NBAA-BACE Offers a Glimpse at the Future of Business Aviation

VO: Attracting and retaining
the next generation of business aviation professionals
is in focus at NBAA-BACE 2019. Hi everybody.
I’m Andrew McIntosh with NBAA TV. The NBAA-BACE Careers in
Business Aviation Day is giving students a look
inside the industry. VO: Sparking interest in
business aviation is key as the aviation/aerospace industry
is facing a workforce challenge. We’ve got tremendous requirements
over the next 20 years for pilots. Probably somewhere
in the neighborhood, we need about 800,000 pilots,
800,000 engineers. We need data scientists. VO: Getting students
interested early on in science, technology,
engineering and math or “STEM” careers
will be a game-changer. One of the benefits of
business aviation is we have one the greatest
playgrounds on earth. Right? What kid wouldn’t want to
see our industry and our field. We have the eye candy. What we need to do, and cultivate,
is the pathway. You know, I played football and there’s a way to go from
Pop Warner Football to the NFL. We need to cultivate that in
the realm of business aviation. VO: The sky’s the limit
for these high school students and Career Day keynoter Jim Payne
with the Perlan Project is opening their eyes
to the possibilities. Payne: We hope to plant some seeds. And we need to grow
a lot more engineers to replace those folks
that are retiring. VO: The Perlan Project used
cutting-edge technology to build a pressurized glider that has flown
as high as 76,000 feet, the highest ever sustained
subsonic flight. The purpose for doing that was to
advance aeronautical science. And of course you want
to inspire students. You know all of us on
the project are volunteers. And we’ve been inspired by
other people. And hopefully by being
a good example we can inspire other students
to be interested in science, technology,
engineering and math. VO: NBAA is also focusing
on the next generation with its 40 Under 40 program. It recognizes young leaders who are
shaping the future of the industry. The day that I found out
that I got top 40 under 40? Oh man, I lost my mind! It’s a great program. I look forward to being
more involved in it next year. Put more time in. And bring a lot more
top 40s out there for the next few years ahead Nominate a young professional for
next year’s 40 under 40 program by going to For NBAA TV,
I’m Andrew McIntosh.

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