Nebraska Humane Society interview

THANKS! PAM WIESE FROM THE NEBRASKA HUMANE SOCIETY IS HERE…(This handsome young pup was left in our drop box area at night. No one came forward to claim him. So we are doing our best to get him some basic training home. Webster is active and immature but ready to learn. He is the type of dog that is looking for an owner with the same amount of energy.Webster would love to go to obedience classes, and you get a free six week basic skills class with his adoption. It would help both the dog & human understand each other better. He might also be a great running companion in the near future. Due to his need to mature more he is looking for a home without children under the age of 12 yrs. If you have a resident dog, we ask that we help with the dog introduction in the shelter. Webster can be as rude when meeting new dogs as he is with new humans. He comes on too fast and rough. He does well with dogs that either match his personality or not bothered by his play find a home with a nice fenced yard, another dog to play with and a family that is willing to put in some effort to help him become a well rounded companion. The shelter staff want to be sure Webster’s adoptors have the information they need to make his adoption successful so he will be shown by appointment only. If you would like to come in and meet Webster, email [email protected] maneso to make an appointment. Be sure to include “Webster A0974624” in the subject line.) IF YOU’RE INTERESTED IN IF YOU’RE IF YOU’RE INTERESTED IN ADOPTING A PET… HERE’S THE NUMBER TO CALL… “4-ZERO-2, 4-4-4, 78-HUNDRED.” OR VISIT THE NEBRASKA HUMANE SOCIETY AT 90TH AND FORT. PAM…. THANKS FOR COMING IN THIS MORNING.

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