National Lottery WInners’ advisors Kathy and Andy share their secrets

I’m always really excited to make that
initial call to the winner because it’s just so lovely and you don’t know how,
what you’re going to expect. You know, what you’re going to hear when you
call them. When I pick up the phone to make a call to a winner I love it because you
know you’re gonna speak to someone who’s very very happy and you don’t know
who they are. But I love the fact they are so pleased to hear from you. So
although they’ve checked their ticket or they’ve checked their online account, they
know they’re a winner. They’ve also dialled into the Lottery Line and it’s been confirmed.
There still is always that little bit of doubt in their mind. So, you know,
you do get winners go “Is it true? Is it true? Please tell me it’s true. Is it
real? I can’t believe!” The best bit of advice I can give to a Lottery winner is
do nothing. Very quickly. Just take your time and I know it’s old sage advice but there is nothing better than people just taking
their time, sitting on a beach or just getting away from it for a few days.
My advice would be take the advice of the experts and take your time. I will still say the
very best thing for a lot of people to do to do is go and have a cup of tea with
another Lottery winner as they’re the only people that will truly understand.
Well, we can tell them the stories and have a lot of experience from that point of view.
Only another Lottery winner will be able to answers those questions. My deal with winners is, and when I speak to them on the phone, is that you put the kettle on and I’ll
bring the bubbles. And often they’re standing by the door, the curtains are
twitching as soon as we park the car there. The door is ready we
don’t have to wait very often for the door to be also very long, because
actually people are ready for us.

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