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everyone thanks so much for joining me today so I'm really excited to share with you my skincare nighttime routine I had a really busy but wonderful day and it's time to get ready for bed so come with me to the bathroom I'll show you just what I do first I like to put some music on to get me just in a lovely calming mode don't work like that okay so for the purpose of this video I'll put the music off but I usually have music playing in the background and I'll show you how I do it so first thing is if I'm wearing any mascara or eyeliner which sometimes I love to wear depending on my mood and the occasion I need to take that off I like to take that off at the end of the day I don't put any makeup on my skin and I wear foundation concealer powder or blush etc I just like my skin to breathe and my skin in the past actually I used to have more blotches I would have more breakouts 7 years 8 years ago now when I switched my diet to a plant foods diet a whole foods plant foods diet my skin got so much better and I wanted to start this video by saying that I'm going to be putting some things on my face but I think the most important thing from my facial skincare routine is what I'm putting in my body and what I'm avoiding putting in my body so within two weeks of not putting in any more animal products my eczema which I used to suffer a lot from completely disappeared and I rarely have breakouts now so I have to talk about that when I'm putting in my body is so important when I'm avoiding putting in my it's just as an important part of my skincare routine as anything else I'm gonna show you so I don't need to kind of take off any makeup or anything from my skin if I have any eyeliner or mascara I use this beautiful thing which is argan oil and I'm gonna use this anyway other days that I don't have mascara or eyeliner if I'm going to do oral cleansing so I do oil cleansing but twice a week and basically what that means is that I'll put a little bit of oil on my skin massage it then take a hot clean cotton organic cotton washcloth and then wipe that off and that's my cleansing for those days I don't use soap on my skin I don't use usual soaps I find them very drying and they're a lot of chemicals and a lot of those so I don't use soaps on my skin I usually just water wash only or again twice a week I will use oil cleansing with argan oil and twice a week I will use bentonite clay and I'm going to talk about that right now so I'll use the argan oil on my eyelashes I'll show you how I do that I'm not wearing any mascara or eyeliner today but I'll show you some clean hands I wash my hands first I'll take a little bit of argan oil rub it between my fingers rub it on my eyelids gently gently gently on the skin especially the eyes skin and then I'll take a hot washcloth in hot water and gently wipe that off so twice a week like I said I do this luscious thing which is a facial mask and I used to my clay so this is basically all I use these four things one two three four I'm going to explain each of them so bentonite clay which I have in this jar right now is amazing I get the one that's food-grade or internal grade which means I can also in take it and bentonite clay binds toxins which and then helps to eliminate them so it's a powerful detoxifier both internally if you got the food grade version as well as externally on the skin it's mineral rich calcium magnesium and so what I do is I'll put a little bit maybe about almost a teaspoon worth and then I'll put usually it depends on the day and what I'm feeling like my skin is meeting what I'm meeting I love to put a little bit of an essential oil added to this and then add this with a little bit of filtered water mix that and apply it so a couple of my favorite essential oils include Alang Alang lavender tea tree sometimes and I have a video on my channel you can check out about essential oils and the ones I use and what I love about them and their medicinal health benefits today I'm feeling an essential mood which is not uncommon so I'm gonna use Alang Alang Alang Alang is fantastic for things like eczema atopic dermatitis or just when your skin is feeling irritated you know to put two drops smells amazing so this is also aromatherapy this this time of the evening I love just to take in this essential oils as I do this and then I use filtered water just a little bit all in my hand if you use this and I if I travel a lot I don't always have all these bowls and containers I'm used to just doing things on in my hand it's a little Messier but I don't mind if you UD is a bowl and a stirring agent make sure you use a wooden spoon and not a metallic spoon because the metal adversely interacts with the bentonite clay so it's best to use wooden and then when it's this kind of soupy consistency I just go ahead and apply it on all over my face and I'm massaging as I do this so I love this my time routine that's a way also just a practice self-care and self-love it can be a beautiful time to give yourself to look yourself in the eyes in the mirror and give yourself some love I love you you are amazing just beautiful affirmations and loving words bless yourself every time you look yourself in the mirror so massaging this it feels so good I love a good facial mask my mommy used to do that when I was growing up so I always I always associate a facial mask with like I don't know a feminine beautifying ritual and I've loved it whenever I probably maybe somewhere that doesn't have a lot of themes in terms of the many views but I just bring out my lavender oil or my Alang Alang oil on my bench mic clay usually in a smaller travel pack and put that on and I have the music in the background and I feel like I'm in the best spa in the world so I let this sit probably for about 20 minutes and this is the time that when I have a clay mask on when I have a mask on I go ahead and I do some journaling I love journaling as a way to release any pent up emotions they may have come up during the day if you're not into writing but you're into me be drawing more do that draw I love to write so I'll just go ahead and write in my journal as the mask is kind of hardening and it's a beautiful release practice and I'm very much if you know me well from this channel into the idea of releasing your emotions as part of honoring them and then letting them go and I think that that is one of the best beauty secrets there is actually is not holding on to emotions and having them stick and stick in your body and on your skin and on your face I think when you're able to release those things and release those emotions you release worry lines and you release fear and anxiety that's literally held in your skin folds so that's part of my practice and that's part of my evening ritual every single night whether it's just for five minutes or it's for 20 minutes I'd go ahead and do some journaling go ahead and rinse this off gently after I've rinsed off and Pat it down with my washcloth I then go ahead and put on my knight oil and mine Idol is something that I made you can just go ahead and buy a glass bottle with a dropper which I love very cheap and easy and great travel size which is important for me and basically what's in here is argan oil and a couple of essential oils I love lavender and also have a little a little bit of an angle aying basically what I'll do is just take a couple of drops into my hand rub and smooth gently into my skin oh gosh it's so simple but it feels so good the laven bar you know you cover your nose and you've got got aromatherapy lavender is extremely soothing not just for the skin it helps with redness and irritation it helps with wound healing and acne scars and aromatherapy wise just the oil is so calming for the nervous system it's helps the sleep aid it's one of the things I recommend to my patients who are battling with us insomnia in the daytime I use shea butter for my moisturizing but for the evening I like something a little lighter I use argan oil because both shea butter and argan oil are the zero on the comedor genic scale if you're not sure that means check out my video that I did all about holistic skin care in which I talk about the komono genic scale and different scores so I wouldn't put coconut oil which is more of comedogenic causes acne for some people but argan oil is amazing so is hemp oil so hemp seed oil which you can find sometimes more and more cheaper than argan oil is wonderful and lighter than shea butter which I usually reserve for my morning skincare routine the last thing I'll end with is a little bit of something for the lips and all this is I'm all about month multi-functionality is my lip balm and I'm just using shea butter and that says people use a lot of serums on their faces full of vitamin A and C and E argan oil it's full of vitamin E it's already has all these antioxidants that are going to your skin but more importantly it's what I'm taking in during the day in terms of my food so I'm already eating a diet full of antioxidants we're just helping my skin I also make sure that I'm getting sunshine healthy doses of sunshine every day that I can because vitamin D which we get from the Sun is a great Pro hormone in the body and hormone health means beautiful skin so Sun healthy Sun a healthy plant foods diet I definitely recommend getting lots of good sleep rest releasing emotions and lots of months of self-love I hope this was helpful for you and inspiring if you liked it give it a thumbs up share it with anybody you think my benefit subscribe for more weekly videos if you're interested in my webinar and how to master and succeed on a raw vegan or plant foods diet check my webinar and I'll leave a link to that in the description below much much love to you sweet dreams

13 thoughts on “My Nighttime Skincare Routine | holistic, healthy, minimalist.

  1. this was so inspiring and beautiful <3 just like you. i feel so motivated to take better care of myself now. thank you.

  2. Peace Tumi! Perfect timing for this nightmare beauty routine…the essential oil choices you made are my fave too. I need to go back to bentonite clay too. Wonderful idea to say positive affirmations and taking time to release emotions through journaling. Your skin glows and looks very healthy! 🙌🏾 I love you very much. Stay well, sister 😘

  3. Oh that was so helpful for me! i love the idea of using essential oils! Can not wait for your dental hygiene video! You are glowing as always!

  4. Tumi, first of all, I would like to say thank you for taking your time to make this wonderful video for us.
    I love how relax your voice makes me feel, it's soothing. I love how basic your night time routine is and the few natural products that you use on your skin. I too suffer from eczema, it started when I turned 40, I had a traumatic incident, it caused me to have a breakdown, I can truly say for myself, that it has changed me and I will never be the person I was before my breakdown. I really love how you focus on taking time out doing your night time routine, to promote self love, this is something I have never done, always feeling that I have not earned the right to be loved, let alone promote self love. I have children and as a mother/carer, you get lost in giving love to those close to you and you somehow forget about yourself until, someone mentions about promoting self love and then you think? Oh, I have forgotten that part…I have given to everyone except myself and that doesn't come easy for me.
    And you also mentioned that you like to write in your journal? Getting everything down from your day as a release, to offloaded the events of your day, I think this might help me to let go of things, instead of hanging onto it and worrying about every little detail…
    Once again, thank you for this wonderful, insightful video, it has opened my mind to, writing things down, taking time for myself and promoting self love…I just hope that I can keep it up? I have a tendency to start something and not follow through lol…I just get caught up in other things lol.
    Bless you Tumi, peace, love and many many blessings 👍💕💕

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