National Honor Society

Hi my name is Nicole Perkins, and I am a biology teacher at Queen Creek High School. But I’m also the sponsor of the National Honor Society. We’re a club that is geared towards service and leadership, as well as academics. With NHS or National Honor Society We offer tutoring as one of our volunteer hours types of activities for our students. Once a week on Thursdays from 2 to 3 p.m. in my classroom B163. If that time doesn’t work for students because we know everyone is very busy, also tried setting up personalized tutoring sessions. I will set students up with a peer tutor, give them their contact information ,and they will then set up their own tutoring sessions. Its one-to-one tutoring where we have students that are in NHS, they come in they have specialized classes or coursework that they are comfortable with, and they are available once a week after school to tutor other students. One-on-one tutoring what we seem to see from students is that they, they feel a little bit more comfortable coming in and talking on a one-on-one basis with a peer rather than going up to their teacher and asking for help. The areas that we see the most need in are math and English, but we also have tutors that are available for history, really anything that somebody might need help with. We’ve seen a really good impact with this peer-to-peer style tutoring.

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