Nassau County Humane Society pet adoptions

so there’s a lot happening at the Nassau County Humane Society and here is Jackie McDonald from the Humane Society with one of our friends that is up for adoption who do we have here this is tigress she was actually rescued from right here in Jacksonville from she is ready to show off her tricks okay okay let’s do it show us the treat see no wait no beg come on you have to show of course you’re not gonna do it now come on bird show us beg oh she was doing it before we’re gonna show it off over a tree she’s been waiting so long for me oh wait come here baby I’ve been waiting to put some warm it up come on she was actually had a kill shelter and you guys rescued her and now she’s available for adoption she’s available in Fernandina Beach at our shelter now but she’s so neat she obviously was in a home she rode in the car just laying down and looking out the window she hangs out with different dogs we actually think she’s pretty how strange because she holds it in her kennel too we always say they need a little bit of justment when they’re first in a house but she seemed up there you go go on she loves showing off trick she knows you watch it break down doing all kinds of stuff now you guys are part of the the mega adoption we’re gonna talk about that in just a minute but but this dog she this one you have to come to Nassau County to adopt she will be waiting in Nassau County at the Nassau Humane Society and again that’s on the island there’s two different locations there but she’ll be available but lots of our pets will be in Jacksonville this weekend for the mega adoption event how do those types of events really help you guys Jackie it’s just great because all different groups come together and have a variety of pets so whether you got from us or adopt from other groups I believe it gives people a place to come together and see which pet is the right fit for them I love it well she is wonderful do we know how well do there we go she’s eight years old which I know sometimes people think are senior but it’s actually such a perfect age they really blend into your home very easily whether you’re like have kids or what have you they’re not chewing up your furniture she’s after the treats she’s smart she’s a smart dog okay so if you’re interested please go to the website Nassau Humane Society dot-com and you could adopt her today or a little time to get back there and it’ll be of available she’s wonderful and if you can’t make it to a Sauk County this weekend Vic has some more information on where you can get more of these animals and a lot like we were just mentioning a lot of that the dogs and cats from Nassau Humane Society Vic are gonna be at this event yes they are what a sweet pup there there is also a mega pet adoption event at the Jacksonville Fairgrounds more than 1,000 adoptable dogs puppies cats and kittens are looking for their forever homes the event starts today through Sunday it begins at 10 o’clock every morning and runs until 6 o’clock each day there will be $20 adoptions and free adoptions to retired and active duty military members to thank them for their service and what a great way to get a pop and give back to the community a pop or a kitten either way

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