my LITTLE BROTHER wanted help with his CRUSH, so I did this to HELP…

32 thoughts on “my LITTLE BROTHER wanted help with his CRUSH, so I did this to HELP…

  1. Because I'm a noob and I can't join a clan unless I have the recipe expert and I like it I'm not so rich I'm kinda poor and I love the skin

  2. 1.I'm bullied for having no skin
    2.I want to see if people are kinder to me if I have skins
    3.I like every vid on the channel and subscribed
    4.I wanna do the same things as you for a day
    5.i want to stop being called ugly,trash default

  3. are my favourite YouTuber in the whole world
    2. because I subbed when you where at 100k subs
    3. I have seen almost all of your videos
    4. I liked all your videos that I have watched
    5. I really want v-bucks but my mom won’t let me buy

    You are the best YouTuber in the WHOLE WORLD 🌎

  4. Cuz my friends have been me being mean to me on fortnite and saying that I have trashed skins trash cans

  5. Step one my friend gets bullied so I don’t wanna give to Miss Kim step two I really need screens because it was can you change the battery my friends call me names that store I can I have a friend asking to skip five cars it’s a good reason to have skins because my family would be more nice

  6. Be cuz am poor and am a no skin and people bully me becuz am a no skin only nice people friend me the mean people don’t friend me and I need the 13500 v-bucks for new skins and battle pass and I don’t want anyone bully me anymore

  7. one your the best at fortnite two you are a reall good builder three your the best play station player four you have a really good voice five i play with your cousin

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