National want SOUL out of Ihumātao

As the occupation at Ihumatao
enters another week, National are trying
to put pressure on the government. Simon Bridges says
the government needs to act by ending the occupation
and building much-needed houses. The political posturing
has no doubt left a poor impression with SOUL leader Pania Newtown. As Hania Douglas reports, the young and dynamic woman
has been approached by some political parties
but she wants no part of it. Fielding attacks from both sides
of the political divide. But SOUL leader Pania Newton
isn’t having a bar of it. But while many politicians
may be against the movement, it seems the leader
is in high demand. But Newton says she couldn’t
be less interested as she’s focused on the end goal. 21 days since SOUL were served
eviction notices from Ihumatao, the fight continues. Hania Douglas, Te Karere.

9 thoughts on “National want SOUL out of Ihumātao

  1. Kia kaha Pania. No one's going anywhere. Crown honour the treaty . Pay for what was stolen. Build elsewhere where its welcome. But not on illegal confiscated lands that dishonoured the treaty. The rightful owners belong to the tangata whenua. Enough said.

  2. And that is exactly why you have a Waitangi Tribunal to lodge grievances provided you are that body mandated by the rightful manawhenua ownership to make that claim and it's quite clear SOUL isnt thay Body.

  3. Kia Ora to all the ‘Cultural Souls’ trying to defend Ihumatao whether Maori Pakeha or another culture.
    Govt; MONEY! is their main objective here. They are skilful ‘Chameleons’ able to hide their ‘True’ identity(BS) and blend into the surroundings under false ‘Pretence’(Housing) to enable them to catch their ‘Prey(Ihumatao). Shameless!!!

  4. How is it morally and lawfully wrong to take a car that doesn't belong to you worth but it's okay to take land that doesn't belong to you. Sweep it under the carpet and build our nation on truth. our leaders need to be leaders of integrity. those skeletons will fall out of the closet one day or you'll keep them locked away.

  5. ok 1) all land taken prior to 1865 is deemed stolen, 2) its an old pa site3) it has an urupa, 4) sitting on reclaimed volcanic lava ground, deemed wairua tapu, 5) Under the Treaty of Waitangi it can be reviewed, 6) it falls 3xs into the landmark iconic heritage Act. 6a) First Maori Settlement,6b) Urupa, Tapu Whenua, 6c)Stoneage walls are iconic. I would like to see if there is any rare rongoa present. Downfalls, Someone buys it. then gives to iwi. They sell it to Fletchers again, just another pack of lies, who can afford spec homes? they will be over $500,000. Out of reach for first home buyers, Fore- most it's the first Maori Settlement, that alone is enough for me to want to treasure it. Simon Bridges has been a traitor to Maori from day 1 he entered as an MP. Pania is a lawyer, I think she has grace and great Mana. I'd like to see an archaeologist report and a GNS report, building on lave holes? more patai than b4 I started supporting.

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