‘National Party is declaring war on a part of the community’ – gang spokesperson

The National Party has released
a suite of law and order proposals which it claims will place victims
at the heart of the justice system. Gangs are firmly in the sights
of National who are proposing a range
of measures including banning gang patches
and revoking parole. But as Eruera Rerekura reports, a senior Black Power
gang member says National’s hard line approach
won’t work. National has a strong association
with justice, its leader claims. And his promise that
it will stamp out crime. And it has gangs in its sights. But Eugene Ryder says gang members are members of families
and the wider community. National needs to pay aware, he says, of the real reason those families
of gangs are living in poverty. And the Government says
it’s addressing the causes of crime. Ryder says Bridges should follow
in the footsteps of the former leader
Sir Robert Muldoon. Will punitive measures
or rehabilitation address crime? Next year, the nation gets to decide. Eruera Rerekura, Te Karere.

3 thoughts on “‘National Party is declaring war on a part of the community’ – gang spokesperson

  1. Aye i thought National was supposedly goal was war on P. Soon it will be like Australia and turn to war on the Native's.

  2. Sounds like the new world order is alive and well, and is trying to cement itself into New Zealand. Your independent sovereignty is no longer required NZ. Signed, her majesty Queen Elizabeth..

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