NBA "Teammates NOT Helping Each Other" Moments

38 thoughts on “NBA "Teammates NOT Helping Each Other" Moments

  1. Draymond must be regretting I know all about basketball to KD bcoz left Warriors .so Draymond next time treat you teammates as human not animal. You are just lucky your opponent is only lebron but if kahwi was healthy spurs shud have won the championships

  2. 0:45. He said all of that. For the kids at home for TV. The NBA knew he was going to do this stuff. You just can't play the game. Them players hate doing it. But they have no choice.

  3. Westbrook didn't block the shot if you play basketball IF!!!! If you fucking basketball and not just watchin you know accident like that can happen he went for the rebound and his teammate went to shoot it that is an accident know the game people don't just watch it FOOLS

  4. Green Shooting at KD very nice n now look what happen warrior lost to raptors overacting , look at lebron directing asif he is a coach that is why they lost . Lebron not helping his teammate love get up that the true lebron

  5. This video so Lame why didn't u just make a video of how much u hate bron. U started the video off shadeing bron this wack ass video Lame!!

  6. @1:58 IS A moment that will REMAIN etched in MY MIND. J.H. will NEVA, EVA WIN a CHAMPIONSHIP. How WACK is it, during a GAME, to NOT GIVE A TEAM mate dap? Especially, FROM the outside, lookin LIK DAT TEAM mate IS calming you down. Harden KNOWS WAT to SAY WEN he sees that blinking red light. BUT his selfabsorbed style of PLAY, ALONG with the obvious BIG HEAD BEING satisfied with individual awards, PROVE THE point so EFFORTLESSLY. NOT MUCH OF AN argument. Sorry H-TOWN. I LOVE YOU THO.

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