Natalie Mihigo: Taking Engineering & Management at Clarkson University

(upbeat music) [YOUNG WOMAN]: The advice I have
for incoming high school students is to not be afraid of change. You know, you might be
coming to school thinking you’re gonna study
one thing and do one thing, but be open to exploring different things. You may be really good at something that you didn’t plan on following. When I got to Clarkson, I got into a lot of different
clubs and organizations. I started getting positions, and I really liked the idea
of working with people and I didn’t really enjoy
chemical engineering as much. It was very technical. I didn’t see how I was
going to apply that knowledge. I initially didn’t know that
engineering and management was a degree here at Clarkson. Once I saw it, I believed that
was a perfect option for me because I wanted to do both
engineering and business studies. So engineering and management was the perfect combination of both curricula. Every day in class, we have a
lot of discussions. We have a lot of, like,
hands-on experience where we get to apply
what we learned. Analyzing data or trying to make something
optimal or more efficient, you can sterically see how you’ll apply it in the
real world once you graduate. The Reh School of Business has changed my professional outlook by, you know, giving me
the opportunity to network with a lot of alumni and
a lot of different companies. I constantly get invited to workshops
to see who the speakers is and afterwards, I get
to ask questions, get their emails and
their information. And this really helps you network. They’re constantly sending
you new opportunities for jobs and for networking outside of school, and I think it’s really
exciting and really cool. (music ends)

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