NetsApp and Network Society Token – d10e Puerto Rico

Humanity has always evolved
together with technology. We have been able to build the Pyramids because we were able
to organize resources, and there was one guy
that was able to decide what everybody else should do. Well then, his aspiration was to leave… A sign, to leave an object after he died, so that all of us could
see how powerful he was. And everybody else kind of
obeyed what he decided he wanted, and allowed him to have this pyramid and obviously, it is an
incredible beautiful achievement we are seeing today. But we moved beyond that. Human civilization has been able to empower and emancipate individuals so that more and more people could decide for themselves
what they wanted to do, including the fact that if
they made some mistakes, these did not need to be fatal. Today we are on the verge of a profound socio-economic
phase transformation. We will invent and implement
new support infrastructures that are going to emancipate and empower billions of individuals
to design their own lives. Hierarchical structures of
enterprises and governments, that have been extremely successful during the past several hundred years, in delivering the
services and the products that we use every day, are going to be disrupted
by this transformation. I call the new social
organization at the other end Network Society. I created, several years ago,
Network Society Research, a think tank based in London that has ambassadors in forty
countries around the world, to study how policies
are being put in place to accelerate or to slow down
the adoption of technologies that are at the basis
of this transformation. Energy with solar,
manufacturing with 3D printing, food with hydroponics, health
with personalized health, peer-to-peer learning,
finance with blockchain, security with trust networks, each are independently going
towards the same direction, of moving from centralized organizations to de-centralized and distributed ones. We are now launching the
Network Society Token that will be living inside NetsApp. NetsApp is a platform for people to learn how their lives can be better through technologies
that are available today. Whether it is the ability
to invest in solar cells, wherever they are in the world, and benefit from solar energy regardless of whether you are in Norway, where it’s dark six
months out of the year, because you can offset
the cost of your energy that is produced in Africa, the best solar place in the world. And this is what the Sun Exchange does. Whether the opportunity to benefit from… international, global,
commercial real estate, at an non-existent barrier, where you can use a hundred
dollars, or even less, that you want to make available for this, and this is what Wealth Migrate is doing. Or the opportunity to… leverage the data in your professional skills and profile, to know that it is something
that you can leverage, you can deploy, and you can maximize the
opportunities you have, for finding the best career, the best job, corresponding to your skills,
talent, and aspirations, which is what Able does. And many many other partner sites, Nets App is going to reward people with the Network Society token as they learn and teach
about these opportunities, as they adopt these solutions. The Nets App is going to be a portal for understanding and onboarding as you adopt these solutions
and many many others, to design and transform your life. The opportunity to be
together with the people who share your passion and enthusiasm for these opportunities
is incredibly important. d10e is a conference series
that travels around the world, from Gibraltar to Seoul, from Kiev to Amsterdam, from the Cayman’s to Puerto Rico. And I would love to be with
you, together, in Puerto Rico, as you are together today at
d10e, I am actually in flight, because I gave a talk in
Madrid, and I will be landing in Puerto Rico tomorrow, and I hope to meet many
of you to discuss how the technologies of
blockchain are empowering a new generation of solutions to inclusively reach… and fulfill opportunities for everybody around the world.

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