National Party on drug policy – Chris Bishop MP

ALISON MAU: Do you all support
some kind of law reform? POLITICAL PANELISTS: Yes. ALISON MAU: Hands up. Right. OK. CHRIS BISHOP: It’s
very difficult to have a conversation
around where you get the supply of
medicinal marijuana before you very quickly start
talking about overall supply. And then you get into
issues of should it be a government-mandated supply? Should it be a
government monopoly? Should the government license
growers, which is, I suppose, the next step beyond
the government monopoly and things like that? We’ve got the
opportunity to have all of those sort of
discussions [INAUDIBLE] the context of the Misuse
of Drugs Act review. The evidence is
not yet clear about whether or not youth usage
goes up or down, for example. And everyone seems to agree that
we want 18-year-olds and below not– people 18 and under
to not use marijuana.

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