National Geographic Society and Mott Foundation partner for afterschool

Take it away, Joe. All right. Hi everyone, welcome to Explorer
Classroom. I’m Joe Grabowski from National Geographic,
coming at you live from Exploration Vessel Nautilus. Today was unique because it was the announcement
of a partnership between the Mott Foundation and National Geographic Society, in coordination
with all of our afterschool providers. So we have an afterschool network in all fifty
states that is allowing that to roll out to ten million children across the country. So if National Geographic were to try to implement
its programs without partners such as the Mott Foundation, we would never reach the
amount of audience that we can. So it’s a natural fit for us. And we bring our programs and our content
and our Explorers like we saw today, and Mott brings the audience to them, these afterschool
programs, and together we can make an impact much larger than we can each by ourselves. Today’s program was, like, really nice. I never experienced anything like that, so
I feel lucky to be a part of that type of program. So today, maybe one of those kids in Flint,
maybe one of the other kids that participated, you know, maybe there’s a spark. Maybe the next one is the next Bob Ballard. Maybe they’ve found that “explorer” within.

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