Nassau Humane Society Adoptions

there’s a lot happening at the Nassau County Humane Society they have a promotion about fan-favorite dogs and here with one of her friends is Jackie McDonald from the Nassau Humane Society and this is we got to put the little thing back on this is rum had a rum get her name available abrasion when I save a dog and grumbles saved from a very rural shelter where they’re very overcrowded underfunded so even little dogs like this are at high risk of euthanasia so we were so excited when we saved rum we felt like it was like cheers all around so this is gonna be a new segment on our 9:00 a.m. Nassau County’s gonna come in every week with an adoptable pet and your job at home is to give this pet a loving forever home so rum is available today tell us a little bit about her she’s she is so sweet and she is a fun little girl how old is she is we have her at a year old she may be a little younger than that because she has definitely puppy energy we don’t usually label them by breed because we haven’t seen their parents but we think maybe Jack Russell and dachshund even I mean it’s funny because I could see both I could see both of that the way she when she rolls over especially she loves Tommy skrah scratches and yeah all kinds of things you guys do such a great job of going to some of the more crowded shelters in the area and even some of the shelters where the dogs might be on you know it might be next for for being brought down you rescue them and give them another chance to get adopted absolutely so every animal we get and we come down here to Jacksonville to get from ACPs we go to all the rural shelters even Clay County etc and then we get the animals spayed and neutered vaccinated dewormed a microchip so they’re completely ready to go when you come to us and we are on the island because sometimes people get confused but we’re NASA Humane Society in Nassau County but they are ready to go and you can play with them we encourage you to bring your other pets or kids to make sure they get along I have no worries right now rum is kenneled with two other little kids so so great and and have what are your costs for adoption they marry a lot of times the little dogs are a little more because it’s really supply and demand we don’t have as many littles we try to give our bigger dogs a better chance so their adoption fees are a little less but they do vary by if the pet is older we want to give them a easier chance – so they’re lower and we have promotions going all the time we have some long timers that we have a sponsor dogs and they come out some extra so it really varies I know that that rum is gonna find a forever home pretty quickly you have a lot of other dogs and cats there they des hommes so it’s just worth going by absolutely please come by Ropin Saturday and Sunday I know my hand is a chew toy yeah we’re open both days on the weekends just because we know it’s easy to come out on the weekend and later on Wednesdays do we stay open till 7:00 but yeah we have more than probably 60 dogs right now plus lots of kitties to keep the keep in mind and our cats are in an open-air kateri so you can interact with them we have yards where you can play with the dogs but it’s a great way to get to know everyone and hang out so really come see all of our dogs if this isn’t the one we might have the one for you oh I have no doubt that you will and if you’re interested in adopting rum or any of the other animals that they have at the Nassau Humane Society you can check out the website it is nassau humane society calm and if one of you does adopt rum we want to see some pictures once you get her home to your house all right Jenn back to you

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