National Peacekeepers’ Day 2019

♪ Today, on National
Peacekeepers’ Day, we join Canadians across
the country and around the world in expressing
our deepest gratitude to our peacekeepers,
both past and present. These brave women and men uphold Canada’s proud
history of peacekeeping, helping to bring
peace and stability to some of the world’s
most vulnerable populations. We are proud of all
of our military members, police officers
and civilians engaged in peacekeeping operations
around the world. We thank them,
and their families, for their courageous service
and dedication. Today, we also recognize
our women and men of the Canadian Armed Forces that are proudly wearing
the blue beret in Mali. In the past year, they have
provided essential support to the United Nations mission while life-saving
medical evacuations of injured soldiers
and civilians occur. We are proud of their
important contributions and we thank them for making
a difference in the region. On National Peacekeepers’ Day, we also honour the memory
of 122 Canadian peacekeepers who have made
the ultimate sacrifice in the pursuit of peace. Their bravery
will never be forgotten. As a nation, we remain steadfast
in our commitment to increasing global peace
and stability. We will continue to work with the United Nations
and other organizations to build a more peaceful
and secure world for all. ♪ ♪

4 thoughts on “National Peacekeepers’ Day 2019

  1. Peacekeeping does nothing for third word nations. This national peacekeeping day should be a day of shame for all governments that participate in the UN, especially Canada! The current liberal government has pored hundreds of millions into peacekeeping and foreign aid and it hasn't done anything to stop the violence of the third world. All it has done it deflate the value of our currency, and create dependency from the third world. Canada and all other respectable nations should leave the UN and Nato and protect our own.

  2. The US military as a super power has kept more peace in the world then this asinine organization that is well known for standing by while genocide occurs yeah I'm sure Rwanda is real fucking grateful for your useless efforts.

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