NASA Community College Aerospace Scholars, Summer 2018

[Background voices] >>One of the hardest things about the rover
missions here at NCAS is not necessarily the technical aspects of each individual part of our robot but also working together and coming together as a team in order to make decisions on the floor
for what we should do with the robot. The robot is just a tool but the people are what
drives it. >>Three, two, one, begin. [Background noises] >>We started out designing our rover and we
made it as efficient as possible for the terrain that they were giving us, so we used tracks
instead of wheels, so that we could go over rocks, that sort of thing. And then we programmed it so it was able to
scoop up rock samples. And we tested those and we were able to identify
different minerals with our programs using different sensors. >>This is definitely really close to work experience,
like a deadline or a project, you have to finish it, sometimes you have to stay up late at
the hotel, and work extra hours, you just have to get it done. And that's something the classroom definitely
would not give you. >>In class, there's a lot of theory and a lot
of understanding of why things do the things they do, but you don't really get experience
in building, and creating, and going off script and making something yourself, and feeling
like you're making something out of nothing. And that was something I've never really experienced
before in this context- and I really, really appreciate having that opportunity. [Background noises] [Cheering/moaning] [Music/Background noises] >>I was kind of taken by surprise with how much
passion there was in the workforce here. Every time I asked an employee questions,
they were always just instantly jumping forward and giving me lengthy explanations because
that's what they do and they all love it. >>This was one of the best experiences, academically
and professionally I've ever had. And I'd do it again in a heartbeat and I'm
gonna recommend it to all my friends.

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  1. Is it only about dropping things and take it back using space vehicle then I don't think this can be the challenge … because you are still assuming and making the model of mars and then you start the test … is it really same as your model on mars …. this can't called challenge ….

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