Nearly 50 Houston shelter dogs arrive in Waukesha

ANIMAL ADVOCATES HERE IN rtWISCONSIN REACHING OUT TO HELP ANIMALS IN THE WAKE OF HURRICANE HARVEY. MORE THAN 50 DOGS DISPLACED BY THE HURRICANE ARRIVED TODAY IN WAUKESHA. THE DOGS WERE rtMOVED OUT OF TEXAS FACILITIES TO MAKE ROOM FOR ANIMALS IN NEED OF EMERGENCY SHELTER AFTER THE STORM. SEAN GALLAGHER JOINS ME LIVE IN WAUKESHA TO PICK UP THE STrtORY. 3 Shaun introEVERYTHING IS BIGGER IN TEXAS AND TODAY IS NO EXCEPTION AS MORE THAN FOUR DOZEN DOGS FROM HOUSTON AREA SHELTERS WERE BROUGHT TO rtTHE HUMANE ANIMAL WELFARE SOCIETY IN WAUKESHA..53 DOGS PILED INTO AN AIRPLANE THIS MORNING, HOMEWARD BOUND TO WAUKESHA.AND rt IT WAS LITTERED WITH CRITTERS AT CRITES AIRFIELD..melissa tedrowe – wisconsin state director for humane society of united states152330overjoyed. it’s amazing for all of us how emotional it is to see a plane land, hear the barks rt.THIS WASN’T JUST A QUICK TRIP BOOKED ONLINE.HAWS PUT OUT A CALL TO THE COMMUNITY TO SEE IF THEY WERE PREPARED FOR THE LARGEST INFLUX OF DOGS THEY’VE EVER HANDLED..lynn ortlenik – exec director at haws132045 next thing you know we got a plane load. it’s because of the people in this area.–butt to–132130they want to help. people don’t know what to do. if they’re animal peoplert, this is a way for them to help. we’re not looking for funding. we’re telling people, send the funding down to texas. let’s get the animals up here..THE DOGS MADE THEIR WAY TO HAWS TO BE CLEANED, FED AND TAKEN CARE OF.ANrtD LIKELY GIVING THEM A NEW LEASE ON LIFE..dr. leanne sherrod – mukwonogo animal 150404so many animals displaced. to take these animals already in shelters to rt make room for those animals so they can be reunited with their families is really amazing.trish bakalars – volunteer145625it’s very helpful to look out for them and let them know they have rt somewhere to go. lynn145450we feel good. i think if you look at the faces of the volunteers and the faces of the dogs, everyone is kind of jazzed.rt. shaun tagAND WE HAVEN’T FORGOTTEN THEIR FELINE COUNTERPARTS.THEY WILL BE MAKING THE JOURNEY UP NORTH LATER THIS WEEK. ANYONE INTERESTED IN ADOPTING THESE DOGS OR CATS CAN FIND MORE INFORMATION rtBY CONTACTING THE HAWS.IN WAUKESHA FOR THE NOW, I’M SHAUN GALLAGHER. 3 rt rtrt rtrt rtrt rtrt rtrt rtrt

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