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sure to leave a comment on this video so I just want to start off by saying you I
was a little bit frustrated with how Nature Boy conducted this conversation
between Malaya and I guess this is her goddaughter and I say I guess I mean I
mean God sisters excuse me that was my fault
god sister because Nature Boy likes to bring confusion to all conversations I
really think that he shouldn’t let one then the other speak and tell this side
of what actually happened before Malaya went to Commendation so I’m going to get
you up to speed because it was a lot of confusion in this conversation and to me
if I didn’t have the patience I just would have basically checked out so the
way nature boys found though that Malaya was a home record because that’s that
basically what she is the home wrecker and probably one of the reasons she left
Babylon because she’s a home wrecker and even though she’s saying from this
girl’s mouth the guard sister that you know everybody forgave her and I’m quite
sure that there is feelings behind what Belaya did because she had a child with
the man that the god sister was with in a relationship and they lived together
so that is technically what a home wrecker is when you know that a man is
with a woman and they live together and apparently Malaya must have lived
there too or visited quite off how do you lay up with this girl who’s
your dog sisters man and you turn around and have a baby from him and hide it for
the whole six months that’s homewrecker status to the highest
captivity but the way nature boys found out about home-wrecking that Malaya did
he had seen it conversation in her inbox so Nate the boy because like they say he
is checking all of carbonation stuff so there’s not much that they could
basically you know fly over his head he’s gonna find out either way so she
had the wrong conversation at the wrong time and one was being a combination so
he wanted to get back he wanted to get to the bottom of exactly what had
happened but you can see on Malaya’s face she doesn’t really want to discuss
the topic at hand she knows I can see right in her face that there’s nothing
to discuss she told he was wrong the girl was with
this man for six years if he came on to her or vice versa she should have went
to her guard sister who was like family to her and she should oppose the guard
sister what that man was doing but Malayan said didn’t say anything because
she was down with the program too and then for her to go to the extent of
getting pregnant by this man also world goes to show the character of Malaya and
the reason I’m bringing this up is because I keep telling people these
women are running from something and in this case Malaya looks like she’s
a ok quiet reserved girl but long and behold she is a she’s a home wrecker
and she one over combination in my opinion
because if you’re wrecking homes where you have to lay your head at Millea you
don’t have any problems with going over carbonation and thinking in your head
that maybe just maybe if if Nature Boy gets to know you he would get rid of all
the other women so that you could have him for yourself you know and it said
that you was exposed the way that you was but this is just an eye opener the
Nature Boy he needs to stop meeting strangers off the line because he
doesn’t know who he’s getting himself into with these people they have
skeletons in the closet and to be honest with you looking at Malaya I was shocked
when I heard what the girl said about her having a baby with her man she was
just sick she is I was like out of all the women that
that story could have been true about I would have never thought in a million
years that Malaya a quiet one unless she’s having a dream would be the one
that would be the homewrecker but as we see what happens in the dark always
comes to the light and Nature Boy had to expose it now there was no reason for
Nature Boy to have to expose it however he’s on exposed in season week so
everyone that’s in that camp he’s exposing because I don’t think he is
realizing who he is sleeping next to who he is telling some of his intimate and
dark secrets to because Nature Boy is still human and who he is doing things
around may be illegal he is doing things around these people who can ultimately
trying this whole table on him and get him jammed up
now you could tell with the smirk on the sister the sister-in-laws face I keep
saying sister I keep messing it up you could tell on the guard sister’s face
that it was much more than she could tell but she could already tell that
Malaya wasn’t comfortable they also being family because of her being the
god sister and being very close to the family I don’t think that she wants to
put Malaya in a compromised situation because they ultimately don’t know what
Malaya’s up against because they don’t know who made the boy is just like
Malaya doesn’t know who made the boy it was because if she didn’t know who
Nature Boy was she wouldn’t be over there in the first place for him to
expose her that she had a baby with a man that already had a family and was
hiding the pregnancy in the same house that they all were living in I have to
keep saying this home wrecker City and now she wants to come over to
carbonation because she also says in this video she never felt her so she
always so different like people were trying to push her away so it was her
own guilt of what she had ultimately that made her feel as though in my
opinion that she had to run and be somewhere that she can have people to
relate to her and that’s what I think she did but shortly after but she hasn’t
been there no more than about a month natureboy found that DM in her phone or
on her note could have wrote it down but I’m quite sure it wasn’t her phone any
exposed her on it and now she’s looked at like a fool
once again because Nature Boy found out something that I don’t think he’s gonna
forgive her for even though it was before his time I think Nature Boy if
she stays is gonna throw it up and and he’s going to bring it up every
chance he gets like he tried to do all me and if only was that have stayed at
carbonation he would have been bringing that up on a regular basis the stuff
that came out the woodwork about Rumi and I think that he’s the key word
through the same thing to the Millea so I really think that it’s just time for
her to go the gigs up we all know that they’re a homewrecker we all know that
you were running from something now we know one of the things that you could
have been running from how your family over in Babylon have been looking at you
for years after you had did something so heinous that you just wanted to get away
because that guilt was eating at you and nature boy he just helped rehash it by
bringing it up again when you were trying to bury those skeletons
natureboy put it back out there

30 thoughts on “Natureboy Member Malia Is A HOMEWRECKER THE TRUTH EXPOSED😱

  1. hi what happened to Malia smiling and laughing and having so much fun I knew that smile was going to go away and turn into a a brown

  2. U can't call her a homewrecker tho because the god sister said they was broken up but that dont make it right she still a dirty dog for that.

  3. Running is all these people do
    Then they preach that they deal with their problems
    She needs to go deal with that. Then you leave your child?? HORRIBLE

  4. Malia left a child behind too? She was in the grocery store hugged up on Iyah claiming to be a "snuggle 🐰 bunny". Perhaps her kid needs her cuddles.

  5. SL do you have sympathy for Eligio? You've mentioned how he's in danger of bringing people there who may get him jammed up etc. But…ELIGIO IS PATHOLOGICALLY REPROBATE AND THE ONLY MONSTER IN CN, do you DISagree?

  6. He waited for Lola to leave to start telling on people past life or digging in people's life or whatever because he knew Lola is related to a famous person a rapper on IG and he knew better not to be exposing her or doing anything disrespectful to her that's why she gone

  7. I been saying Malia is a pandoras box..she has more secrets than that. She is going to expose all of carbonation. Just watch her facial expressions to things that he says.

  8. Malia is a Loser. She is not a Velvet.
    What I don’t understand is he should have known all their secrets since he’s the Messiah. All of them are lost.

  9. Sis I’m trying to decide if you are for natureboy or against him because your commentary these few days are kind of fence straddling. Bye 👋🏾

  10. They was already broke up so how did she wreck home… she was wrong for going behind her bk & sleepn wit him&having a baby but the man was wrong 2.

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