National Mathematical Society of Pakistan | Wikipedia audio article

The National Mathematics Society of Pakistan
(NMSP), is an academic, non-profit, and scientific society of applied mathematicians and engineers
dedicated to the development and promotion of applied mathematics at all levels. The society is aim to serve as the national
community by organizing seminars, workshops, competitions, meetings and publications.Established
in 2010, the society was initially headquartered in Abdus Salam School of Mathematical Sciences
(AS-SMS), at the Government College University, Lahore. It is working abroad to come and be a part
of the international mathematical society and exchange ideas and skills with the other
members of the society in Pakistan. It is currently the adhering organization
of the International Mathematical Union on Pakistan.On 2015, the Abdus Salam Shield Of
Honor in Mathematics was initiated by NMSP to promote and recognize quality research
in Mathematics. The first Shield was give to Prof. Hassan
Azad from KFUPM on February 2016

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