National Honor Society Induction Ceremony (May 29, 2019)

it’s a graduating senior that has been a part of the National Honor Society since
being inducted in 2017 yes it was himself and many fundraisers
such as the Christmas cookie fundraiser in the Brooks barbecue
besides being involved with the National Honor Society
brief has challenged himself by taking multiple courses such as a free calculus
calculus – he loves to participate in clubs and take part in volunteering
activities in the community his advice to the underclassmen would be have fun
and enjoy the ride you will be attending University tyloo it’s a devoted student who is
constantly active within his community throughout high school he has been on
the high road at Honolulu multiple times he’s taken many advanced courses such as
the US history ap biology and other cause he has participated many
activities such as Boy Scouts of America JV slashguard varsity baseball along with
partner cool he plans to attend university has been recognized her
academics from high school she has also represented Hudson Senior High
tendencies of varsity sports gathering numerous individual awards she plans to
further her education Lynnette Delvecchio is a student who
strongly believes in balancing her academics and extracurriculars she is
finishing both in her graduating class and will be obtaining an advanced
resistive woman that has been named to the Patroon conference first all-star
team for cross country and track service secretary for National Honor Society and
held the class officer position she plans to attend a four-year university
in the fall to study film and media she encourages future graduates to pursue
what they’re passionate about no matter how crazy it sounds spencer goldstein has been in National
Honor Society since he is a member of the Council for varsity basketball and
varsity track biggest achievement was receiving Allstate after some final
words of wisdom always try your hardest Charles Charles Jemison attending Hudson Valley Community
College the fall where he will talk electrical construction Kate Jones has
it up to the absolute senior hydrogen community very well over the past two
years she has been on high honor Halima showering is an AP and honor
student who has been on high Honor Roll every quarter she’s a secretary of try
em and his active member of the health and environmental of her favorite
classes in school are chemistry AP World History and AP World History her hobbies
include non school related and competitive sports creative writing and
she’s avid reader after high school she’s interested in going into the field
of Human Services and Sandeul child likes to be called farm he
has played varsity track JV soccer varsity swimming and varsity tennis he
won the Luanne gold award for the varsity swim team and recently
participated in the conference semifinals for tennis he received the
PBIS or twice volunteers at events and has been has a
95 percent attendance rate and his treasure Rita Rosanna
first came to this country now a member of National Honor Society she’s very
grateful to everyone that has helped to achieve achieve this
we’d love to learn new things she comes to read books she spends her free time
writing in her journal painting and making crafts the most important thing
to know about me is that she believes that she can change the world with your
math her dream is about her dream is to spread information and truth throughout
the world in this every time you like to play
basketball and spend time with his family
Michael charges hardest and everything he put is fine to Noah ham is ecstatic
to be loved in the National Honor Society she always tries her best to
excel in everything she does including her biggest passion acting and
singing that was greatest academic achievement asked by the jazz band
director to be the soloist of the band she also does community service at the
Hudson middle school helping Danielle the director of the musical Dalmatians
now what’s the favorite class is English because of the creative room her
favorite activity is participating in the musical because her passion we do as a leader energetic charismatic
our greatest academic achievement was getting accepted into the National Honor
Society we know she enjoys playing tennis
running track her hobbies going to the gym with friends eating and tutoring and
man favorite glasses chemistry she hopes one day Emma Johnson Emma Johnson classical
history in algebra 2 she has taken part in hurricane relief in Baton Rouge
Louisiana is in Texas mariko throw through rock solid church she’s an
active member in her heart and several other volunteer activities her favorite
subject is chemistry as she has the molecule Earth’s greatest academic
achievement is being accepted into the National Honor Society and honors
English science being accepted into the cosmetology program she interns and
participates at her favorite exchange is growing Hanako is analyzes the choices like
watch like to do a job I should be less maybe a great academic standing all
participating such as robotics travel endurance as well as track during the
spring when detects to help rebuild after hurricane Harvey and having more
skill of home renovating as he helps his dad in the construction business he
enjoys reading and likes to run while asking music young to pursue engineering
and continues through his education helping was greatest academic
achievements are being on high honor poll data collected for student
government and having a 95% attendance he does community service such as
playing piano at the hospital and playing piano and violin for selected
churches he is part of student government , mock trial, marching band swimming track
of the field of soccer his favorite class is AP world he enjoys cooking
music sports Tanner Race every school is an avid sports
player varsity football and baseball. He works for the town of Greenport she has name is in all honors AP courses
has been consistently on the high honor roll she’s the president of her class
she’s played sports such as soccer swimming and track her favorite
extracurricular activity is being on the robotics team her favorite courses food
chemistry and AP World History outside of school she works for the Hudson
after-school program good evening members new inductees
parents family friends dr. Abitabile my name is Ellen Miller and
I am one of the co advisors to the National Honor Society with mrs. Shannon
Hoose who unfortunately couldn’t be here tonight because her daughters are
seniors in high school and they had an event this evening as well we’re honored
to be here tonight as these inductees are brought into this prestigious group
of scholars at Hudson Senior High School as you will learn it is not only
academics that are important in life service to community both inside and
outside of school is what embodies you to aspire in life therefore consider
thoughtfully but mark you would like to make on your community and work towards
it with your whole heart and soul being mindful that everyone does if everyone
does one little thing today well it doesn’t spread themselves too far around
they will be accomplished and respected at this time I would like to recognize
the 2018-19 officers on the National Honor Society all their hard work they
are true leaders zatia Joshua mightst has been our
treasurer and there’s nobody that counts soda machine coin like Josh the National
Honor Society treasures Lynette Dellavechia she is just recently as
special the all-around go true for me we had to figure so many things out in the
last couple weeks there’s nothing like your secretary and the one who has been
coordinating this event mostly this evening is our president okay we did
stray from the program a little because when we went through a rehearsal this
morning or this afternoon rather we decided it worked better if everybody
was up here to hear the speeches of dr. Abitabile and dr. Suttmeier so at
this time we would like to invite dr. Abitabile up to make a few remarks so before I start my speech I’d like to
thank this year’s seniors for once again in sharing my job security because I did
not hear a single one of you talk about striving to become a high school
principal so I think I’m safe for another year well good evening everyone
I’m both honored and flattered to have been asked to speak on this wonderful
occasion I’d like to take this opportunity to welcome the family and
friends of tonight’s inductees and congratulate all of you on having a role
in raising what I consider to be the very best that Hudson has to offer I
would also like to thank mrs. Miller and mrs. Hoose for continuing this tradition
in coordinating this wonderful event for I too know the value of having a very
good secretary tonight I would like to speak about the concept of good versus
great good to a very large extent is the enemy of great it hinders greatness just
being good can stop someone from ever even attempting to achieve greatness and
the achievement level of the students being honored today is an example of
what can be accomplished when doing things good enough is simply not good
enough these are the students that when the assignment says write three to five
pages they write five without even changing the font size or the margins
these are the students when given the opportunity to hand in tests corrections
to raise the grade or attend review classes on a Friday afternoon they do it
these are the students who gave up their lunchtime to work with a teacher or who
actually use their study hall to study these are the students who represent the
potential of the Hudson City School District education, one in which I am
very proud to have attained myself they take advantage of all we have to offer
and enjoy themselves while doing I thank these students for leading by example
for striving for greatness for not being complacent with mediocrity
and never accepting anything less than their personal best these students do
not excel because they have a couple slices of pizza a gift card to the
movies for doing the right thing and they aren’t good students even they’re
great students great leaders and I have great respect for all the way they’re
mostly here because they were pushed coaxed persuaded or motivated by all of
you and for that I would like to thank the people in the audience tonight for
showing them the path to greatness congratulations to this year’s inductees
I wish you all the best as you aspire to do great things in the future Dr. Suttmeier how much do you love this group up here
on the stage what a beautiful group of scholars good
evening Bluehawks students families and friends it is my pleasure to be here
this evening for Hudson’s National Honor Society ceremony to celebrate and
support the young people who are being inducted into this prestigious group and
to recognize our seniors who will be graduating in just a moment these
students have made the most of the opportunities afforded to them by their
families school and community and for that we are
all immensely proud each year I enjoy listening to the accomplishments and
aspirations of our students with a great deal of pride as the great Martin Luther
King said intelligence plus character that is the goal of true education the
students being honored tonight earned this distinguished privilege through
attaining high grades engaging in community service as well as exhibiting
strong characteristics and leadership that are at the very core of what it
means to be a member of the National Honor Society students as you journey
through high school and life Hereafter you will face many obstacles where you
will need to decide between doing the right thing we’re doing something the
easy way the choices that you make that those key moments will make all the
difference in the life that you ultimately lead as you travel down your
individual paths my hope and my belief is that each of you will always lean on
the strong foundation of values ethics and character that you have
being accepted into the National Honor Society is just the beginning of
rewarding high school experience as you journey to destination graduation toward
the ultimate goal of having a rewarding occupation my sincere wish is that you
continue to develop your character learn all you can and stretch your skills so
that you will have the drive the knowledge and the ability to reach every
goal you set for yourselves in closing always remember that this
induction into the National Honor Society is just the beginning it is now
you all have the potential of making wonderful contributions to our world and
you are all well on your way to leaving a legacy that will carry on the future
generations I extend my sincere congratulations to
all of you please continue to make your school proud your teachers proud your
family’s proud and most of all yourselves you induct these if you want to put
those packages of under your seats at this time the principles of the National
Honor Society will now explain to you by the candidates who have pledged to its
membership the candle burning before you represents the flaming torch the emblem
of our permits the unlighted candles are symbolic of a four requirements upon
which membership is based the wardens of these four principles character
scholarship leadership and service will in turn explain to you the meaning of
their stations character characters the evaluation of one’s personality character is not alone my work indeed
but the weight as much by one man has mine I think rose of his character his
personality because they managed to live that you’re in information scholarship symbolizes the lake of
knowledge and understanding from the truth vision as is glow why did the
circle of life so was the horizon of one’s world at
large with each additional bit of information scholarship knows of the
past learn to the present it interprets vast treasures for the improvement of
the human race excellence in scholarship reveals not only that one store of
knowledge has been increased but also that the individual has endeavoured to
make the most knowledge is both necessary and usable it can be acquired
in only one way and that is due diligence and effort may this longing
for useful knowledge become a part of your life knowledge to the lineup character in scholarship I
would have the radiance of solution the world has always been in need of people as a greater challenge today than ever
before not every person is gifted to those DME
uses his power wealth the world gets honor and glory to eat which raises
trust honored chain a true leader is marked by so both of our experience
knowledge and understanding so but is a genuine belief the righteousness of adjustability and we look to you not willing service the world is full of
salt which are the foundations of today the world needs individuals may you
practice this giving of yourself each team member at this time please lay
the candle who ideals of the society and I’m going to
explain to you if you desire to assume the responsibility of Abedini standards
you will now be given the privilege of taking the membership raise your right hand and adopted me in
this club if you didn’t find it’s great in the words
I pledged to maintain my scholastic standing to gold has fundamental and
worthy and untarnished character to endeavor intelligently and courageously
to be a leader and to give myself freely in service but in so doing actually I’ll
prove myself worthy of a belief in the National Honors we welcome you into this we have a throughout the years she has
worked here in mrs. bender have continuously upheld inspirational and
motivational teaching styles students have boasted that she is always the person to
come to for professional or personal help only saying but this woman this concludes the National Honor
Society induction of new members

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