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hi guys it’s know Ellie and I’m really glad to saying that I’m on patreon patron is a crowdfunding platform where supporters can collected the support the creators they love by pledging a certain dollar amount per video or per month think of it like an online open guitar case where you can tip me for the work I release here on YouTube and in return you receive some perks and rewards they’ve arrived at the level of your support to be honest I’ve always been reluctant in creating a patreon page because I’ve never thought anyone would be interested in financially supporting my work here on YouTube but as crazy as it may seem I receive messages on my facebook of people asking me how could they support me and support my channel what was my PayPal account and if I already had a patreon page that was when a thot patron could actually be a great idea through patron people that like what I do on YouTube can directly help me to finance my work and help me make you more of a priority with this financial support I will be able to be more consistent on YouTube plan my videos better invest in gear release high quality videos and have a more direct connection to you guys it’s also important to say that you can pledge any amount you can or you think it’s fair you can pledge $1 or more and you can stop at any time no matter how much you pay to support my work I’ll be forever grateful for that so for those of you that were just to be my patrons you get some special rewards you would part of a small and closer community where you get to see my videos before anyone else have all your comments and crisis answered have access to content that I won’t share anywhere else like explosive photos and behind the scene videos plus all of my other posts that are normally release on my social media so it’ll be like a one-stop place to see all of my updates and of course you’d have my deep and sincere gratitude I also plan to add some more rewards in the future maybe write some of the most requested tabs do live streams and much more but please do never feel pressured to support me on patreon my main content will always be free and here on YouTube and of course every video you watch every comments like and share is really appreciated I just want to thank you all for being here this YouTube community is very important and I’m really excited about what the future will bring I’ll leave a link to my patreon page in the description box of this video check it out if you’d like and I’ll see you very soon bye [Music] you [Applause] [Music]

19 thoughts on “My Patreon Video – Support My Content! | Noelle dos Anjos

  1. Yesss, your girl is on Patreon!! The idea is to create a smaller community there, so I can have a closer relationship with you guys! Also, if you want to support my work more directly, this is it! 😀 Can't wait to see you guys there! Lots of love, Noelle.

  2. great ideia!! i love it! Let's go to make to happen Guys, Noelle Needs us!!! #DontGiveUp! PEACE OUT! u not alone, we r with u. ♡

  3. Coming up I never met or knew any female guitar players (particularly electric guitars) with or without high gain tones. Today it seems (at least in my neighborhood) more girls are picking up electric guitars then ever, and may even be outnumbering male guitarists. Salute!!!

  4. you are so dam sexy. your one of the prettiest lady ive ever seen. and you shred. youre really good at guitar. thank you for posting you shreding. im def a fan.

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