National University Big Picture Overview

(background music begins) – For nearly 50 years,
National University has been dedicated to providing accessible, achievable higher education
to adult learners. From professionals
balancing work and family, to military service members
serving at home and abroad. That’s been our mission since
1971, when NU was founded by retired US Navy Captain David Chigos. – The Mission is to serve
exceptionally our students, especially adult students. Adult students who have very busy lives, and who are trying to advance themselves with a better education. We need to think about what
are the most creative ways we can reach those students and help them achieve their dreams. – Today National University
is proud to be the largest, private non-profit
university in San Diego. Educating students from across
the US, and around the globe. With over 165,000 alumni worldwide. – I really love the fact
that National University is a non-profit. When I started I really got a sense of community from my advisor,
all the way to my professors, I could tell that they really
cared about me as a student, and me completing my degree. – NU Prepares students for
success in a variety of career fields, including Education,
Business, Engineering, Computing, Psychology, and
Health and Human Services. – We have one of the largest
schools in uh education in the country right now. The largest in California
as far as 10% of teachers roughly come through our
Sanford College of Education one way or another. – To meet economic and
industry needs, NU continues to build workforce partnerships with local and national employers. Offering customized education
solutions to develop employee’s and retain top talent. – National University I
believe is on the forefront of workforce education. We partner with businesses
throughout the country that tell us where the
direction of their business is going, what are the
competencies and skills that they need in their businesses, and
then what we do is we create curriculum with our wonderful
faculty members that actually suit the needs of the next
generation of learners. – A veteran founded non-profit, National University is
committed to supporting active duty service members,
veterans, and military spouses who comprise 30% of our student body. – For students thinking
about going back to school, one of the primary concerns
is how they are going to pay for their education, which
is why we have a team of dedicated student finance
advisors who can help students identify the resources they need to pay for college. When you meet with your
student finance advisor we’ll calculate the total
cost of your program, based on your past academic experience, and the courses you
plan to take each year. We’ll also help you find the
resources that you’re eligible for including loans, scholarships, grants, military benefit, and employer
tuition reduction programs. – As a yellow ribbon school,
NU offers tuition discounts to active duty service
members and their dependents, and dedicated support services
through our veteran center. – I was drawn to National
University because they were super flexible with what I had going on. I think I changed my undergrad
three or four times with them (laughs) but every time they were
super accommodating, and super willing to help
me do whatever I needed to in order to be successful. – National University is accredited by WASC Senior College and
University Commission, and offers degree certificate
and credential programs in high growth, in-demand fields. Our programs are designed to be flexible and meet students where they are. Whether they’re looking to
transfer from community college, take their career to their next level, or finish a degree started long ago. Throughout their program
students learn from faculty who are practitioners in their fields, and bring real world
expertise to the classroom. Preparing students to succeed
beyond graduation day. – Our goal is to make sure
that the student can learn from different types of faculty. – National University’s
unique 4 week class format allows students to focus
on one class at a time, and fit coursework into
their busy schedules. Classes are available online, at campuses across
California and in Nevada, and on select military bases nationwide. Giving students the
flexibility to study when and where it’s convenient for them, and with year round enrollment
students can transfer credits and start classes at any time. – I feel like National
University provides you an opportunity to really
be able to fit education into your life. – From the day they enroll,
National University students have an entire team of support. From admissions and
financial aid advisors, to faculty members and
staff to help them reach educational and career goals. Throughout their program
students also have access to a host of academic resources from the Student Academic Success Center, and National University Library. – It’s such a proud
accomplishment and you’ll be so happy that you went
ahead and took that step. – No matter what brought you to NU, whether it’s to change your career path, advance in your field, or to provide more opportunities for yourself and your family, we’re so glad you’re here. Welcome to National University. (background music ends)

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  1. Hi, I'm unais, from india.Now I'm going to complete my bachelor degree in nursing on this upcoming november. After that I'm interested to study MPH degree on national university.can anyone help me please?

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