same subject matter.

  32. Immigrants are coming over and taking your jobs because they are qualified for those jobs. It is either:
    1. You are not taking them.
    2. You are not qualified.

  33. Trump followers…the type of syndrome….that enabled Jim Jones to kill all those people who followed him to Guyana bush’s, like sheep they just follow without an independent thought. 😢

  34. Keep believing this kind of BS if you want to see Trump get a 2nd term. Trump got elected because HRC is one of the most corrupt politicians in the country. Most of the comments on here seem to be from people filled with hate. So sorry you feel that way, the sun will rise tomorrow.

  35. Number one: found in facism in the 30's
    Number two: found in facism in the 30's
    Number three: found in facism in the 30's
    Number four: found in facism in the 30's
    Number five: found in facism in the 30's

  36. The cultists foolish followers of the faux failed orange tiny hands traitorous trumpet strumpet putins pocket puppet.

  37. whining and potting is how the west was won. Now what? Westernize the east so that the planet is uni-polarized, to amass enough force so that everyone can fart off into the next black hole?

    Oh that';s why programming dissent and inculcating rebellion is so critical right? Because this conflict creates a vortex that draws all things towards the center. Seats of power, that happens to be the rectum in the case of the Western paradigm

    Creating a giant energy sinkhole that draws forth and conjures up all things, as humanity serves as living dirt traps on the stream of life – that you think you can control even after this has proven false

    Is centralized and authoritarian China our only hope then? Except maybe the only solution that a far simpler culture culture such as the East can arrive at, is one that is unacceptable to those in pole positions.

    However it is not simplicity or complexity that is the determinant of accuracy or truth, that detail may be only one parameter that may have nothing or little to do, with being right or wrong at the end of the day.

  38. Of course it's about bigotry. He went after Mexicans Muslims Black athletes third world countries minority Communities and women in power. The trifecta of conservative hate.. Making anyone you disagree with the other. Then play that loop 24/7 on fox tube and instant zombies.

  39. Listen to make it more simpler, politicians both republicans and democrats are the reason why trump won in 2016 and most of them used to rub shoulders with trump before he even ran for the presidency. No matter how ignorant trump is, no matter how foolish trump sounds, no matter the corrupt things trump does with a million lies, his supporters would rather have him than any republican or Democrat. Chaos is what trump supporters want in Washington, destruction to the establishment and trump has been delivering it

  40. There’s a much simpler explanation: 50% of US citizens are uneducated and sadly very stupid… It’s the 50% normal and great americans who make it a great country but somehow the dumb minority with a fraudulent GOP and it’s cheating of the system keep them in power and the dems are too weak to really stand up against it. No surprise if you guys fail to remove the orange rotten idiot from office in 2020 and that’s really astonishing + sad…

  41. How can republicans claim to be christians, Jesus helped and loved the poor, served, and he did not like the rich, tell me I am wrong. Jesus would have been a liberal or socialist; serve all, help all.

  42. Yup, racist, morally bankrupt, not very well educated, not very socially adept or experienced, not well travelled, or well read, a follower mentality, low self esteem, these are a few reasons,,,

  43. It's apalling how so many Americans are that stupid to fall to the rhetoric of that rogue, that gangster who lies as often as he breathes, who praises himself as often as he insults others, who abuses the Office of the Presidency and challenges democracy like a Machiavelli of modern times that he is, and all of this thanks to a rogue leader of the Senate and his followers too. Disgrace is too weak a word for the wrongdoings of those individuals.

  44. 139👎 Trumptards are what he talks about! But yet ol cotton candy hairhat45 n family can welfare off the back of REAL Americans

  45. I have long believed and described republicans as having most of these traits and the reason why I've never and could never vote for a republican. I would add an additional trait of they are very fluid when it comes to the truth, or alternative truth. They will stretch and turn it on it's head to suite their needs and they will believe it as the truth. They are committed liars. Often if a republican running for office is guilty of something and they know it's going to discovered they will accuse their opponent of the crime they're guilty of in hopes of confusing the public. Trump, like all con men are pros at this.


  47. Fair to say US now is not much different from Philippines, Egypt, Brazil, and other places where the majority elects a stupid "dictator wannabe" (well, in some cases they are). Back in days, voters used to be betrayed by their candidates. Now, their candidates don't even try to masquerade the absurdity, they just tell them all, got clapped and… got elected.

  48. To the Trump Voters Understand…That Trump and all the People that work in the white house…have…

    GOVERNMENT!!! Health Care!

    And Trump Lives in…
    GOVERNMENT! Housing!
    Aka…White House.

    Can we all say….HYPOCRITES!!!🤬🤕✌

  49. trump- is the lying/corrupt/ignorant/arrogant/illiterate/sexist/racist/misogynist/ego-maniac/greedy/& brazen- buffoon that symbolize who they really are. They only want "their" kind to be in this country & it shows how eff'd up they are…..

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