National Gallery X | Robert Wilson

You are in a very new part of one of the
most extraordinary art institutions in the world. When this new venture, National
Gallery X, starts a new way of us working with artists to be the people who create
our, quite hopefully, quite utopian vision of the future with us. To ask what does art mean tomorrow as new technologies like artificial intelligence, like
advanced robotics, like brain-computer interfaces and a whole range of things
we don’t even quite know what they are yet start to reshape the world around us. We thoroughly believe it is artists at the core of that who will shape a vision
of what tomorrow looks like and help reshape what museums can be in an
emerging and different kind of future. Communities need centers, a place where
we can reflect on the universe, the world. In a sense, the artists are the diaries
and journals of our time so it’s wonderful to be here for the opening of this center

5 thoughts on “National Gallery X | Robert Wilson

  1. The idea that artists are somehow at one with their broader culture and it's sociological framework, certainly within the world of now is a total travesty. The mores of the present are broadly in sync with Huxley's Brave New World, and for which art and higher truths don't exist at all. The idea of the first speaker there that artists are hand in hand moving into this utopian future with this world is utterly facile.
    Art can be utopian but in an inner sense, or an expression of being as an absolute value. This has nothing however to do with what the speaker is taking of.

  2. What a shame. The National Gallery has clearly been taken over by the NPCs and their herd culture. Surely Tate Modern has more than enough space for the idolaters of rubbish and meaningless junk.

  3. Give me strength. … yet another publicly-funded museum drifting off course into a parallel universe that has nothing to do with its collection and everything to do with peer pressure from an intellectual elite out of touch with the public this gallery was founded to serve.

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