My nails, France vs. Germany, staring at people | Fall Q&A | Justine Leconte

hi everyone its Justine, direct live or
almost from Valencia Spain traveling again I’m here for a friend’s wedding
literally going in going out that’s it I have friends who get married everywhere
but in the city where I live the bad thing is it’s a lot of trouble the good
thing is it’s a lot of trouble let’s start right away with this fall Q&A
video I have tried to take questions that I haven’t answered already the
previous time in my summer Q&A which I will link here and below new questions
let’s go question one do you think someone can be too young or old for
braids and other hairstyles nope definitely not I think the thing is
braids and hairstyles in general are supposed to be have been seen as being
rather for young people and older people add roles in the workplace are supposed
to be hairstyle in a more agile suited way I regret that I think it’s great
that the youth is going more creative with braids and hairstyles and obtuse in
general I wish previous generations would do the same as well because I
think there is absolutely no age limit or age range for hairstyles next
question I wonder if you could make a video about your nail polishes and how
you manicure your nails mm-hmm so often I get the question at least once under
every video I think right now my nails are not nail polished is gel gel nails
so different layers that you dry under a UV lamp blue lamp I get that done under
Salome it’s not something you do yourself ideally every two weeks
realistically every three weeks when I’m really busy or out of town every four
weeks but that’s the maximum then I’m running there because the space between
the color and the finger is becoming too big but I don’t think that’s so much of
an issue the thing I really like about gel nails is that the ends always look
clean and tidy and I love that next question for the Q&A I would be
interested in why you have a little bit of a British accent British accent do I
have any I don’t know what you’re talking about should like a cup of tea
or something I love the British accent I my first
English teacher was British that’s why but if I’m spending time in
the US for instance my accent tends to get American if I’m talking most of the
time with non-native English speakers my accents gets more French so it depends
in the context of the situation and the people I’m hearing I kind of soak it all
in when I’m in London and the taxi driver asks will be going milady I feel
like a hundred million bucks so I love the London accents yeah how many
languages do you speak fluently four French is my mother tongue English
German Spanish learned in that order does being a fashion designer influence
your way of thinking or some habits in everyday life I mean for example paying
more attention to what people around you’re wearing costumes of actors in
movies you watch for some color combinations in the landscape definitely
actually I observed myself staring at people on the street in restaurants in
the subway anywhere all day I’m looking at what they’re wearing my interesting
outfit I wonder which material that is which Brenda Starr how is it built how
is it constructed all the time it’s okay until people turn around because
obviously they notice and go what the hell are you looking at can I help you
I’m like I’ve been staring so sorry but then I explained why and then in general
it’s fine I also do the same in movies I’m paying attention to the costumes
more than to the story when my friends asked me how was that movie great
costumes but what about the story oh the story yeah yeah but the questions were
great what is the biggest fashion faux pas that we even make it’s a fun
question but it’s impossible to answer it I think because it depends on the
region social group country education age gender etc etc there is no single
answer but there is one thing that I always notice no matter in which culture
you’re looking and into in which age group it’s when someone is wearing an
outfit or a style that he or she doesn’t like if you’re wearing something because
you think it looks cool and it’s in true or because you saw that on someone else
and you thought it looks right on him on her but you don’t feel comfortable in it
it always shows for me that’s a Fupa wearing something that really doesn’t
work with you as a person and as a body type how do you manage your time do you
eat these videos by yourself right now yes everything related to YouTube I do
all by myself I plan the videos the content the topics I’ve write the text I
text every video to make sure I don’t lose time on useless blah blah and I
keep everything structure in to the point which is something that I think
you guys especially enjoy so I don’t want to stop doing this I film edit
color-correct upload moderate the comments all by
myself you see me often commenting on your comments that’s all me thing is
right now my weekends go into it which is not something I can keep doing on the
long run so I’m looking for extra help on the YouTube front mandar very soon
it’s getting intercultural I’d like to know what do you love most about friends
and on the other hand Germany what annoys you most in both countries what
are the biggest differences between French and German people mm-hmm okay
what I like most about friends is that food culture which is such an important
aspect of our culture and education I talked about that in my video on in the
French series about French people’s relationship to food how they eats and
so on which you guys enjoyed a lot I think
what I’d prefer about Germany is that they really spend care time and
attention into making their homes inside very cozy in France we live outside a
bit more so it’s okay if the inside of your home is not completely finished in
Germany it’s colder more during the year more month so you really need the inside
of your home to be finished and perfect and decorate it and I admire Germans for
being able to do that what annoys me most Germans tend to get stuck on micro
details whereas I’m a French person I’m focused more culturally I’d say on the
big picture and the overall objective no matter
how you get there kind of French people are about the end-goal
Germans are about the process so each is good or bad depending on what you’re
working on I love in a team to have people from
both countries because then you’re sure that the process is going to be perfect
and that you’re going to reach your end goal
that’s why multicultural teams make so much sense to me everyone’s wearing
leggings these days young and old what’s the proper way to wear leggings what
should I look for can I see wear leggings now that I’m in
my 50s in general I would always say there is no age limits for any type of
clothing for anyone anywhere the question back to you here is rather do
you feel comfortable in your body doing this wearing tight clothing and how you
are free to experiment the way you want it and the way you feel comfortable with
I think you’re wondering this because the latest generation feels it’s very
natural to only wear leggings as a replacement for pants while previous
generations wouldn’t necessarily do that it’s a matter of Education and of and of
fashion I love to do that I pair my leggings with shorts in winter so I keep
warm and I can still wear my shorts or with the skirts or with a dress I use
mostly elastic cotton leggings of good quality the shoes don’t matter you can
go from sneakers to high heels it’s very versatile feel free to
experiment and let me know question in French I’d like to ask you why you chose
to do a channel in English and not in French or in German first I studied
fashion design in New York so I studied that in English and the real technical
terms I learned in English I’m not sure I could have the same specific
professional conversation with the producer for instance in French in
German I know I wouldn’t so German was completely out of the question
but then why friends versus English because in English I can reach more
people with my videos and I created this channel to do some myth bursting and
break some misconceptions about the fashion industry so the more people I
can reach I thought the more useful this channel
would be that’s why English have you ever considered cutting you hair to a
more stylish cut or an elegant cut for your age
yes I think about that every day and I’m chicken I’m scared that I would get
bored of it it’s like tattoos I have zero tattoos
I’m a tattoo virgin because I love tattoos I would love to have a ton of
different ones I also know which ones and in which colors but I’m scared that
I would get bored of them too quickly and I don’t want to do anything that’s
too definitive same for the hairstyle as long as it’s very long I feel I can do
more more hairdos and I can also just put it up when I’m working and it’s
completely out of the way that’s the one thing I know I want so right now I’m not
making a move you said in other videos that you were living in Berlin so can
you speak German ? yes, I can but then many people watching wouldn’t understand anything anymore – that’s why I stick to English. And for those of you who want to hear me talking in French, every time, here you go 🙂 It’s my mother tongue. But I will keep doing my videos in English, so that everyone understands! that’s it for Q&A video I hope you enjoyed it
if you did thumbs up thank you very very much and in case I haven’t answered your
question this time which I’m sorry about apologies there will be another Q&A
video in winter I have decided together with you guys because you accepted that
we do one per season from now on so next one in about three month from now
now I will leave you here because I have Spanish dinner (tapas in vino) waiting for
me I see you very soon again take care

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  1. Hi everyone! I wish you a great Sunday – and thanks for all your smart questions 😊 (I really like to do this kind of Q&A video, I hope you enjoy it too!)

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