NBAA Air Traffic Services Creates Solutions for Members

On daily basis,
NBAA Air Traffic Services not only provides real-time
information about what’s happening in the
National Airspace System, but we also provide
insight and analysis that we can provide to
our subscribers, based on the many years of air traffic management
experience that we have. I think the benefit of us
here at the command center definitely is a plus
to our subscribers. Coming from a
flight operations background, I know that the person in the back
wants to know what’s happening. NBAA Air Traffic Services provides
several subscription options. First we have the
premiere subscription, which provides subscribers
with flight-specific assistance. We have the
service provider subscription, which allows flight
plan service providers the opportunity to provide
an enhanced level of service to their customers. And then we have the
update subscription, which allows subscribers
to receive daily updates from ATS about what’s happening in
the National Airspace System. As an aviation director for
a Fortune 10 flight department located in the Northeast, I can’t imagine operating efficiently
without NBAA’s air traffic system team. To be able to go back to the
passenger in the back of the airplane and explain to them what’s
really going on with the system is invaluable. Our focus here is really
to provide a very specific service to various subscribers that help them in terms of
efficiencies and delays in the NAS. And by way of collaboration
with our FAA partners, we’re able to be their
very specific advocate.

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