My Family LIVING AT SEA. Sailing to Explore Ruins! Ep. 208

yeah we go sailing today you excited we're really hot hurting the one day he picks to wear shoes Sean of irresponsible father Harlan I'm Elena and this is Riley and this is a harmless egg of all we've been sailing around the world for the last five years and have recently found ourselves with a stowaway meet Lenny subscribe and welcome aboard so this is our current whereabouts here at Cat Island in the Bahamas if you were with us last week you would have seen that we were on our way to Long Island where the deepest blue hole in the world is we're both super kind afraid of it more so Riley but yeah then the wind changed direction on us and we'll forth drop the anchor here but no one's complaining just rigged up our little handycam and we're go on a town I used to paint these at school well this is pretty cute Lenny not really trust those recipes curry day the Lenny oh I'm not even kidding I just got a splinter on the back of my leg from getting up I wouldn't sit on that I just got a splinter did you yeah in a wall since I inspected the rigging this is beautiful little rope swing right here we just met a local lady named Karen who took us to her little restaurant there's not many places around here so her and a husband I'm gonna cook us up some Lobster I think but either have parties on this beach you can see the light set up about fitting that is not an alcoholic drink right now and not Lenny in about 30 seconds well it's pretty random very random yeah Renault's Eve when I was traveling in in the desert with my mom it's windy today what attenders still there look at this water stunning oh wait they go for a swim tomorrow the wind's really supposed to pick up tomorrow but we're in a good protected spot here we might even be able to swim these rocks over there at some stage another day yawn that I'm surrounded by the Sun the footsteps as you go if I told you what you stay doesn't matter any I hope your flowers grow we dis light outside with the beanbag and Lenny looking at the stars and it was so beautiful say goodnight they kidnap papa good night good night good night guys it's morning guys honey it's just have a little sit down and playing with his toys Morales just jumped into water seem to check on the anchor I forgot to hand something today but I think it's gonna be total off have a favorite of advice balls gone I just realized I seen your sister the other day she's buying that your name I feel the same you said meet me by the sea they the legend on this rattle was that planner in Mike's house and it's like the only one of the key toys that Lenny has taken a liking to so we are hunters we could keep it and she was like of course so thank you mama when he loves his new pink router oh yeah poor Lenny my mom told me off the other day I was on the phone to her and I said that I said something about the fact that we've kept this toy from Hondas house and she's like you have to buy more toys but we really just didn't want the boat filled with toys but I realize now why people buy them because they keep babies entertained yes they do alright I need to clean this lens because it's got raindrops on it and I need to clear my face so speaks in the water easing there is nothing better in the whole world then go for a swim in a beautiful protected anchors absolutely so good just Magnusson lunch and the boys apparently have a new trick ready Barney concentrate tell me Lenny icon focus ready very good [Applause] rallies jumped in the water for a swim here we're gonna sail around the corner today – as I mentioned this is the highest peak in the Bahamas here in cat island so we're doing a climate apparently there's some historical stuff on there that is a must-see so that's what we're doing today really you know before we go when we get there you seem to understand yeah we're going sailing today you excited yeah the mainsail Hallie it's hooked around that length on the top so we have to undo it I'm hopefully gonna try and just flick it off what a drought Minnie What's Wrong baby you need a slave you need to go to bed okay just hold there cuz we also don't want to start sailing so that that's good for Nia then once we're facing this way what I want you to start coming up on the anchor yeah this is perfect just here come up a bit more alright now lay that now get this yep let out the rest of these in the way what side of the island give a nervous start darling yeah we did it we get it it was rocks and boats and we like set the sails and like screwed it out of the Anchorage without the engine and I was really nervous about hitting the drop because we were heading for them so no it's good we got it done that's good leave it side of the island no waves we have a few shallow patches to dojust right on low tide right now I'm going 6.3 not so we're doing got to raves in the mind and we're doing six point eight knots at thirty degrees wind angle to the wind believe we really are hurting my hats like just a shades again I'll be picking up pieces but I just had a look at channel I can't believe like how many new people are here how far we've come like both with the channel but mostly on our boat obviously we've sound such a long way from the start and yeah just wanted to say thank you and if you need yeah please go back and watch on start probably and I think you're doing a quiz then nuts in my people just had some really awkward definitely go back and watch from the Starks are gonna do a quiz very soon and there'll be a prize for whoever can answer all their questions yeah what's the prize gonna be and we have not discussed these I thought it'd be fun they can get one of our new t-shirts and dick sticker perk I'm glad this isn't love it really is like incredible what's been happening around here lately so really appreciate all of their new people around the place if it is your first time watching this video subscribe and check out what we're up to cool guys you know how I always laugh at rally for never wearing sneakers anyway you're always y'see stones like even on hikes and stuff the one day he picks to wear shoes on a gravel road I can think of about 20 other times but you actually should have been wearing snakin Sean of irresponsible father I thought that's what might have been going on the summer of Mount Albania is capped with curious stone structures that look like a Cathedral from a distance but it's really a hermitage built by a Catholic priest in the mid 1900s there's a tiny one-room Church a bedroom a shower room and eating room and a 20 foot tall observation belt our three narrow stairs last a very tiny people from up here you can see the ocean to both the east and west side of the island we're hung out off the top there for a while before we decided that it was probably time to head home and get out of the Sun I guess it needs to be that fresh water well but now it's filled with plastic I'm not just taking that little bit of blood flow down to the legs how's that Lenny is a fish over here we get our skin checked every year when we go back to Adelaide and throughout the year we kinda just monitor each other's skin and Rowleys just notice he has like an itchy new freckle which is a sign of skin cancer being itchy and red so yeah one of our friends mom's is a skin cancer lady so we're gonna take a photo and send it to her in the meantime I never seem to be concerned about we can find a skin cancer clinic but um yeah it's good to stay on top of that so we're in the Sun a lot it's funny cuz when we go into the skin clear skin care clinics they look at like tan skin and I just go oh you'll be fine they do a thorough check but it leads me to believe that it's probably less likely to occur on a loner and or higher or even linked and we're very very careful to make sure the lens though though the Sun as much as possible given with live on a boat hi I'm Wade this my partner Joe we here in Ben Amato and we've been watching writing Elena now for about four years we love the lifestyle that Riley and Elena have they've inspired us a lot and we just wanted to give them a little something back and so if you guys get as much enjoyment out of the videos as we do we'd encourage you to become patrons as well okay bye oh we missed the farmers market she's got some really essential item it's most like a fresh stuff his tune in next Monday for the journey over to Long Island it's a really long island but we plan to see it all and Riley's gonna try and bait his personal best in the Blue Hole

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