National Parks: A Love Story

I remember a lifetime ago… When we started on this journey We were inspired by each other To create something greater than ourselves And achieve so much together A place to feel alive To discover who we are And ensure what always was Will always be Those days when we walked softly And honored our past When he saved a nation And they saved the world (Brotherhood, now is the time) When he stood for this And she sat for that When she captured our hearts And he captured our souls When we were divided (United 93, do you still hear Cleveland?) And we were united He lifted our spirits We aimed higher And never stopped looking up But along the way My roads grew old My bridges shouldered years of weight My trails became well traveled But my roots grow deeper My branches extend further I was there for them And I’ll be there for you Will you be there for me

15 thoughts on “National Parks: A Love Story

  1. We've come a long way since the begining of this country and the begining of the NPS… But our ideas have been the same. Thank you for this video!

  2. A beautiful, touching video. But I don't believe the Trump Administration is committed to rebuilding roads and bridges in our national parks — without also allowing fossil fuel and mining companies to exploit them.

  3. I was under the impression the Trump administration felt that protecting and rebuilding our National Parks was a non-priority, but the video and message are beautiful even with that mix up at the end. 🙂

  4. Love the parks, and yes they need some love and attention. And, really loved the video right up to the point it became political.

  5. I'm a Sasquatch/Bigfoot researcher and im looking to do a collaboration with the national Park service for a study on aggressiveness of Bigs in a few of your parks. Please let me know if interested.

  6. From the time our children have been young – we as a family have made a commitment to visit, promote and protect our National Parks. So thankful for all these natural and historical gems and the men and women that are devoted to their cause. Beautiful video!

  7. Yeah love the vid but with the amount of cutbacks on EPA programs he has never cared about the environment. I know you guys have to say that but whatever. And before you all say "you're a democrat" I am actually independent (not independent party) and I lean more republican. But I don't base my views on a party platform. If you truly love the NPS like I do, than you wouldn't let your political basis get in the way of they evidence of climate change, and how looser restrictions on manufacturing and pollutants doesn't help earth. That's science, its been proven. Not opinions like how to run a country aka politics are.

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