NDIS Story: Brad joins his mates for the Anzac Day parade

Brad was in the Navy for 20 years He finished his service there and retired and was working in Brisbane. He went to go to work one day
very early in the morning, collapsed to the floor,
and had a heart attack, which in the end resulted
with an acquired brain injury. – He talks to me a lot
about all his old mates that he used to serve with. Seems to bring back his memory. When it’s ANZAC Day, he
really gets going, you know? He loves it. – NDIS helped us to work
out a plan of things that he’d like to do, and that ANZAC march
came into the equation. They then were on board to
help with the logistics of it, to get him down to the parade, to walk with him in the parade, so that he could be a part of it. It also supports physiotherapy, things to help keep him
active for as long as we can. At our age, as we were getting older, we just wanted to know that
there was somebody there who could take up the
responsibility for us if and when we became no longer able to take him on outings and everything. Caring for anybody with a
disability is a big workload. And when there is an offer
like this on hand, take it. And when there is an offer
like this on hand, take it. It’s just been a God send to us.

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