National Honor Society Induction Ceremony – 2018

Welcome to the 2018 Hampton Bays High School
National Honor Society induction ceremony before we begin this evening I
ask that you please rise as junior Jared Strecker leads us in the pledge of allegiance I pledge allegiance to the Flag of the United States of America and to the Republic for which it stands, one Nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all. Thank You Jared Before we begin the ceremony I would like to
welcome and recognize our superintendent of schools, Mr. Clemensen,
assistant superintendent for curriculum Denise Sullivan, high school principal Mr. Richardt, High School assistant principal mr. Ferraro members of the
faculty parents students and a special thank you to our Board of Ed members
welcome to the 2018 National Honor Society induction ceremony we are
gathered here today to formally recognize those students who have earned
their positions to soon be inducted as new members of our NHS chapter according to
the selection procedures outlined to the Honor Society handbook the voting
members of the faculty Council select students who demonstrate outstanding
performance in all four criteria of scholarship leadership service and character
the students sitting up here on stage not only meet but exceed these
expectations voting members of the selection committee what a great place
to maintain the integrity of this national organ organization by choosing
students who excel in all areas these students are to be commended for their
hard work in the HP community on behalf of the faculty here and have to be today
school I proudly present to all of you the most
elite and prestigious representatives for Hampton Beach schools furthermore I
ask all the HS members to continue to exemplify these qualities in their daily
lives and to carry on his role to their peers it is at this time that
we proclaim to all in attendance that membership in the Hampton Bays chapter
of the National Honor Society has been earned by these candidates through the
effective demonstration of the four qualities that service standards in
society members of the chapter will now review these qualities for the
candidates we begin with scholarship presented by
junior Christina Colton and class of 2018 valedictorian send me Paul starship denotes a commitment to
learning the student is willing to spend hours in reading and study knowing the
lasting benefits of a cultivated land we should continue to learn even when
formal education has ended our human educational only ends with Canada life
now there’s one great element life which leads to the highest success and it can
be acquired only one way through diligence and every learning furnishes
the live I would reread the past the torch Fatima’s to understand the present
under the light that illuminates the future candidates have the charge to
continue these and their world where the opportunities inheritance object first I want to congratulate the newest
members of the National Honor Society and welcome back all returning ones
since I’m one year older than all these newbies I’m supposed to be wise and
share my advice with you however the truth is I’m still figuring it out too
but here’s what I have so far you can study as hard as you want
get the best grades and have perfect SAT scores but at the end of the day if
that’s all life’s about and it’s it over after any school because the reality is
that it’s a totally different world in college and yet how is that now I’m not
saying to never study or do any homework but just be the best version of yourself
academically think it can be I never give up
vibrating excel at a school because chances are that’s what you’re going to
end up studying in college in five years from now you’ll remember that you got a
105 or a 65 on the math test while you go remember is when your child actually
says came out perfect an AP bio and you discovered that that’s what you want to
do with the rest of your life think about it was the please the sample
different subjects and taste those classes that interest you find what
makes you happy until questioning that’s that scholarship is about discovering
your passion academically and working hard on it and scholarship just doesn’t
apply to Lincoln High School but it’s about continuing to
it’s about gaining experience in your fields whether you’re a journalist or an
engineer I guess what I’m trying to say is fine when you love and work hard I
continue to learn and challenge yourself in school and in life
scholarship just doesn’t mean sitting in a classroom go to Madrid to study
Spanish volunteer at a hospital write a book or do whatever it is that you want
to do so good luck to all members whether new or those graduating with me
and you if you’ll use anything that I said tonight and you have been self this
pillar of scholarship so hope you all find what you’re passionate about I mean
never and you said it
I invite Olivia from the juniors and seniors salutatorian Malthus asked us to
speak about leaders leadership should exert a wholesome influence on the
school in taking initiative in the classroom and in school activities the
real leader strives to Train and eat others to reach their common goals of
successes the price of leadership is to sacrifice the willingness to yield one’s
personal interests with the interests of others a leader to have self-confidence
and will go forward with others hesitate no matter what power and resources may
exist in a school community or nation their ineffectual without the guidance
of a wise leader leadership is always needed thus to leave is a meaningful and
social system substances charge to each of our members leadership is equality that everyone
should strive to attain from the first step we took into high school I believe
that we were all trained to be the best leaders that we could be with countless
opportunities presented to us we were told to take the initiative and be the
leader instead of the former high school can be a changing experience in many
different respects the most importantly helped to transform us all into leaders
the leader of us respects their peers in order to be respected themselves they
must have the courage to take action in the face of adversity
passion is necessary in order to inspire those whom they leave to follow in their
footsteps they must also have the humility to accept when they’re wrong
and to recognize the value of each and every one of their peers these are the
characteristics of a leader humility courage passion and above all
perspective qualities taught to us throughout our lives and students what
this will truly is done however is teach us to use these key traits in a manner
which is beneficial not only to us but to our peers our community as the
shining examples of academics and character in today’s and as the role
models to men it is now our duty to pass on the knowledge of leadership to those
here with us today I’m extremely proud of my peers Thank You matinee though Dominika bed
Southard and as Bella Romano will come to continue with service my office is service service can be
established in the routine of the day’s work were many opportunities arise to
help others both at school and in the community a willingness to work for the
benefit of those in need without monetary compensation or public
recognition is the quality we seek in our membership and promote for the
entire student body America minutes of volunteering their time and talent to
the creation around the course of my life I’ve held
with great conviction that getting back to those community is terrible
I’ve always believed that there are a few things more noble to community
service as this expression of gratitude not only supports our community but also
fosters the development of solidarity communicate within our society that is
why I’m honored to accept this speech to the Pacific inductees on the true value
of service National Honor Society defines his pillar as the willingness to
work but that compensation of any kind though I believe was definitional to
credos I find that a deeper understanding of his rage if we read
between the lines it is true that no monetary compensation is received
through one service to the community however a far more valuable payment is
nonetheless received by the volunteer that being the priceless award of
knowing you’ve truly made a difference in someone’s life
as pinklet president and chairperson the southeast in town with the Advisory
Committee CalFire achievement impact of one small
effort to get back can be likewise as leaders of the community i’m confident
you’ve come to learn just how powerful your dedication to service truly is as
you witness the smiling faces or hear a note of gratitude and the ones you’ve
helped you understand the genuine change you can make in the lives of those
around you as servers of the community you’ve been able to hone your leadership
skills and teach those around you would be guided along the way as you continue
through high school you’ll be able to inspire your peers to take action just
as you have your entire levels by entering the clonally we summon the
courage to engage in develop art to serve today marks the day that we wonder
your devotion to spreading positivity throughout our community today we’re
today that we celebrate your desire to contribute to a better world a world you
yourself Oster I commend you for your unwavering dedication to life of service
a life defined by our compassion motivation we will finish the character as a dress
my Bridget use and cleanse me characters the force within the individual that
distension each person for mothers it creates for each of us our individuality
our business it is that without much there’s octave others it is this horse
character that guides on through life and what’s developed was sadly within
the character is achieved and not received the product stood thought act
the daily striving to make the right tools the problem of character we must
be in reality but we wish to appear to others need to be rather than to see I
demonstrated such qualities as respect responsibility to trustworthiness
awareness caring and citizenship we may by example that we value character as Oxford Dictionary defines it
characters the mental and moral qualities distinct into an individual by
this definition our character defines much of who we are what we think and how
we act character is a part of scholarship leadership and service
there’s no standardized test community service hours look we’re talking define
a person’s character the evidence of good moral character is in the decisions
you make every day not just how you act in front of a teacher or a parent but
the decisions you make when you’re on your own for while being honest
honorable when others are watching it’s important being true to yourself is key
the end of the day these individual interactions are paramount to what you
are think of these scenarios you just witnessed someone chocolate they do you
tell the store manager your teacher walked out of the room and some kids
actually start sharing answers do you join in your at lunch when you see so
many people do you recommend you with you you’re probably was taking you’re at
your head yes behind me thinking of course I would act but it until your
Facebook these moral dilemmas people know how they will react this is a test
of character the choices you make today tomorrow and in the future will be
comprised together by others to make a judgment of your character so make the
right choices call your gut can be a leader my last piece of advice is to
take advantage of your final moments here I have students sitting directly
behind me are getting ready for college but countdown just around four months
and the other half of preparing schools missus all approaching quickly
but you still have time Martin Luther King jr. had once said the function of
education is teach one to think intensively and to think critically
intelligence class character that is the goal of a true education so take the
rest of your time here at egg to base to focus on becoming a better version of
yourself which we achieve the true education because grades aren’t
everything if you’re unhappy with who you are what was once far in the future
is not becoming reality when we’re ready to pin exploring life on our own but we
did get here without them I would like to thank our parents and relatives or
teachers friends I brought out so you helped us develop our character but
teaching us the importance of writing congratulations to all members of the
class of 2018 and 2019 thank you Thank You Collette in return at this time I’d like to ask mr. a
shower mr. puppet said to join me in recognizing current and it does members
for their service in the Hampton Bays community but mr. sharp culture date we
will receive the last year looking forward to celebrating all their
accomplishments for the next couple of months
just can happen in congratulations Oh Rosie done – these Fernandez Deanna thinkin maybe you lost it Megan one Haley Martinez CA Morris Morgan Phillips hue movie bear Giovanni slowly Smith Isabella Romano Matthew Caffey it’s City Hall with lights once again welcome everyone
to our 2018 National Honor Society induction ceremony in 1921 the National
Honor Society the National Association of secondary school principals
established the National Honor Society and over the past ninety six years
millions of students at the chief membership in this prestigious
organization we have here tonight to honor our membership into those that
will carry the torch of Hampton Bays in the years to come
mr. oh woman mr. Oh Hannah the faculty selection committee that worked hard to
review applications of the mandate of recommending students that have
demonstrated areas of excellence the areas of scholarship leadership service
and character would like to publicly thank our committee members for their
service their hard work and efforts bring us here this evening welcoming new
students that have exemplified the filters in which this organization is
founded to our new inductees I am certain you understand the gravity of
this induction ceremony as you have demonstrated excellence as civic minded
students and community members so I will not deliver a long speech about the
importance of the pillars instead I will hand you a membership card which is a
reminder and a responsibility to continue the work to begin here in
Hampton Bays than the rest of your lives your scholarship service leadership and
character are critical to our future we will look to you solve the problems of
the world and we’re certainly going to be moving
pile of things to fix mr. khamisi will often remind me
action is not the enemy of change you may not solve global warming reversing
some of its effects what we have a pretty good start and if you fix our
broken health care system bring about world peace and drive down property
taxes they can promise you one thing new problems with service that we require
ingenuity and leadership congratulations on this very important achievement I am
proud of your accomplishments and look forward to being part of your future
success good evening congratulations to each of
you sitting in the audience you’re sitting there round early and in the
dark we can sense that bright still because people the young men and young
women on this stage are really just fantastic on that side of the stage last year it
should make your way over commencement I congratulate the seniors they bring the
good wishes of our entire school district our Board of Education and
leadership team and the entire fact that the expansion of Tampa Bay schools this
is a great time of the year aside from the weather that were
experiencing right now it really is the start of something special
it’s the start of our annual celebration it’s the time to start showcasing what
our students have done and intend to do as a sweeter wines down whether the
hills are alive on this stage or whether the crack of the bat it’s for our growth
on the field or our 80 students are furiously doing mistre college reading
and catching out and our science researchers are preparing for next
week’s symposium the building is of us and the fact that we have these
young men and women sitting here for a period
it’s no small feat because they’re the business of the pizza
it’s a positive time because it’s a chance to show kids who each of you are
but tonight’s a slightly different kind of a positive because we’re not
celebrating a win against something over well rehearse a musical or even a year’s
worth of learning AP curriculum but recognizing that this is the lifetime
this is a lifetime of construction it take careful 16 17 years of construction
brick by brick experience my experience class-by-class service opportunity my
service opportunity its those bricks that have gotten
women on this stage tonight and the themes haven’t changed the activities
changed but these are the kids who have him today’s elementary school were
caught being Hood River that were caught being healthy were joined the outer
glove the organization of women leaders in middle school or helped walks with
breast cancer or raised money for this or that brought their classes together
prioritize their learning prioritize their sheriff’s that they never changed
the activity has changed from here to now here at seniors and so this is a
point in time where we get to reflect but it’s also a great night potentially
because this side of the stage is about to leave us were about to say goodbye
and this side of the stage is about to take the torch as seniors demolish
and our school it’s an honor that was not given it was truly an honor that was
burned I hope you know that tonight our 11 fantastic inductees
joining us in the premier the premiere honorary organization around the world
and mr. Eric said it’s been in our nation since 1921 and the cast this
group joins a list of inductees that revolutionary changes we’re proud of the
responsibility that they’ve taken it’s not just about honor it’s not just about
service when you take responsibility and you take on themselves as acts of
kindness and character petrol engine and as proud as we are tonight as much as
all of us being for what you’ve done we look ahead to what you’re going to do
after tonight and not just after commencement you’re going to do tomorrow
on Saturday and we look forward to seeing what you do at the micro-level
every single day and then like mr. Richardson how you will make an impact
on our community in our world tonight’s a celebration of your tremendous work
our accomplishment as I mentioned of your potential that
promise that you make tonight abductees you’re going to say Dolph’s in
a few minutes it’s me right now more than it’s ever
been we need more than ever in our society you’ll fix again that’s
why you’re on this you’re gonna use your powers for good
to continue building your character to grow as a servant leader to become a
superior citizen and a city said to continue learning to keep learning and
to push reminds to grow I’ve no doubt in my mind moms and dads and family member
that on this stage tonight we have statesmen and state women or thespians
who will tell the stories and give performances and enrich our society and
preserve our our culture we have doctors and researchers that were in new methods
of health and healing to our world business men and women who will fairly
run businesses that add value to our lives and our world and teachers who
will take the torch from those with helped get them to this stage and so
many more impactful roles that these men and women will play our community and
close tonight as I started with the very proud congratulations and wishes to
everyone here on behalf of the school district
mr. Eastern said this the next two months will go fast they will and it’s
time to acknowledge that enjoy it study and show us what you know how much would
we extend all the pride to our families we know
it takes a community and we can’t do it without you we hope that you have found
that our school district has done the same three of our favor take you to mr.
Rohan our National Honor Society advisor a lot of things take place behind the
scenes to get assistance and your faculty council with facilitating the
selection process and to mr. acardo mr. Ferraro for giving you opportunities
that you all jumped in first congratulations we will now begin to the official
reduction of all the members mr. chard staged to assist in the presentation of
certificates and membership cards as your name is called please step forward
onto the stage to receive your token of membership beside the official chapter
register with city hall family and friends after I call the names there
will be titled I could be able to have a photo opportunity the way really identifies her 9th grade science
teacher mrs. Martinez as her mobile because of her outstanding support and
encouragement through her highschool journey
mrs. Martinez demonstrates that all your goals and dreams can be achieved with
work determination and perseverance melody hopes to utilize all the skills
she learned over all educators to keep gaining knowledge and to strive for
success is his mother coming to America she
showed determination in the face of adversity her hard work and sacrifices
she made to provide a better life inspired role model in her life
Haley’s brother is currently attending Virginia Tech majoring in mechanical
engineering she admires him first social with friends and active in sports
while also involving himself in multiple internships and maintaining good grades
as Haley prepares to move forward to the next chapter in her life with entering
college she aspires to follow others rightly has seen your sister great
things and this has inspired give her everything her all the best in his life is his father Jared’s father
is the most honorable and courageous person he knows he has taught Jared that
respect and honesty will get them far in life whether in school or out
he’s shown Jarrod’s perseverance and to always finish the job once it started
Jared uses the courage honesty respect and perseverance that his father has
instilled in him throughout his life to be an upstanding member rigid and then it does what my house are his
parents they’ve always instilled in him the value of being kind hard-working and
taking advantage of opportunities to try new things he credits his parents with
teaching him the importance of lifelong learning and is grateful for their
support abus Roboto is her mother she has taught
events valium individuality and to avoid following the pack most importantly she
is inspired diva to have the mindset that if you start each day with a
positive attitude Kristina’s track coach mr. O’Toole
inspires her because of his own dedication to his teams and the effort
he puts in them to make them succeed he truly cares about his athletes and he
pushes them to reach their potential he inspires her to work harder hey so now we’re going to do the pledge
I am going to ask mr. Rashard to come up to themes tune into the pledge of new
members new inductees please in I pledge to uphold the high purposes of
the National Honor Society to which I have been selected I would be
true to the principles for which it stands and will maintain and encourage
the high standards a scholarship leadership service and character so thank you all for attending our
National Honor Society induction ceremony in just a moment that they
recess as well as our current member state but after that you’re all going to
join us in the lobby for a reception in their honor but before doing so please
join me once again and all of our new now

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