30 thoughts on “MY TOP 10 K-ROCK GROUPS

  1. Hey I just wanted to add down here that this is my option- it’s not a list of all k-rock groups! Also I know a lot of these are pop-rock but that’s mainly the type of music I like (with the exception of a few). Sorry for any misunderstanding 💕

  2. Guckkasten is the best korean rock band. I recommend them. The vocal is famous cause he won 9 streak in king of masked singer.

  3. Bands sound good, especially Bursters. But there are heavier bands deserving much more recognition. Check out ms isohp romatem and Madmans Esprit

  4. For people looking for a k-rock girl group: the best I've ever listened too:
    Dreamcatcher, they're amazing!!!

  5. my favs are day6, nflying and the rose
    also cnblue, drug restaurant, ftisland are not really my style but I respect them

  6. If you like these groups I think you'd be interested in the band Wetter as well. They're currently on a UK Tour.

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