National Cyber Security Awareness

You are the first line of defense. Cyber space operations are critical to our
nation and the Army’s mission. Securing this battle space is a duty we all
share regardless of duty position, rank, or grade. I want to encourage you to monitor your own
online behavior, not just during National Cyber Security Awareness month, but with every
keystroke on your computer. The network is no longer just a platform for
just communication and mission command, but now enables every aspect of warfighting from
logistics and maintenance to the integration of effects on the battlefield. The actions you take as an operator on the
Army’s lan net is the equivalent action of a sentry standing guard on a combat outpost. When we all practice strong cyber security,
we deny adversaries access to our information, Soldiers and their weapons. Join America’s Army in cyberspace as we collectively
work to ensure our freedom of action in this domain. Your vigilance is our defense.

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