N4T Investigators: Meth menace grows in shadow of opioid crisis

over the past several years we’ve heard a lot about Arizona’s opioid crisis but not much is really being reported on the problems caused by methamphetamines 328 people died by overdosing on drugs here in Arizona last year and meth was the number one killer with 112 deaths attributed to that highly addictive drug proving meth is still a major problem and it’s getting worse we have more in tonight’s news for Tucson investigators support mostly it felt like a comfort a way to get through life in general for former addict Benjamin Hanna’s methamphetamine and other drugs were his way of dealing with life on the streets when he first came to southern Arizona on a Greyhound bus came out here and within 10 minutes I found I found the drug dealer Benjamin tells the news for Tucson investigators meth provided a way for him to forget about his troubles and for a while feel invincible within seconds you just feel like Superman you feel like you could do anything what’s more Benjamin tells the news for Tucson investigators meths relatively low cost made it especially attractive I started my destruction for about the price of a happy meal it’s cheaper to use methamphetamine if you’re addicted to substances than it is to drink beer Tucson Police Captain John Leavitt tells the news for Tucson investigators methamphetamine has never been cheaper and in recent years there’s been an increasing supply coming into Arizona from Mexico when people stopped importing vast quantities of marijuana through Tucson they moved to methamphetamine they moved to heroin they moved to the other opioids that you’ve heard of now the counter narcotics Alliance is working around the clock trying to stem the tide of meth but it is an uphill battle the supplies just is absolutely huge the risk of damage long-term damage to the brain and the risk of death are very high and so it’s really important that you get some help Kathleen Parrish the director of clinical services at Cottonwood Tucson tells the news for Tucson investigators for addicts the effect that meth has on the neurotransmitter dopamine makes it a tough drug to kick meth is highly addictive substance because you get a hit of dopamine it feels really great and then when not using it you feel pretty lousy so people are motivated to continue to use over and over again for addicts who do try to come off meth the effects can be especially difficult when they’re not using they have no pleasure they can’t experience pleasure and everyday things feel like demons are talking to you and want you to go back out and then a physical part too and see get ready hey Kiki your bones and muscles and joints they hurt Benjamin tells the news for Tucson investigators he’s now doing everything he can to stay clean working with a non-profit and talking with current addicts to get them the help they need that’s the first step is talking to somebody and admitting that you have a problem if you’d like more information about meth treatment here in southern Arizona check out our website it’s kvo a.com and if you have something you’d like the news for Tucson investigators to check out email us at investigators say koat.com or you can call the news for Tucson investigators tip line at 955 44 44

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